Waterloo Course Reviews

University of Waterloo

ERS 361Food Systems & Sustainability53541
PD 7Conflict Resolution11111
ERS 225Gendering Env Politics54541
ARCH 260Principles of Structures00000
ARBUS 300Practical Business Skills00000
AFM 447Gov & Ethical Issues with Data00000
AFM 212Fin Analysis and Planning00000
ARCH 484Architectural Research00000
AMATH 342Compu Methods for Diff Equat00000
AVIA 203Prof Pilot Program Course 300000
AMATH 391From Fourier to Wavelets00000
APPLS 205RSecond Language Acquisition00000
AFM 416Special Topics00000
ARCH 143Ancient World & Fnds of Europe00000
AFM 132Intro to Business Stages00000
ARCH 346Competitions in Architecture00000
AHS 105Mental Health Literacy00000
ARTS 290Second-Year Topics in Arts00000
AE 224Probability and Statistics00000
BASE 34Intro to Academic Writing00000
AFM 280Intro to Org Behaviour00000
AE 299Seminar00000
AMATH 463Fluid Mechanics00000
AFM 326Student Venture Fund - Analyst00000
ANTH 100Intro to Anthropology00000
ANTH 221Language and Society00000
ANTH 440Arch Analysis & Interpretation00000
AFM 377Priv Equity and Venture Cap00000
ARABIC 201RIntermediate Arabic 100000
AFM 111Prof Pathways and Prob-Solving00000
ARCH 110Visual & Digital Media 100000
AFM 425Fixed Income Securities00000
ARCH 193Design Studio00000
AE 125Architectural Graphics Studio00000
ARCH 285Architectural Research00000
AFM 478International Financial Manage00000
ARCH 393Option Design Studio00000
AFM 204Intro to Applied Finance00000
ARCH 570Building Tech & Enviro Courses00000
AMATH 250Intro Differential Equations00000
ASL 101RAmerican Sign Language 100000
ACTSC 453Basic Pension Mathematics00000
AVIA 307Prof Pilot Program Course VII00000
AMATH 353Partial Diff Equations 100000
BASE 44Extended Academic Writing00000
AE 265Structure & Props of Materials00000
AMATH 453Partial Diff Equations 200000
AFM 321Personal Financial Planning00000
AMATH 475Intro to General Relativity00000
ACTSC 462Intro Prop & Casualty Pricing00000
ANTH 201Intro to Archaeology00000
AFM 333International Business00000
AE 301Building Enclosure Systems00000
ANTH 272Indigenous Issues00000
AFM 341Accounting Information Systems00000
ANTH 289Special Topics in Anthropology00000
ANTH 321Archaeology Complex Cultures00000
ANTH 391Reading in Anthropology00000
AFM 372Corporate Finance 200000
ANTH 465Borders and Boundaries00000
AFM 100Intro to Experiential Learning00000
APPLS 306RSecond Lang Assessment/Testing00000
AFM 391Intermed Financial Account 200000
ARBUS 101Intro to Business in N.A.00000
AE 105Mechanics 200000
ARBUS 303Marketing Strategy00000
AFM 422Mngmt Financial Institutions00000
ARCH 126Environmental Building Design00000
AFM 121Intro to Global Financial Mkts00000
ARCH 173Building Construction 200000
AFM 429Invst. Mgmt - Sr Portfolio Mgr00000
ARCH 225Theory&Design Contmp Landscape00000
ACTSC 432Property & Cas Insur: Pricing00000
ARCH 277Timber: Design, Struct & Const00000
AFM 470Fin'l Mgmt - High Growth Com00000
ARCH 327Arch of Urban Environment00000
AFM 200Cont. Experiential Learning00000
ARCH 385Architectural Research00000
AFM 482Perform Measur and Org Control00000
ARCH 446Italian Urban History (Rome)00000
AE 205Solid Mechanics 200000
ARCH 510Visual & Digital Media00000
AMATH 231Calculus 400000
ARTS 140Information and Analysis00000
AFM 207Intro to Performance Analytics00000
ARTS 367Arts Study Abroad00000
AMATH 271Intro to Theoretical Mechanics00000
AVIA 100Introduction to Aviation00000
ACTSC 331Life Contingencies 200000
AVIA 205Prof Pilot Program Course 500000
AMATH 350Diff Equ for Bus and Econ00000
AVIA 416Aviation Sustainability00000
AFM 272Global Capital Markets00000
AFM 345Bus App of Social Media Ana00000
ANTH 330Environmental Anthropology00000
ANTH 356WApplied Anthropology (WLU)00000
AMATH 382Comp Modelling of Cellular Sys00000
ACTSC 231Intro Financial Mathematics00000
ACTSC 371Intro to Investments00000
AE 100Concepts Studio00000