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UVic Course Reviews

University of Victoria

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH122Logic and Foundations3.32.82.834
MATH110Matrix Algebra for Engineers3.92.53.554
MATH101Calculus II2.
MATH100Calculus I3.72.534.52
MATH151Finite Mathematics3.743.532
MATH200Calculus III4.74551
MATH204Calculus IV4.74551
MATH236Introduction to Real Analysis4.33551
MATH362Elementary Number Theory4.34541
MATH161Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I00000
MATH211Matrix Algebra I00000
MATH311Linear Algebra00000
MATH352Introduction to Probability00000
MATH379Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos00000
MATH436Calculus on Manifolds00000
MATH465Topics in Topology00000
MATH109Introduction to Calculus00000
MATH212Introduction to Algebra00000
MATH315History of Mathematics00000
MATH348Numerical Methods00000
MATH375Philosophy of Mathematics00000
MATH477Stochastic Financial Modelling00000
MATH242Mathematics of Finance00000
MATH346Introduction to Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH377Mathematical Modelling00000
MATH442Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations00000
MATH475Topics in Mathematical Biology00000
MATH208Mathematics for Economics and Econometrics00000
MATH335Real Analysis00000
MATH367Non-Euclidean Geometry00000
MATH413Applied Algebra00000
MATH447Nonlinear Programming00000
MATH493Topics in Pure Mathematics00000
MATH424Structural Graph Theory00000
MATH120Precalculus Mathematics00000
MATH301Complex Variables00000
MATH365Introduction to Topology00000
MATH422Combinatorial Mathematics00000
MATH452Stochastic Processes00000
MATH498Seminar and Independent Project00000
MATH162Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II00000
MATH222Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics00000
MATH312Abstract Algebra I00000
MATH401Complex Analysis00000
MATH435Real Analysis II00000
MATH462Topics in Number Theory00000
MATH102Calculus for Students in the Social and Biological Sciences00000
MATH202Intermediate Calculus for CSC and EOS00000
MATH248Computer Assisted Mathematics and Physics00000
MATH342Intermediate Ordinary Differential Equations00000
MATH369Differential Geometry in R300000
MATH423Graph Theory00000
MATH446Advanced Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH490Directed Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH322Combinatorial Designs00000
MATH412Abstract Algebra II00000
MATH449Scientific Computing00000
MATH492Topics in Applied Mathematics00000
MATH 523Graph Theory00000
MATH 531Functional Analysis00000
MATH 549Scientific Computing00000
MATH 580TPCS: PURE MATH: Calculus of Manifolds00000
MATH 588Discrete Mathematics Seminar00000
MATH 520Number Theory00000
MATH 533Topics in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras00000
MATH 555Topics In Probability: Tba00000
MATH 586Operator Theory Seminar00000
MATH 699Dissertation00000
MATH 522Combinatorics00000
MATH 535TOPICS IN ANALYSIS: Ergodic Theory00000
MATH 575TOPICS IN MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY: Dynamics of Regulatory Netwo...00000
MATH 587Applied Math Seminar00000
MATH 510Abstract Algebra00000
MATH 530Real Analysis00000
MATH 538Complex Analysis00000
MATH 550TPCS:APPLIED MATHEMATICS: Non-linear Programming00000
MATH 585Seminar00000
MATH 693Candidacy Examination00000
MATH 529TPCS: DISCRETE MATH: Probabilistic Methods Standard00000
MATH 540Topology: Tbd00000
MATH 551Differential and Integral Equations00000
MATH 581DIRECTED STUDIES: Basic Persistent Homology00000
MATH 599Master's Thesis00000