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Boston College Course Reviews

Boston College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
INTL 2501Introduction to International Relations32331
POLI 1081Introduction to International Politics42551
BZAN 1135Business Statistics43341
PHIL 1070Philosophy of the Person I54551
ADCJ 3033Inside-Out:Perspctvs on Crime,Corrections,&Justic00000
ADEX 1151Woods College Formative Seminar00000
ADGR 8030Talent Management00000
ADHA 7040Healthcare Quality Management00000
ACCT 1031Financial Accounting-Honors00000
ADEC 2210Behavioral Economics00000
ADHS 1791History of Latin America & the Caribbean00000
ADEN 1287Popular Fiction: Action Thrillers00000
ADBI 2020Natural Resource Materials00000
ADGR 7101Readings and Research00000
AADS 4950Readings and Research00000
ADGR 8302Bias in the Workplace00000
ADCY 6050Cybersecurity Policy: Privacy and Legal Requirements00000
ADHS 1133Modern America 1945-Present00000
AADS 2485Foodways & Folkways in African American History00000
ACCT 4409Advanced Auditing00000
ADIT 1360Database Management00000
ADEC 7201Applied Microeconomic Theory00000
ADEC 7350Economics of Banking and Insurance00000
AADS 3328Blackness & The Senses00000
ACCT 7713Accounting00000
ADEC 7410Operations Research in Applied Economics00000
ADEN 1218Post-Modern Literary Laurels00000
ADAC 5000Accounting and Financial Analysis I00000
ADEN 1390Global Literature00000
AADS 4481History of Black Nationalism00000
ADFM 2279Social Issues in Literature & Film00000
ADBM 3300Advanced Advertising00000
ADGR 7726Leading and Managing Change00000
AADS 2400Ifá: an Indigenous African Literary & Divinatory System00000
ADGR 8120Marketing Analytics00000
ADCO 2002Digital Storytelling00000
ADHA 7020Healthcare Human Resources Management00000
AADS 5524African Refugees and the Politics of Belonging00000
ADHS 1081Modern History I00000
ADCY 6700Privacy Law00000
ADHS 1209Sports in America00000
AADS 2211Spirits, Race & Culture00000
ADIT 1340Introduction to Web Development00000
ADEC 3510Mathematics for Economists00000
ADIT 2025Data Visualization00000
AADS 3015Just Playin': Artifice & Performance in Blk Amer00000
ADEC 7320Econometrics00000
ACCT 6626Taxes and Management Decisions00000
ADEC 7360Financial Economics00000
AADS 2248Advanced Community Service Research Seminar I00000
ACCT 8817Internal Cost Management and Control00000
ADEC 7430Big Data Econometrics00000
ADEC 7500Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy00000
ADEC 7810Empirical Behavioral Economics00000
AADS 3375African American Theater and Drama00000
ACCT 8825Assurance and Consulting Services00000
ADEC 7840Management of Projects in Applied Economics00000
ADEN 1161Crime, Criminals and the Courts00000
ADAC 3084Intermediate Accounting II00000
ADEN 1265Popular Novels with a Social Conscience00000
AADS 4435The World Novel in English00000
ADEN 1326Shakespeare I - Comedies & Dark Humor00000
ADBI 1140Citizen Science00000
ADEN 3025Frm Gothic to Sublime: Survey of 19thC British Lit00000
AADS 2330History of Jazz00000
ADFA 1265History of American Architecture00000
ADBM 2235Principles of Advertising00000
ADFN 3041Principles of Financial Management00000
AADS 4485History of Medicine and Public Health/Afr Am Diaspora00000
ADGR 7704Accounting and Financial Analysis I00000
ADCJ 1001Introduction to Criminology00000
ADGR 8006Communication in a Global Context00000
AADS 2201Versions in Black:Genres of Black Women's Writing00000
ADGR 8053Employment and Labor Law00000
ADCO 1030Public Speaking00000
ADGR 8201Agile Product Ownership00000
AADS 5513Capstone: Growing Up Ethnic in America00000
ADHA 7000Introduction to Healthcare Systems and Organizations00000
ADCO 3112Career Planning:Strategies for Success00000
ADHA 7032Healthcare Law00000
AADS 2470Black and Popular: Spec Fictions by Black Writers00000
ADHA 7055Strategic Planning and Marketing00000
ADCY 6500Organizational Effectiveness: Governance, Risk Management, a...00000
ADHS 1125Diplomatic U.S. History00000
AADS 7493Diversity and Cross-Cultural Issues00000
ADHS 1168Anglo-American Relations in 20th & 21st Centuries00000
ADCY 6950Applied Research Project00000
ADHS 1537American Politics Since 193200000
AADS 1137Managing Diversity00000
ADHS 3001History of Boston: Brahmins to Bosses to Busing00000
ADEC 3201Microeconomic Theory00000
ADIT 1349Collaborative Computing00000
ACCT 3309Audit and Other Assurance Services00000
ADEC 7930Fundamentals of Private Equity00000
ACCT 8895Ph.D. Research Seminar I00000
ADEN 1051College Writing for Spanish Speakers00000
ADEN 1053Introductory College Writing: Non-Native Speakers00000
ADEC 5310Data Analysis00000
AADS 1105African American History II00000
AADS 2182Black Popular Culture00000