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ATU Course Reviews

Arkansas Tech University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMS 2713Survey of Operating Systems25121
ART 1403Two-dimensional Design33221
PHIL 2053Introduction to Critical Thinking43341
CIS 1103Programming I35241
ENGL 1013Composition I43321
COMS 1333Web Publishing I15121
ENGL 2053Technical Writing44451
ENGL 2023Honors World Literature44451
COMM 2173Business and Professional Speaking34341
TECH 1001Orientation to the University15111
ECON 2003Principles of Economics I24231
MATH 1003College Mathematics35221
COMM 2111Debate Practicum00000
AST 2103Advanced Automotive Electronics00000
COMM 3163Writing for Performance00000
COMM 5063Organizational Communication00000
ART 2223History of Digital Art00000
BDA 4031Internship00000
COMS 2700Networking and Architecture Laboratory00000
COMS 3513Administering and Using the IBM Platform00000
BIOL 2884St: Honors Human Anatomy00000
COMS 4353Artificial Intelligence00000
COS 1101Hygiene and Sanitation I00000
AGPS 3064Vegetable Growing00000
ART 3243Web Design00000
CHEM 2124General Chemistry I00000
COS 1231Manicuring II00000
COMM 2003Public Speaking00000
AST 1003Automotive Electronics00000
COMM 3063Oral Interpretation00000
ANTH 4983Sem In Anth: Ice Age Americans00000
COMM 4153Persuasive Theory and Audience Analysis00000
BAS 4751Career Planning and Personal Development00000
COMS 2104Foundations of Computer Programming I00000
AGED 4033Curriculum Design and Assessment00000
COMS 2983St: Web Publishing II00000
BIOL 1004Principles of Environmental Science00000
COMS 4063IT Project Administration00000
ART 3113Art History, American00000
COMS 4713Heterogeneous Networks00000
BIOL 3104Introduction to Entomology00000
COS 1201Hygiene and Sanitation II00000
AGBU 4153Computers in Agriculture00000
COS 2321Related Science III00000
CHEM 3334Physical Chemistry II00000
COUN 6133Principles of Curriculum Development00000
COUN 6224Counseling Skill Development I00000
AGPS 3093Greenhouse Operation and Management00000
ART 3803Introduction to Printmaking00000
CHEM 4111Environmental Seminar00000
CHEM 4424Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
ART 4013The Business of Art and Design00000
CHEM 4952Undergraduate Research in Chemistry00000
CHEM 4993Sp: Honors Biochemistry II00000
AGBU 4973Senior Seminar in Agriculture Business00000
AHS 2013Medical Terminology00000
ART 4231Graphic Design Exhibition00000
CIS 1113Fund Computer Ops: Cis Majors00000
COMM 1111Individual Events Practicum00000
ART 4992Sp: Expanded Portfolio Prep00000
ANTH 3313Southeastern Indians00000
COMM 3023Introduction to Linguistics00000
AST 1203Automotive Climate Control00000
COMM 3111Debate Practicum00000
AGED 2104Introduction to Agricultural Systems Technology00000
COMM 4063Organizational Communication00000
BAS 4253Quality Control and Continuous Improvement00000
COMM 4953Ur: Research In Communication00000
CIS 1213Operating Systems00000
ART 4323Drawing Studio III00000
CIS 1303PC Maintenance I00000
BDA 3013Business Spreadsheet Modeling00000
COMS 2223Computer Organization and Programming00000
AGBU 4023Agricultural Finance00000
BDA 6203Business Information Analysis00000
COMS 3233Database Design and Implementation00000
ART 3001Sophomore Review00000
COMS 3913Advanced Discrete Structures00000
BIOL 2004Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
COMS 4163Personal Software Engineering00000
AGLE 3013Team Leadership and Organizational Change00000
COMS 4701Data Communications and Networking Lab00000
BIOL 3054Microbiology00000
COMS 4983Sem: Cybersecurity00000
ART 3153History of Digital Art00000
COS 1141Cosmetic Therapy I00000
BIOL 3154Mammalogy00000
COS 1207Hairdressing II with Laboratory00000
AGBU 2073Principles of Agricultural Microeconomics00000
COS 1251Salesmanship, Shop Management, and Shop Deportment II00000
CHEM 3264Mechanistic Organic Chemistry00000
COS 2996Special Topics for Cosmetology00000
ART 3503Painting Studio I00000
CIS 2153Programming in C++00000
ANTH 2103Ozark-Ouachita Studies00000
ART 4613Ceramics Studio II00000
CJ 2003Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
CJ 3033The Criminal Mind00000
ART 4736Art or Design Internship00000
CJ 4013Drugs in Society00000