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BC Course Reviews

Brooklyn College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANTH 1200Human Origins44331
ACCT 5200Accounting Internship53551
PSYC 2210Introductory Child Psychology53551
ARTD 2311Drawing II00000
ANTH 3420Urban Archaeology00000
AMST 3108American Dreams and Realities00000
AFST 3221Modern African American Literature00000
ARTD 2631Printmaking: Etching II00000
ANTH 1100Culture and Society00000
ARTD 3026Gothic Art&Architect00000
ANTH 2210Anthropology of Sex00000
ANTH 3310Anthropology of Language, Sex, and Gender00000
AFST 3390Special Topics00000
ANTH 3520Latin America00000
AFST 3125The Civil Rights and Black Power Movements00000
ARTD 2540Ceramics Sculpture Studio I00000
AMST 3402American Folklore00000
ARTD 2820Digital Video00000
ACCT 7107XFederal Taxation: Planning, Current Developments, and Advanc...00000
ARTD 3066Modern Art00000
AFST 3232African American English00000
ACCT 7120XComptrollership and Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 2402Archaeology Laboratory00000
AFST 3243Caribbean Carnival: History, Performance, Resistance00000
ANTH 3120WEthnography00000
ANTH 3145Climate Justice and the Caribbean00000
ANTH 3245Research Methods in Anthropology00000
AFST 3350Climate Justice and the Caribbean00000
ANTH 3412Before History00000
AFST 3107Southern Africa00000
ANTH 3445Introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS)00000
AFST 7050XSocial Change in Africa, 1750-194500000
ARTD 2211Three-Dimensional Design and Form Studies00000
ACCT 5021Special Topics00000
ARTD 2411Painting II00000
AMST 3304The Immigrant Experience in Literature, Film, and Photograph...00000
ARTD 2570Wearables and Soft Sculpture00000
AFST 3201African Oral Literature00000
ARTD 2711Photography II00000
AMST 3702Music of the United States00000
ARTD 3014Early Ch&Byzant Art00000
ACCT 4001Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ARTD 303816c Ital Renaissance00000
ANTH 1300People and Language00000
ARTD 5151Independent Research in Art History II00000
ACCT 7109XFinancial Statement Analysis00000
ANTH 2216Scientific Revolutions00000
AFST 3237History Of Jazz00000
ANTH 3010Special Topics in Anthropology00000
ACCT 4011Consolidated and Not-for-Profit Entities00000
ANTH 3130Urban and Transnational Anthropology00000
AFST 3247Literature of the African Diaspora00000
AFST 1001Introduction to Contemporary Africa00000
ANTH 3155Health and Globalization00000
AFST 3265Representing Black Men00000
ANTH 3160Political Anthropology00000
ANTH 3165Economic Anthropology: Work, Wealth, Culture00000
ANTH 3240Osteology00000
AFST 3335The Black Child and the Urban Education System00000
ANTH 3265Human Anatomy and Physiology 100000
AFST 3101States, Kingdoms and Trade: Africa to 180000000
ANTH 3390Sociolinguistics00000
AFST 3362Race, Gender and Inequality00000
ANTH 3415Archaeology of Africa, Europe & Asia00000
ACCT 5009Seminar in Accounting00000
ANTH 3430People, Nature, and Culture00000
AFST 5403WIndependent Research and Writing00000
ANTH 3510North American Indians: Traditional & Contemporary00000
AFST 3121African American History From 186500000
ANTH 3530The Middle East and North Africa00000
AMST 3104North American Indians: Traditional & Contemporary00000
ARTD 2310Drawing I00000
ACCT 3201Business Law I00000
ARTD 2330Liquid Drawing00000
AMST 3212Decade in Crisis: The 1960's00000
ARTD 2530Metal Fabrication and Welding Techniques for Sculpture00000
AFST 3135Black Political Identity in a Transnational Context00000
ARTD 2542Figure Sculpting00000
AMST 3307Transnational America00000
ARTD 2611Printmaking: Lithography00000
ACCT 5201Accounting Internship 200000
ARTD 2650Advanced Printmaking00000
AMST 3406American Popular Culture00000
ARTD 2811Introduction to Digital Art00000
AFST 3215Performing Blackness00000
ARTD 2822The Illusion of Life – Character Development and 3D Animat...00000
AMST 5005Internship00000
ARTD 3022Romanesque Art00000
ACCT 3021Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ARTD 3030Early Ital Renaiss00000
AFST 3324The Black Urban Experience00000
ANTH 3180Visual Anthropology00000
ARTD 3058Neoclassicism and Romanticism00000
AFST 3228Reading Race00000
ANTH 3190Anthropology of Media00000
ANTH 2140Anthropology of Food00000
ACCT 3001Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 3051Accounting Information Systems00000
ACCT 4501WAuditing Concepts and Accounting Research00000
AFST 1025Introduction to Contemporary African American Culture00000