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WSU Course Reviews

Washington State University - Pullman

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 105[PSCI] Principles of Chemistry I1.5211.52
CHEM 345Organic Chemistry I52441
CHEM 102Chemistry Related to Life Sciences00000
CHEM 191Independent Study in Modern Chemistry00000
CHEM 301Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 332Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 338Physical Chemistry for Chemical Biology00000
CHEM 348Organic Chemistry II and Problem Solving00000
CHEM 401Modern Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 426[M] Quantitative Instrumental Analysis Laboratory00000
CHEM 490Current Topics in Chemistry00000
CHEM 501Modern Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 514Mass Spectrometry00000
CHEM 517Chromatography00000
CHEM 521Radiochemistry and Radiotracers00000
CHEM 531Advanced Physical Chemistry I00000
CHEM 532Advanced Physical Chemistry II00000
CHEM 537Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 544Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 555Teaching Chemistry00000
CHEM 590Introduction to Research Topics00000
CHEM 593Seminar in Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examinatio...00000
CHEM 101[PSCI] Introduction to Chemistry00000
CHEM 104Problem Solving in General Chemistry00000
CHEM 116Chemical Principles Honors II00000
CHEM 222Quantitative Analysis Laboratory00000
CHEM 331Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 334[M] Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 347Organic Qualitative Analysis Laboratory00000
CHEM 398Undergraduate Seminar00000
CHEM 425Quantitative Instrumental Analysis00000
CHEM 485[CAPS] [M] Senior Thesis in Chemistry00000
CHEM 499Special Problems00000
CHEM 509Chemical Group Theory00000
CHEM 520Advanced Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 529Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 535Applied Spectroscopy00000
CHEM 543Bioorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 546Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds00000
CHEM 572Enzyme Reaction Mechanisms00000
CHEM 592Seminar in Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 700Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination00000
CHEM 103Concepts in Chemistry00000
CHEM 106Principles of Chemistry II00000
CHEM 220Quantitative Analysis00000
CHEM 330Problem Solving in Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 333Physical Chemistry Laboratory for Chemists00000
CHEM 370Chemical Biology00000
CHEM 410Advanced Synthesis and Characterization00000
CHEM 480Solid State Chemistry00000
CHEM 495Directed Research00000
CHEM 503Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 518Electrochemistry00000
CHEM 528Data Analysis for Chemistry00000
CHEM 534Chemical Statistical Mechanics00000
CHEM 542Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 545Synthetic Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 564Molecular Phenomena00000
CHEM 591Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 594Seminar in Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 800Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination00000