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Valdosta Course Reviews

Valdosta State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 1301Principles of Programming I32341
ART 3041Painting I00000
BIOL 1040LOrganismal Biology Lab00000
BIOL 3850Medical and Veterinary Entomology00000
ASLS 3190Fingerspelling, Numbers, & Classifiers00000
ARID 2411Computers for Interior Design00000
BIOL 3200Introductory Genetics00000
ACED 7990Analysis of Research in Adult and Career Education00000
AFAM 3230African Amer Lit 1800-186500000
ART 3111Aqueous Media I00000
ART 4094Computer Animation00000
AS 3001Leadership Studies I00000
ARAB 2001Intermediate Arabic Language and Culture I00000
ASTR 4400Physics of the Solar System00000
ACED 7220Improvement of Instruction in Business Technology Education00000
BIOL 1200History of the Life Sciences00000
ARID 4310Advanced Graphics00000
BIOL 3602Biochemistry II00000
ACED 3860Program Development in Adult and Continuing Education00000
BIOL 4250Human Anatomy00000
ACED 9450International Workforce Education and Training00000
ART 4072Color Photography00000
ACED 4310Practicum in Adult and Career Education00000
AFAM 4550The Caribbean World00000
ART 4150Advanced Topics in Printmaking00000
ART 4180Workshop in Art: Time Based Media00000
AS 1001Foundations of the U.S. Air Force I00000
ANTH 4040Sociocultural Change00000
ASLS 2130American Sign Language III00000
ACED 4830Technology, Work and Performance for Technical Leaders00000
ASTR 1020KStellar and Galactic Astronomy00000
ARED 4070Seminar in Art Education (P-12)00000
BIOL 1011KIntroduction to Biology00000
ACED 3150Computer Systems for the Office00000
BIOL 1107KPrinciples of Biology I00000
ARID 3350Lighting and Building Systems00000
BIOL 2950Directed Research00000
ACED 7530Supervision and Mentoring in Adult and Career Education00000
BIOL 3530Biodiversity of Macrofungi00000
ART 10303-Dimensional Design00000
BIOL 3700Neuroscience00000
ACCT 4980Accounting Internship00000
BIOL 3970Wildlife Diseases00000
ART 3072Digital Photography00000
BIOL 4350Developmental Biology00000
ACED 4070Advanced Document Processing00000
ART 4042Painting II00000
AFAM 3000Introduction to African American Studies00000
ART 4082Sculpture II00000
ACED 2000Beginning Keyboarding00000
ART 4140Senior Project00000
AFAM 4232African American History Since 186500000
ART 4171Senior Exhibition Seminar00000
ACED 4510Curriculum Development in Adult and Career Education00000
ANTH 3010Physical Anthropology00000
ARTH 2121Art History Survey I00000
ARTH 3120Greek Mythology in Art00000
ARTS 1100Art Appreciation00000
ANTH 3170Language and Culture00000
AS 2001The Evolution of U.S. Air and Space Power I00000
ACED 4780Internship in Teaching Career Education00000
AS 4001National Security Affairs00000
ARAB 1001Beginning Arabic Language and Introduction to Arabic Culture...00000
ASLS 3170American Sign Language III00000
ACED 2999Entry to the Education Profession00000
ASTR 1000Introduction to the Universe00000
ARED 3000Issues and Trends in Contemporary Art Education00000
ASTR 3400Planetary Geology00000
ACED 7100Current Practices in Workforce Education and Development00000
ASTR 4950Topics in Astrobiology00000
ARID 2112Interior Design Studio II00000
BIOL 1020LBiodiversity Lab00000
ACCT 4410Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I00000
ARID 3211History of Interiors I00000
BIOL 1108Principles of Biology II00000
ACED 7410New Teacher Institute00000
BIOL 2652Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ARID 4000Advanced Residential Design00000
BIOL 3050Spatial Analysis00000
ACED 3650Ethics and Liability in ACED00000
BIOL 3460Human Physiology00000
ART 1010Drawing I00000
BIOL 3600Local Flora00000
ACED 7700Advanced Desktop Publishing00000
BIOL 3650Plant Systematics00000
ART 3010Design Thinking00000
BIOL 3820Vertebrate Zoology00000
ACCT 3100Introduction to Fraud Examination00000
BIOL 3950Ornithology00000
ART 3061Ceramics I00000
BIOL 4000Animal Physiology00000
ACED 9420Issues in Adult and Career Education00000
ARTH 4120Issues in Art Criticism00000
ART 3091Graphic Design I00000
ACCT 2099Accounting Principles for Entrepreneurs00000
ACCT 3203Intermediate Accounting III00000
ACED 2400Computer Technology for the Workplace00000
ACED 4670Techniques of Student Evaluation in Adult and Career Educati...00000
ANTH 3070Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft00000