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AU Course Reviews

American University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
NEUR 210The Brain53521
HLTH 250Strategies in Stress Managemnt35221
WRT 100College Writing43541
GOVT 105Indiv Freedom vs Auth33421
SPA 220The American Constitution44441
ECON 300Intermediate Microeconomics32451
GOVT 210Pol Power & Am Pub Policy43541
ATEC 681Adv Stds in Audio Production00000
ARTH 414Women and the Avant-Garde00000
AUAB 322AU Abroad: Sharjah, UAE00000
BIO 200FA5Struct&Funct of Hum Body00000
ATEC 613Adv Concepts in Audio Mixing00000
ARTH 255FA1Art History of World Regions00000
AUAB 309AU Abroad: China00000
ANTH 150Anthropology of Life in U.S.00000
AWST 225Arab Societies00000
ARTH 611European Art: Rococo-Realism00000
AMGT 671Marketing the Arts00000
BIO 396Selected Topics:Non-Recurring00000
ANTH 490***** Varies by Student ******00000
ARTH 792Research Seminar00000
BIO 460Sexual Determination/Differen00000
BIO 498Senior Honors Thesis II00000
ANTH 601The Craft of Anthropology I00000
ARTS 235Artist's Perspect: Video Art00000
ARTS 463Printmaking: Intaglio/Relief00000
ATEC 491Internship00000
ARTH 205Renaissance Perspectives00000
ATEC 624Digital Instrument Design00000
AMST 340Commun Activism & Regional Std00000
ATEC 750Capstone00000
ARTH 386Topics in Art History00000
AUAB 315AU Abroad: Ireland00000
AFAM 415Islam in America00000
AUAB 330AU Abroad: Alliance00000
ARTH 490***** Varies by Student ******00000
AWST 496Selected Topics:Non-Recurring00000
ANTH 365Social Ecology of Food00000
BIO 320Cell Biology with Laboratory00000
ARTH 631Amer Art: Eur Conqst-Civil War00000
BIO 435Vertebrate Physiology With Lab00000
ACCT 677Financial Statement Analysis00000
BIO 490***** Varies by Student ******00000
ARTS 205Artist's Perspective: Drawing00000
BIO 541Cellular Immunology00000
AMGT 676Applied Arts Management00000
ARTS 245FA1Artist's Persp: Digital Photog00000
ANTH 623Militarization and Health00000
ACCT 742Special Tax Topics00000
ARTS 601Contemporary Art Theory00000
AMGT 702Master's Portfolio Seminar00000
ANTH 635Race, Gender & Social Justice00000
ARTS 670Exp Media Studio: Video/Photog00000
ASIA 200Modern East Asia00000
ANTH 652Anthropological Research Desgn00000
ASIA 350Topics Asian Society/Culture00000
ASIA 691Internship in Asian Studies00000
ATEC 483Adv Std Audio for Visual Media00000
ARAB 426Arabic Topics00000
ATEC 604Digital Audio Prod Seminar00000
AMST 294Comm Service Learning Project00000
ATEC 617Masterclass: Recording & Prod00000
ARTH 216Washington, DC Architecture00000
ATEC 650Audio Technology Seminar00000
AFAM 250Topics African Am/Diaspora St00000
ATEC 684Adv Stds Audio Software Appl00000
ARTH 303Medieval Art00000
AUAB 305AU Abroad: Australia/NZ00000
ANTH 099Maintain Matriculation00000
AUAB 312AU Abroad: Europe00000
ARTH 402Italian Art: High Renaissance00000
AUAB 318AU Abroad: Mexico00000
ACCT 611Cost Accounting for Strat Mgmt00000
AUAB 324AU Abroad: United Kingdom00000
ARTH 431Amer Art: Eur Conqst-Civil War00000
AUAB 333AU Abroad: IES00000
ANTH 250FA5Human Origins00000
AWST 350Topics in Arab World Studies00000
ARTH 516N. Renaiss Art: Texts/Contexts00000
BIO 110FA5General Biology I00000
AMGT 608Grant Writing for Nonprof Orgs00000
BIO 275Neuroethics00000
ARTH 615Museums and Society00000
BIO 342Marine Mammals00000
ANTH 425Health, Care & Social Movemnts00000
BIO 410Invertebrate Zoology With Lab00000
ARTH 690***** Varies by Student ******00000
BIO 450Developmental Biology00000
ACCT 240Principles of Financial Acct00000
BIO 485Bioinformatics00000
ARTS 099Maintain Matriculation00000
BIO 496Selected Topics:Non-Recurring00000
ANTH 541Public Anthro & State Policy00000
AMST 215Colloquium in American Studies00000
ANTH 690***** Varies by Student ******00000
ATEC 201Digital Signal Theory00000
ATEC 325Digital Audio Workstations II00000
ANTH 696Selected Topics:Non-Recurring00000
ATEC 415Sound Studio Techniques I00000
ATEC 424Digital Instrument Design00000