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CSULA Course Reviews

California State University, Los Angeles

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 1040General Chemistry for Engineers11112
HIST 2080California54541
TVF 1938History of Comic Books54531
RELS 3250Spiritual Paths Through Life43541
PSY 3070Physiology and Psychology of Violence and Aggression54551
PSY 2000Introduction to Psychological Science33251
BIOL 3900Molecular & Cellular Biology I00000
ART 4114Fashion, Fiber, And Materials Studio: Critical Design00000
BIOL 5200Seminar: Professional Writing in the Life Sciences00000
BUS 5028Capstone: Global Business Strategy00000
ANTH 4750Primate Behavior00000
ART 4924Senior Capstone: Fashion, Fiber and Materials00000
CE 3680Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory00000
BIOL 1054Special Topics In Biology00000
ART 3410Modern To Contemporary History Of Fashion, Fiber And Materia...00000
BIOL 4460Biotechnology Applications of Cell and Molecular Biology00000
ANTH 4340Globalization And Culture Change00000
BUS 1010Introduction to Higher Education for Business and Economics...00000
ART 4540Special Topics in Art00000
CE 2050Strength of Materials I00000
ACCT 5240AAccounting Information Systems00000
CE 4620Reinforced Concrete Design I00000
ANTH 5110Seminar:Anthropological Theory and Analysis00000
ART 5541Special Topics in Art00000
ART 5982Mfa Directed Study00000
ACCT 5950Case Studies And Research In Accounting00000
ANTH 5960Comprehensive Exam00000
ASTR 3601Ancient and Modern Views of the Universe00000
AUD 6930Doctoral Project In Audiology III00000
ART 3080Graphic Design I00000
BIOL 3084Biology of Human Aging00000
ANTH 3960Honors Thesis00000
BIOL 4300Plant Physiology00000
ART 3870Color and Digital Photography00000
BIOL 4740Ecosystems Of California00000
ACCT 4350Forensic Accounting00000
BIOL 5500AAdvanced Studies In Molecular Diagnostics A00000
ART 4260Modern Art00000
BUS 5001Cases In Business Administration Fundamentals00000
ANTH 4540Special Topics in Anthropology00000
BUS 5995ABusiness Administration Project00000
ART 4820Photographic Manipulations And Extensions00000
CE 3120Strengths Lab00000
ACCT 2100Principles of Financial Accounting00000
CE 3870Hydraulics I00000
ART 5022Seminar: Visual Arts00000
CE 4710Highway Engineering00000
ACCT 5360Advanced Forensic Accounting00000
ART 5951Directed Fieldwork In Art00000
ANTH 5630Advanced Forensic Anthropology00000
ART 5995AMfa Project00000
ACCT 3200BIntermediate Financial Accounting and Reporting II00000
ATHL 3410GGolf (Women's)00000
ART 1012World Art History II: Renaissance to Contemporary00000
AUD 6040Psychoacoustics And Speech Perception00000
AUD 6200Pediatric Audiology00000
ANTH 1001Where in the World of Education at Csula Are You?00000
ART 1520Survey and Studio: Introduction to Ceramics00000
AUD 6320Medical Aspects Of Audiology00000
AUD 6800Doctoral Preliminary Examination In Audiology00000
ART 2440Intro to Life Composition00000
BINF 4500Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology00000
ANTH 3550Cultural Evolution And Ancient Civilizations00000
BIOL 2030Human Anatomy00000
ART 3140Intermediate Sculpture00000
BIOL 3500Evolution00000
ACCT 4240AAccounting Information Systems00000
BIOL 4130Molecular Diagnostics00000
ART 3740Intermediate Painting00000
BIOL 4360Neurobiology: Cellular and Molecular Physiology of the Nervo...00000
ANTH 4220The Archaeology Of Islands And Coastlines00000
BIOL 4541Special Activity Topics In Biology00000
ART 4040Advanced Fashion, Fiber And Materials00000
BIOL 4990Undergraduate Directed Study00000
AAAS 4500Advanced Seminar In Asian And Asian American Studies - Resea...00000
BIOL 5440Seminar: Microbiology - Immunology00000
ART 4170Advanced Ceramic Processes00000
BIOL 5970Graduate Research00000
ANTH 4470Anthropology Of Media00000
BUS 4540Special Topics in Business00000
ART 4450Advertising Art Direction00000
BUS 5024Financial Management00000
ACCT 5210ATaxation Of Corporations And Partnerships00000
BUS 5970Graduate Research00000
ART 4680Problems in Advanced Design00000
CE 2010Statics00000
ANTH 4660Paleopathology00000
CE 3000Economics for Engineers00000
ART 4911Global Contemporary Art00000
CE 3610Introduction to Structural Design00000
AAAS 3000Methods Of Research & Writing For Asian/Asian American Studi...00000
CE 3810Computer Aided Design Lab00000
ART 4960Advanced Animation00000
CE 4560Construction Project Planning, Scheduling, And Control00000
ANTH 4850Archeological Analysis00000
AUD 6371Physiological Assessment of the Auditory System II00000
ART 2090Perspectives on Art and Cultural Diversity00000
AUD 6500Clinical Procedures In Audiology00000
AUD 6530Clinical Practicum in Audiology III00000
ART 5060Graduate Studio: Fashion, Fiber And Materials00000