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Professor Ali Altunkaya Reviews


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Professor Rating

2Bad Prof

Prof: Ali Altunkaya / Spring 2022

Mar 10, 2022

Comments on the course

This was the most disorganized course I've ever taken in my life. Using excel to do calculations on exams and quizzes with both ambiguous questions and answers await if you take this course. Also, the group project was a complete waste of time and effort. Essentially write up a BS idea that is entirely unfeasible and present it like a academic paper as if it were legit. Workload overall is not actually heavy. It's more annoying and disjointed and you will have to waste your time trying figure out conflicting instructions rather than learning.

Course Content

The actual content of the course wasn't bad (lecture videos). I spent more time trying to submit the project than I did doing the project. That gives you an idea of how dysfunctional the course is. Ultimately, they said to make a video recording you running your code and submitting that as proof that your project works.

Comments on the professor

Professor seemed to care during his weekly office hours but ultimately, nothing changed and the quality of the quizzes/exams/projects stayed consistently awful throughout the course.


Start the project early because you'll probably end up spending more time trying to submit it vs doing it. This class is not graded on a curve and only single letter grades are given. No A-, B+, B-, C+ etc. Emails are completely ignored so don't bother. Maybe if you pester the TAs and prof during their office hours, maybe you'll get a response.

Course: CSE 535Delivery: OnlineGrade: BWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: No
Quiz HeavyExam HeavyProject Heavy