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UVic Course Reviews

University of Victoria

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECE250Linear Circuits I2.71.52.542
ECE260Continuous-Time Signals and Systems2.722.53.52
ECE320Electronic Devices I1.411.51.52
ECE355Microprocessor-Based Systems4.34541
ECE471Computer Vision44441
ECE459Applications of Digital Signal Processing Techniques3.33341
ECE455Real Time Computer Systems Design Project3.34421
ECE458Communication Networks34321
ECE360Control Theory and Systems I2.74221
ECE463Design and Analysis of Computer Networks2.72421
ECE370Electromechanical Energy Conversion1.73111
ECE340Applied Electromagnetics and Photonics1.32111
ECE380Electronic Circuits II41451
ECE470Artificial Intelligence35221
ECE220Electrical Properties of Materials00000
ECE255Introduction to Computer Architecture00000
ECE300Linear Circuits II00000
ECE356Engineering System Software00000
ECE403Optimization for Machine Learning00000
ECE405Error Control Coding00000
ECE412Electronic Devices II00000
ECE440Human Factors in Engineering00000
ECE450Communications Theory and Systems II00000
ECE454Engineering Components for Wireless Systems00000
ECE456Wireless and Mobile Communications00000
ECE461Dynamics and Control of Switched Mode Power Supplies00000
ECE466System-on-Chip Engineering for Signal Processing00000
ECE481Analog VLSI Systems00000
ECE483Digital Video Processing00000
ECE486Multiresolution Signal and Geometry Processing With C++00000
ECE490Directed Studies00000
ECE496CSelected Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering00000
ECE498Honours Thesis00000
ECE 503Optimization for Machine Learning00000
ECE 515Information Theory00000
ECE 519BSELECTED TOPICS IN COMP COMM: 5G Wireless Communications and...00000
ECE 526Advanced Optical Systems00000
ECE 534Applications of Digital Signal Processing Techniques00000
ECE 537Applied Data Analysis00000
ECE 547Electronic Devices00000
ECE 569ASELECTED TOPICS COMP ENGINEER: Internet of Things: Analytics...00000
ECE 590DIRECTED STUDY: Block Chain for Medical Records00000
ECE 598MEng Project00000
ECE 693PhD Candidacy Examination00000
ECE 509Seminar00000
ECE 514Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks00000
ECE 519CSelected Topics in Secure Communications00000
ECE 525Advanced Photonics00000
ECE 529ATPCS:MICRO/MM WAVES OPTIC ENGR: Advanced Photonics00000
ECE 536Computer Vision00000
ECE 545Nanotechnology00000
ECE 559BTOPICS IN AUTOMATIC CONTROL: Deep Reinforcement Learning00000
ECE 573Advanced Engineering Design by Optimization00000
ECE 591Professional Foundation00000
ECE 599MASc Thesis00000
ECE 699PhD Dissertation00000
ECE 511Error Control Coding00000
ECE 516Advanced Wireless Communications00000
ECE 522Antennas and Propagation00000
ECE 527Photovoltaics00000
ECE 535Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition00000
ECE 543Design of Digital and VLSI Systems00000
ECE 553Introduction to Parallel and Cluster Computing00000
ECE 567Advanced Network Security00000
ECE 574Practice of Information Security and Privacy00000
ECE 583Digital Video Processing00000
ECE 592AProfessional Career Development I00000
ECE 609Seminar00000
ECE241Digital Design00000
ECE299Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Design00000
ECE330Electronic Circuits I00000
ECE350Communications Theory and Systems I00000
ECE402Biomedical Imaging Modalities00000
ECE407Digital Signal Processing II00000
ECE417Software Defined Radio00000
ECE435Medical Image Processing00000
ECE449Computer Systems and Architecture00000
ECE453Antennas and Propagation00000
ECE457Parallel and Cluster Computing00000
ECE484Audio Signal Processing00000
ECE488Electrical Power Systems00000
ECE496ASelected Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering00000
ECE499Design Project II00000
ECE216Electricity and Magnetism00000
ECE242Discrete Structures in Engineering00000
ECE310Digital Signal Processing I00000
ECE335Biosensors and Instrumentation00000
ECE365Applied Electronics and Electrical Machines00000
ECE399Design Project I00000
ECE404Microwaves and Fiber Optics00000
ECE410Power Electronics00000
ECE441Design of Digital and VLSI Systems00000
ECE448Cyber-System Security00000
ECE452Optical Communication Technology00000
ECE460Control Theory and Systems II00000
ECE462Motor Drive Dynamics00000
ECE482Electrical Drive Systems00000
ECE485Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition00000
ECE496BSelected Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering00000
ECE496DSelected Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering00000