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WOU Course Reviews

Western Oregon University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IS 485Intro To Computer Security34451
ED 259Sped & Inclusive Communties55551
IS 345Systems Analysis33241
IS 340Information Management II33341
IS 486Network Security34451
MTH 231Elements Discrete Math I42331
IS 270Operating Systems43431
IS 301Information Systems Automation31341
BA 316Advanced Financial Management00000
AS 312Air Force Ldshp/Mgmt00000
BA 391Human Resource Management00000
BA 229Personal Finance00000
AS 112Air Force Today00000
BA 361Organizational Behavior00000
A 481Adv Painting00000
ASL 101DAmerican Sign Language I00000
BA 414Sports Marketing00000
BA 451WAuditing00000
BA 484DInternatl Management00000
A 350Intermediate Ceramics00000
ANTH 216Cultural Anthropology00000
ASL 202American Sign Language V00000
BA 492Total Quality Management00000
BA 640Organizational Leadership00000
ANTH 325Ethnographic Methods00000
ASL 302American Sign Language Viii00000
BA 101Introduction to Business00000
ANTH 494Northwest Native Nations00000
BA 243Business Statistics00000
A 455Bfa Thesis Project: Ceramics00000
BA 325Portfolio Management00000
AS 212Development/Air Power00000
BA 367Regression Analysis00000
A 321Grphc Dsgn:Form & Communcation00000
BA 407Sem: Bus/Econ Events00000
AS 411Ntl Security Forces/Contemp Am00000
BA 427Small Business Finance00000
ANTH 213DLanguage & Culture00000
BA 477WTopics: Consumer Behavior00000
ASL 103DAmerican Sign Language III00000
BA 490Operations Managemnt00000
A 280Introduction to Painting00000
BA 615General Linear Models00000
ASL 210Cltrl Comptncs Wrkng Ltno Deaf00000
BI 101General Biology:Diversity Life00000
A 370Printmaking: Simple Intaglio00000
ANTH 369Evolution Of Ethnographic Film00000
ASL 303American Sign Language Ix00000
ASL 315American Deaf Culture00000
ASL 320Deaf Women Studies00000
A 306History Modern Art 1965-Pres00000
A 380Painting: From Observation00000
ANTH 372Social Constructions Of Race00000
ASL 330Special Topics In Asl00000
ASL 340Intro Deaf Latino Community00000
ANTH 376Cultures Of South Asia00000
ASL 407Seminar: Deaf Blind Culture00000
ASL 540Mental Health Deaf Community00000
ANTH 476DReligion And Ritual00000
BA 211Financial Accounting00000
A 404CArt Hst: Latin America00000
BA 240QQuantitative Business Methods00000
ARE 433Art Education00000
BA 311Personal Selling00000
A 316WIntermed Design:3D00000
BA 318Intermediate Accounting II00000
AS 120Leadership Lab00000
BA 340QBusiness Forecasting00000
A 471Adv Printmaking00000
BA 362Business Ethics00000
AS 220Leadership Lab00000
BA 370Business and Society00000
A 250Introduction to Ceramics00000
BA 392DManagement Of Diversity00000
AS 320Leadership Lab00000
BA 411Marketing Strategy00000
A 492Sculpture: Contemporary Issues00000
BA 420Securities Analysis00000
AS 413Prep For Active Duty00000
BA 438Real Estate Investment00000
A 323Art & Design for the Internet00000
BA 474Business Leadership00000
ASL 102American Sign Language II00000
BA 484International Management00000
ANTH 215DArchaeology00000
BA 487International Law00000
ASL 201American Sign Language IV00000
BA 491Strategic Management00000
A 120Beginning Digital Art & Design00000
BA 495Organization Design00000
ASL 203DAmerican Sign Language Vi00000
BA 630Rprt Wrtng & Economic Analysis00000
ANTH 322Forensic Anthropology00000
ASL 413DAsl Cherology/Phonology00000
A 382Painting: Watercolor00000
ANTH 392Applied Anthropology00000
ASL 415Asl Syntax And Semantics00000
ASL 420CSciolingstcs Deaf Communities00000
ANTH 396DEnvironmental Anthropology00000
ASL 429American Deaf History00000