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BC Course Reviews

Brooklyn College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 2210Introductory Child Psychology53551
ANTH 1200Human Origins44331
CISC 1115Introduction to Programming Using Java42551
ACCT 5200Accounting Internship53551
ANTH 7011XSpecial Topics in Peoples and Cultures of Selected Areas00000
BIOL 1010Biology for Today's World00000
BIOL 7921GAdvanced Study00000
BUSN 3373Enterprise Risk Management00000
ANTH 1105Comparative Studies in Cultures and Transformation00000
ARTD 2650Advanced Printmaking00000
CASD 1179Speech-Language and Hearing Science: Acoustics00000
ARTD 7560XGraduate Ceramics Studio00000
ANTH 3430People, Nature, and Culture00000
BIOL 5001Laboratory Research 100000
AMST 3310Digital Life Stories: Chicana/Latina Testimonio00000
BUSN 3140Consumer Behavior00000
ARTD 2511Sculpture II00000
BUSN 7210XInnovation and the Drive for Growth00000
AFST 3236African American Music00000
ANTH 2216Scientific Revolutions00000
CASD 2481Introduction to Clinical Audiology00000
ARTD 3030Early Ital Renaiss00000
ARTD 3089Women in Modern Art00000
AFST 3290Special Topics in Literature, Culture and the Arts00000
ANTH 3120WEthnography00000
ARTD 3138Journey to Wakanda: African Art and Popular Culture00000
ARTD 7199GSpecial Problems II00000
ANTH 3301Language and Culture00000
ARTD 7951GMaster Project II00000
AMST 3104North American Indians: Traditional & Contemporary00000
BIOL 3011Genetics00000
ANTH 4001Selected Topics in Anthropology00000
BIOL 7005GGenetics00000
AFST 3135Black Political Identity in a Transnational Context00000
BUSN 3020Business Practices And The Jewish Tradition00000
ARTD 2212Design Thinking00000
BUSN 3221Employment Law for Managers00000
AMST 3709Performing Blackness00000
BUSN 5001Independent Research in Business 200000
ARTD 2550Public Art – Interventions, Monuments and Memorials00000
BUSN 7290XInternship00000
ACCT 7106XAdvanced Accounting Theory00000
CASD 1707Public Speaking00000
ARTD 28213-D Graphics and Animation00000
CASD 3381Nature and Assessment of Speech-Language Disorders across th...00000
AFST 3243Caribbean Carnival: History, Performance, Resistance00000
ARTD 3058Neoclassicism and Romanticism00000
ANTH 2402Archaeology Laboratory00000
ARTD 3124Found Of Islamic Art00000
ACCT 7120XComptrollership and Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 3145Climate Justice and the Caribbean00000
ARTD 3161History of Architecture: Modern through Contemporary00000
ARTD 3169Global Contemporary Art00000
ARTD 3412Painting III00000
AFST 3335The Black Child and the Urban Education System00000
ANTH 3156India: Global Health Ethnography00000
ARTD 5971Honors Workshop in Creative Art II00000
ARTD 7193GInternship in a Museum00000
ANTH 3245Research Methods in Anthropology00000
ARTD 7420XAdvanced Painting Techniques I00000
AFST 5404Independent Study00000
ARTD 7910XWriting and Practice00000
ANTH 3410Approaches to Archaeological Theory00000
ARTD 7972XSpecial Problems in Visual Arts Media III00000
AFST 3120African American History through 186500000
BIOL 2020Neurobiology00000
ANTH 3530The Middle East and North Africa00000
BIOL 4011Molecular Biology of Development00000
AMST 3302Private Lives: American Autobiography00000
BIOL 5010Independent Laboratory Research 100000
ANTH 5661Independent Research II00000
BIOL 7150GCell and Molecular Biology Techniques00000
ACCT 4502Advanced Topics in Auditing00000
BIOL 7992GThesis Research00000
ARTD 1010Art: Its History and Meaning (formerly CORC 1120)00000
BUSN 3110New Media and Business00000
AMST 3402American Folklore00000
BUSN 3175Asian Business00000
ARTD 2330Liquid Drawing00000
BUSN 3250Gender Diversity in the Workplace: A Global Perspective00000
AFST 3220African-American Literature to 193000000
BUSN 4100WSeminar in Marketing Research00000
ARTD 2541Ceramics Sculpture Studio II00000
BUSN 7202XBargain & Conflict Resolution00000
AMST 5003WIndependent Studies00000
BUSN 7260XEntrepreneurship in a Global Economy00000
ARTD 2610Printmaking: Relief and Woodcut00000
CASD 1113Articulatory Phonetics00000
ACCT 3051Accounting Information Systems00000
CASD 1627Nonverbal Communication00000
ARTD 2723Digital Photography00000
CASD 1718The Oral Interpretation of Children's Literature00000
ANTH 2140Anthropology of Food00000
ARTD 7019GMedieval Art to the Time of Charlemagne00000
ANTH 3170Women: Anthropological Perspectives00000
ARTD 7056GLatin American Art, 1492 to the present00000
ARTD 7091GWomen in Art00000
ARTD 3018Early Medieval Art00000
ACCT 2001Introductory Accounting00000
ACCT 4001Advanced Financial Accounting00000