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Professor Timothy Crawford Reviews


Class Ratings

4Good Class
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Professor Rating

4Good Prof

Prof: Timothy Crawford / Fall 2021

Apr 25, 2022

Comments on the course

Engaging, well-thought out, and very relevant lectures. However, the syllabus structure is poor as this specific class is clearly not the professor's top priority. I would recommend, but be careful, and do not slack off on studying for the exams.

Course Content

Content focuses on mainly liberal schools of thought on IP, and then their real world application to historical developments -- strikingly relevant to the Ukraine invasion, which happened after the class. Syllabus structure was poor, as three 25% in-class bluebook exams determined three quarters of grade.

Comments on the professor

Crawford is brilliant. His CV is long and he clearly has respect in the IP community. His lectures are engaging, and the notes I take were genuinely informative (a Powerpoint would probably help though). His priorities clearly do not lie with this class (as I said), but he puts in work and is generally a solid teacher of the material.


Do not, for any reason, slack off on studying for the exams. Luckily, professor does not test extremely minute details often, but he looks for a very rigid knowledge of the material, and will not hesitate to ask about higher-level concepts we don't go over in class in depth.

Course: POLI 1081Delivery: In personGrade: Rather not sayWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Exam Heavy