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UTRGV Course Reviews

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CIVE 6359Adv. Construction Scheduling00000
CMPE 3333Algorithms & Data Structs00000
CHEM 3301Inorganic Chemistry00000
CIVE 4333Water and Wastewater Treatment00000
CHEM 6330Sp Top in Organic Chemistry00000
BMED 4240Medical Microbiology00000
CLSC 5227Clinical Lab Methods00000
BIOL 6312Adv Cellular/Molecular Biology00000
CHEM 4303Adv Organic Chemistry00000
BIOL 6499AdvTopBiol II:HistoriclEcology00000
CIVE 3324Structural Analysis I00000
CHEM 6395Materials Chemistry00000
BMED 3104Integrated Body Systems I00000
CIVE 4392CE Senior Project00000
BIOL 5408Adv Plant Pathology00000
CLSC 4116Advanced Immunology00000
CHEM 1112General Chemistry II Lab00000
CMPE 2330Digital Systems Engr I00000
ARTS 1303Art History I00000
CMPE 4301Digital Image Processing00000
BIOL 6330Molecular & Cellular Evolution00000
CHEM 4320Nutr & Exer Biochemistry00000
ARTS 2317Painting II00000
CHEM 6360Sp Top in Physical Chem00000
BLAW 6301Legal Environment of Business00000
CIVE 3100UG Res/Part-Time Intern00000
CHEM 7300Thesis I00000
BMED 2101Gross Anatomy00000
CIVE 3475Geotech Engineering & Applic00000
BIOL 4318Ethnobotany00000
CIVE 4348Highway Engineering00000
BMED 3121Independent Research I00000
CIVE 6343Water Quality Engineering00000
ANTH 6374Arch of North America00000
CLSC 2429Clinic Micro in Health Care00000
BMED 4310Med Biochem00000
CLSC 4341Clinical Practicum II00000
BIOL 6201Sci Comm00000
CMPE 1378Engr Comp Sci I Hon00000
CHEM 2323Organic Chemistry I00000
CMPE 3300Internship In Computer Eng00000
ANTH 6311Medical Anthropology00000
CMPE 3342Internet Programming00000
CHEM 4101Chemistry Seminar00000
CMPE 4334Operating Systems00000
ARTS 1317Drawing II00000
CHEM 4307Adv Inorganic Chem00000
BIOL 6398Adv. Topics I:Plant-Animal Int00000
CHEM 6310Organic Chemistry00000
ANTH 6315Discovering the RGV00000
CHEM 6333Drug Design and Drug Action00000
BIOL 7300Thesis I00000
CHEM 6380Sp Top in Biochemistry00000
BIOL 3320Marine Biogeochemistry00000
CHEM 7102Seminar II00000
BMED 1103Intro Cell Bio00000
CIVE 1221Engineering Graphics00000
CHEM 7302Seminar00000
BMED 1109Evol Med00000
CIVE 3300Full-Time Intern/Co-op00000
BIOL 4299Independent Research00000
CIVE 3345Transportation Engineering00000
BMED 3101Pathobio and Host Def00000
CIVE 4290Ce Senior Project II00000
ANTH 6363Theory & Method in Arch00000
CIVE 4346Reinforced Concrete Design00000
BMED 3107Integrated Body Systems IV00000
CIVE 4352Earthwork Engineering & Design00000
BIOL 4333Immunology00000
CIVE 6324Constr Meth & Equip00000
BMED 3223Independent Research III00000
CIVE 6352Advanced Geotechnical Engr00000
ANTH 6307Shipwrecks Pirates & Sea00000
CIVE 7300Master Thesis I00000
BMED 4270Intro CAM00000
CLSC 3513Clinic Immun & Immunohematolog00000
BIOL 6101Scientific Thinking00000
CLSC 4314Advanced Immunohematology00000
CESL 3302Community Engagement II00000
CLSC 4411Clinical Hematology II00000
ANTH 7100Thesis00000
CMPE 1178Engr Comp Sci I Lab Hon00000
CHEM 2101Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
CMPE 2130Digital Systems Engr I Lab00000
BIOL 6305Biometry00000
CMPE 2380Computer Science II00000
CHEM 3104Physical Chemistry I Lab00000
CMPE 3326Object Oriented Prog in Java00000
ANTH 4365Arch Of South America00000
CMPE 3340Software Engineering I00000
CHEM 3306Polymer Sci & Engineering00000
CMPE 3403Electronics for CMPE00000
BIOL 6320Vector Biology00000
CHEM 4202Chemistry Problems II00000
ANTH 4315Discovering RGV00000
ANTH 6304Indians of North America00000
ANTH 6337Found Ethno/Anth of Mus00000
BIOL 3425Vertebrate Osteology00000
BMED 1106Intro to Medical Microbiology00000
CHIN 1312Beginning Chinese II00000