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Professor Francois Bastien Reviews


Class Ratings

3.7Good Class
3Kinda Useful

Prof: Francois Bastien / Winter 2020

Mar 22, 2021

Comments on the course

I attended all lectures, they were all interesting, but I can see that attendance isn't necessary. The textbook is recommended, but you don't really need it. I got the textbook, it's interesting, but I think you can do fine in the class without it. There are 3 assignments and one final project that are group projects. For individuals, there is one midterm and one final. I thought the individual was pretty straightforward.


If people in your group aren't working, contact the prof ASAP (preferably before marking). I made the mistake of not contacting the prof earlier, but the prof was very helpful when I explained my situation (2/4 of my group wasn't working and I and another person had to work on a 4 person paper ourselves...).

Course: COM220Grade: A-Attendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: Optional