CofC Course Reviews

College of Charleston

CHNS 101Elementary Mandarin Chinese55551
INFM 220Management Information Systems34231
CITA 120Animation and Virtual Worlds55551
ENGL 110Introduction to Academic Writing55321
THTR 321Children's Theatre55531
GEOL 105Earth History43431
CITA 395CITA Seminar55551
CSCI 114Electronic Publishing and Design55551
EDFS 303Human Growth and Development and the Education Process55551
GEOL 103Environmental Geology33341
CITA 280Game Programming55551
SPAN 190Elementary Spanish through Culture I43551
SOST 175Religions in the U.S. South33321
CITA 495Capstone Practicum55551
CITA 140Graphic Design & Digital Media55551
ARTH 101History of Art: Prehistoric through Medieval00000
ANTH 336Osteology and Forensics00000
ARTH 225Medieval Art00000
ARTH 275The History of Land Design00000
ACCT 510Internal Auditing and Forensic Accounting00000
ANTH 381Internship00000
ARTH 306ST: Looking at Pictures: The Gibbes00000
ARTH 362Medieval Manuscript Illumination00000
ANTH 399Anthropology Tutorial00000
ARTH 39418th and 19th Century Architecture00000
ARTH 535Architecture and Urbanism of the United States00000
ARST 100Introduction to Arab and Islamic World Studies00000
ANTH 325Peoples and Cultures of Latin America00000
ARTH 214Ancient Greek Art00000
ACCT 500Accounting Theory00000
ARTH 250American Art00000
ANTH 345Applied Anthropology00000
ARTH 290ST: African American Art00000
AAST 401Capstone in African American Studies00000
ARTH 339History of American Interiors00000
ANTH 385Cultural Anthropology Internship00000
ARTH 385European Painting 1700-185000000
ACCT 550International Accounting00000
ARTH 490Readings in Japanese Woodblock Prints of Edo Period and Late...00000
ANTH 492Senior Seminar in Anthropology00000
AAST 345Race and Sports in America00000
ARTM 209Introduction to Audio Production00000
ACCT 308Cost Accounting00000
AFST 202ST: A Survey of Contemporary Issues in Africa through Litera...00000
APCP 321Interpersonal/Small Grp Comm00000
ARTM 360ST: Introduction to Live Sound00000
ARTM 390Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry00000
APCP 324Leadership in Concept and Prac00000
ARTM 499Nonprofit Metropolitan Dance Companies: A Financial Analysis00000
ARTM 499BThe Effects of COVID-19 on U.S. Nonprofit Arts Organizations00000
ACCT 317Intermediate Accounting II00000
ANTH 110Introduction to Forensic Anthropology00000
ARBC 101Elementary Arabic00000
ARBC 101DElementary Arabic Discussion00000
ANTH 201Cultural Anthropology00000
ARBC 101CElem Arabic Conv. Supplement00000
ARBC 102Elementary Arabic00000
ARCM 573The Patron-Based Arts Organization00000
ANTH 319ST: Anthropology and Business00000
ARST 273Role Qur'an Contemporary Islam00000
ACCT 499BU.S. Federal Tax Gap00000
ARTH 103Asian Art and Architecture00000
ANTH 328Aztecs, Maya, and their Ancestors00000
ARTH 218Art Law: Crime and Punishment00000
AAST 395African American Research Methods00000
ARTH 241Art and Architecture of South Asia00000
ANTH 341Culture and the Individual00000
ARTH 263History of Photography00000
ACCT 509Advanced Auditing Concepts00000
ARTH 278Renaissance & Baroque Arch.00000
ANTH 352Folklore of Ireland/British Is00000
ARTH 299Research and Methods in Art History00000
AAST 333Studies in Black Feminism00000
ARTH 335History of American Architecture00000
ANTH 383Academic Apprenticeship00000
ARTH 355Early Medieval and Romanesque Art00000
ACCT 538Business Taxation00000
ARTH 375Ital High/Late Ren Art00000
ANTH 387Linguistic Anthropology Intern00000
ARTH 39020th Century European Art00000
ACCT 204Managerial Accounting00000
ARTH 410Internship in Art and Architectural History00000
ANTH 490Generational Differences in Conceptualizations of Sustainabi...00000
ARTH 499Interpreting Race at Historical Sites and Structures in the...00000
ACCT 599Contemporary Accountancy Issues00000
ARTM 200Introduction to Arts Management00000
ANTH 499Provenience, Conservation, and Context of a Mummified Medica...00000
ARTM 230Connections and Context in the Music Industry00000
AAST 290ST: Banned Books that Changed Black History00000
ARTM 370Arts Marketing & Public Rel.00000
APCP 322Comm for Business and Profess00000
ARTM 401Music Industry Internship00000
ANTH 101Introduction To Anthropology00000
AAST 360Mass Incarceration and Its Roots00000
ACCT 360Special Topics in Accounting00000
ANTH 203Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ARBC 102DElementary Arabic Discussion00000
ARBC 201DIntermediate Arabic Discussion00000
ANTH 210Development of Anthropological Thought00000
ARBC 202CIntermediate Arabic Conv. Supp00000