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UTK Course Reviews

University of Tennessee

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EF 151Physics for Engineers I3.
ECE 335Electronic Devices423.743
COSC 100Introduction to Computers and Computing3.5443.52
FINC 306Financial Management53551
ECE 325Electric Energy System Components32341
FINC 301Survey of Financial Management11111
ACCT 200Foundations of Accounting45351
ME 344Heat Transfer11341
MATH 141Calculus I43351
SOWK 317Honors: Human Behavior in the Social Environment52551
ME 231Dynamics33341
FINC 300Fundamentals of Finance22111
CE 262Structural Mechanics44441
MATH 142Calculus II21131
BCMB 401Biochemistry I12321
JAPA 151Elementary Japanese I55551
COSC 101Introduction to Programming35321
HIEU 302History of Greece I31331
HIAS 494History of Tokyo53551
CLAS 302History of Greece I43441
ACCT 203Introduction to Financial Accounting54351
COSC 230Computer Organization33331
GEOL 203Geology of National Parks53531
ME 210Professional Topics45331
COSC 311Discrete Structures55431
BIOL 101Introduction to Biology: Cells, Genetics, and Physiology32221
AFST 493Independent Study00000
ANTH 364African Archaeology00000
ANTH 421Refugees and Displaced People00000
ANTH 442Archaeology Prehist Aegean00000
AE 502Registration for Use of Facilities00000
AGNR 317Undergraduate Research Prep00000
ANTH 453Public Heritage and Community Archaeology00000
ANTH 466Southeastern Archaeology00000
ALEC 150The Land Grants Agricultural Legacy: A Complicated American...00000
ANTH 490Primate Evolution00000
ANTH 511Anthropology of South ASia00000
ADVT 360Advertising Media Strategy00000
AE 535Mechanical Vibrations00000
ALEC 345Program Planning and Learning Design in Agriscience Educatio...00000
ANTH 565The Trojan War00000
ANTH 592Off Campus Study00000
ALEC 492Internship In Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Commun...00000
ARAB 122Elementary Arabic II00000
ARAB 351Languages of the Middle East and North Africa00000
AE 593Independent Study00000
ALEC 530Specials Topics in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Co...00000
ARCH 172Design II: Spatial Order II00000
ARCH 236Design Implementation II00000
ALEC 585Global Sustainable Development Goals00000
ARCH 341Environ Control Systems I00000
ARCH 372Architectural Design IV00000
ACCT 593Individual Research in Accounting00000
ADVT 500Thesis00000
AFAS 102Heritage and Values II00000
AMST 329Native American History00000
ARCH 452Appalachian Seminar00000
ANTH 357Junior Honors in Anthropology00000
AFST 471African-American Art00000
ANTH 413Dynamics of Health and Illness00000
AE 449Aerospace Engineering Laboratory00000
ANTH 431Isotope Ecology00000
AGNR 117Herbert College of Agriculture Honors Freshman Seminar00000
ANTH 450Current Trends in Anthropology00000
ADVT 250Advertising Principles00000
ANTH 460Paleoethnobotany00000
AGNR 491International Experience in Agriculture and Natural Resource...00000
ANTH 480Human Osteology00000
AE 517Finite Elements for Engineering Applications00000
ANTH 495Human Paleontology00000
ALEC 301Non-Formal Youth Dev Prog00000
ANTH 523Anthropology Of Genocide00000
ACCT 522Valuation00000
ANTH 582Paleoanthropology00000
ALEC 435Student Teaching in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and...00000
ANTH 604Anthropological Statistics II00000
AE 557Aerospace Vehicle Flutter and Vibration00000
ARAB 251Whole New Wrlds: Fan/SciFi ME00000
ALEC 521Youth Development00000
ARCH 107Honors: Introduction to the Built Environment00000
ADVT 470Advertising Campaigns00000
ARCH 221Representation III: Digital Workflow00000
ALEC 539Basic Applied Data Analysis in Agricultural Leadership, Educ...00000
ARCH 272Design IV: Territory II00000
AE 659Adv Mechanics of Materials II00000
ARCH 364Performative Design I00000
AMST 300Rise & Fall of Slavery in US00000
ARCH 425Intro to Dsgn Entrepreneurship00000
ACCT 414Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
AMST 354Popular Religion in the United States00000
ARCH 461Design Development Integrations00000
ARCH 471Design VII: Integrations00000
ARCH 493Independent Study in Architecture00000
AFAS 204Leadership Laboratory IV00000
AMST 381Am Tale/Song/Mat Cul/Intr Folk00000
ARCH 498RDesign X: Consequences – Self-Directed Diploma Studio00000
ARCH 509Seminar/Design Integration00000
ADVT 540Advertising Decision Making00000
AFAS 402National Security, Leadership Responsibilities and Commissio...00000
ANSC 160Introduction to Animal Science00000