ASU Course Reviews

Arizona State University

JPN 115Japanese Popular Culture54541
CSE 110Principles of Programming44451
NEU 101Introduction to Neuroscience54551
BIO 181General Biology I41551
SLC 201Introduction to Linguistics54541
GCU 102Introduction Human Geography (LEL)11221
EEE 120Digital Design Fundamentals43321
IAP 103Found I: Interdisc Art Pract (LEL)34551
EEE 547Microwave SS Circuit Design I43451
ITA 423Mafia and Film22421
CSE 466Computer Systems Security51541
CSE 535Mobile Computing12321
SOS 171The Thread of Energy55531
ACC 340External Reporting I52551
SLC 123Gods & Monsters: Comparat Myth53531
ASB 222Buried Cities and Lost Tribes44331
CEN 598Topic: Hardware Acceleration and FPGA Computing44531
EEE 459Communication Networks55551
IFT 166Intro to Internet Networking53451
CSE 360Intro to Software Engineering44431
SOS 220Systems Thinking44551
EEE 582Linear System Theory32131
SES 106Habitable Worlds53551
CSE 355Intro Theoretical Computer Sci21321
APM 504App. Prob. and Stochastic Proc53551
ACO 351Security GRC00000
ACO 330Computer Networks00000
ACC 194Special Topics00000
ABS 467Comparative Immunology00000
ACO 420Big Data Systems00000
ACC 242Mgr Acct I00000
ACO 423Data Science00000
ACO 461Security Operations00000
ACC 330Data Analytics in Acctng00000
ACO 493Honors Thesis (IND)00000
ACO 501Database Systems & Python00000
ABS 380Restoration & Wildlife Plants00000
ABS 474Riparian Ecosystem Mgt00000
ACC 360Ethics for Prof Accountants00000
ACT 201Intro to Actuarial Science00000
ACT 310Mathematics of Finance00000
ACC 440External Reporting II00000
ACT 370R and Excel for Actuaries00000
ACT 415Probability for Risk Mngmnt00000
ABS 479Ecosystem Mgmt and Planning00000
ACC 450Principles of Auditing00000
ACT 435Statistics for Risk Modeling00000
ACT 450Actuarial Models I00000
ACC 494Topic: Accounting Standard Setting and Public Policy00000
ACT 494Topic: Emerging Risks00000
ACT 510Mathematics of Finance00000
ABS 271Veterinary Medicine Today00000
ABS 417Comparative Immunology00000
ABS 486Introduction to Remote Sensing00000
ACC 503Managerial Accounting00000
ACT 540Actuarial Mathematics I00000
ACT 551Actuarial Models &Modeling II00000
ACO 320Database Systems00000
ABS 599Thesis (RSC)00000
ACO 331Network Design00000
ABS 462Greenhouse/Nursery Management00000
ACO 394Topic: Advanced Cyber Security00000
ACC 232Financial Accounting I00000
ACO 421Data Mining and Warehousing00000
ABS 318Unseen Life on Earth00000
ACO 431Network Security00000
ACC 261Honors Fund of Fin Accounting00000
ACO 492Honors Directed Study (IND)00000
ABS 472Applied Herpetology00000
ACO 494Topic: Hacking for Defense00000
ACC 350Internal Reporting00000
ACO 593Applied Project00000
ABS 270Sustainable Biological Systems00000
ACT 301Risk Mgmt and Insurance00000
ACC 382Accnting & Financial Analysis00000
ACT 330Life and Health Insurance00000
ABS 475Habitat Mgmt Small Wildlife00000
ACT 410Mathematics of Finance00000
ACC 444Enterprise Proc Analys & Desgn00000
ACT 430Math of Financial Derivatives00000
ABS 394Topic: Food and Human Health00000
ACT 441Actuarial Mathematics II00000
ACC 492Honors Directed Study00000
ACT 484Internship00000
ABS 485GIS in Natural Resources00000
ACT 499Individualized Instruction00000
ACC 501Fundmntls Financial Accounting00000
ACT 530Math of Financial Derivatives00000
ABS 207Applied Plant Taxonomy00000
ACT 550Actuarial Models & Modeling I00000
ACC 508Gen Audit Analytics using AIS00000
ABS 490Applied Biol Sciences Seminar (SEM)00000
ACT 561Data Analytics in Insurance II00000
ACC 510Internal Control Audit & Fraud00000
ACT 575Portfolio Theory and Risk Mgmt00000
ACT 584Internship (PRA)00000
ABS 430Watershed Management00000
ABS 492Honors Directed Study00000
ACC 513Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ACC 520Accounting Analytics I00000