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ATU Course Reviews

Arkansas Tech University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 1013Composition I43321
CIS 1103Programming I35241
PHIL 2053Introduction to Critical Thinking43341
COMM 2173Business and Professional Speaking34341
TECH 1001Orientation to the University15111
ENGL 2023Honors World Literature44451
ENGL 2053Technical Writing44451
COMS 2713Survey of Operating Systems25121
ART 1403Two-dimensional Design33221
ECON 2003Principles of Economics I24231
MATH 1003College Mathematics35221
COMS 1333Web Publishing I15121
AST 1213Automotive Chassis and Steering00000
AHS 1023Basic Pharmacology with an Overview of Microbiology00000
BDA 2013Business Spreadsheet Modeling00000
BDA 4071St: R Programming00000
AGBU 1001Agriculture Orientation00000
ANTH 3303Southeastern Archaeology00000
BIOL 2054Microbiology for Health Sciences00000
BIOL 3054Microbiology00000
ART 2113Art History II00000
BIOL 3223Science Education in the Middle Level00000
CJ 2043Crime and Delinquency00000
ACR 1205Tubing and Piping00000
AGBU 4003Agri-Business Management00000
ART 3123Art History/Renaissance00000
CJ 4993Sp: Criminal Procedure00000
AST 1004Gasoline Engine Theory00000
AGPS 3074Floriculture00000
BAS 4553Workplace Health and Safety00000
AGAS 3113Light Horse Production00000
BDA 3053Business Data Analysis00000
ANTH 2203Indians of North America00000
BIOL 1004Principles of Environmental Science00000
1ATU 5000New Graduate Student Orientation00000
BIOL 2881Sp: Zoology Labortory Studies00000
ART 1001Introduction to Art00000
BIOL 3114Principles of Ecology00000
AGBU 3013Principles of Farm Management00000
CIS 2133Web Page Design00000
ART 2413Three-dimensional Design00000
CJ 4013Drugs in Society00000
MCEG 3612Manufacturing Laboratory00000
COMM 2003Public Speaking00000
ART 3232Production Design00000
COMM 3023Introduction to Linguistics00000
COMM 3073Group Communication00000
ACR 1302Basic Compression and Refrigeration00000
AGBU 4952Ur: Animal Nutrition Research00000
ART 3503Painting Studio I00000
ART 3603Introduction to Ceramics00000
AGBU 4983Internship II in Agriculture00000
ART 3713Sculpture Studio II00000
ART 3813Printmaking Studio I00000
PE 1911Intermediate Swimming00000
ACR 2102Residential Systems00000
AGBU 4993Sp: Ag Dept Media Team Dvlmnt00000
ART 4003Digital Communication Design00000
ART 4994Sp: Drawing Studio00000
AGPS 3023Forage Crops and Pasture Management00000
AST 1113Introduction to Automotive Drivetrains00000
AGAS 3014Beef Cattle Management00000
AST 2303Alternative Automobile Fuels and Technology00000
AGPS 3244Plant Pathology00000
BAS 4751Career Planning and Personal Development00000
1ATU 1000Freshman Orientation00000
BDA 3013Business Spreadsheet Modeling00000
ANTH 1213Introduction to Anthropology00000
BDA 4031Internship00000
AGAS 3933Animal Breeding and Genetics00000
BDA 6323Applied Predictive Analytics00000
ANTH 2833Cultural Resource Management00000
BIOL 1114Principles of Biology00000
INFT 6403Information Systems Analysis and Design00000
BIOL 2134Principles of Botany00000
ANTH 4403Interpretation/Education through Museum Methods00000
BIOL 3033Bioinformatics00000
AGBU 2073Principles of Agricultural Microeconomics00000
BIOL 3084Ichthyology00000
BIOL 3174Physiological Ecology00000
ACCT 4083Internship in Accounting00000
ART 4023Motion Graphics00000
ART 2223History of Digital Art00000
CIS 2993St: Cisco00000
AGBU 3213Career Development in Agriculture00000
CJ 3083Social Deviance00000
ART 3013Art Education Practicum00000
CJ 4143Sem: Policing In Emergencies00000
EDMD 6113Emerging Technologies for Education and Training00000
COMM 1003Introduction to Communication00000
ART 3153History of Digital Art00000
COMM 2111Debate Practicum00000
AGBU 4033Agricultural Policy00000
AGED 1013Agricultural Youth Organizations00000
ART 4243Professional Portfolio Preparation for Graphic Designers00000
ART 4503Painting Studio II00000
ACR 2124Sheet Metal00000
AGED 3013Principles Of Farm Management00000
ART 4613Ceramics Studio II00000
ART 4723Sem:Landscape In Western Art00000