UNO Course Reviews

University of New Orleans

CHEM 2217Organic Chemistry I11131
ENGL 2377The Bible as Literature32421
ENGL 1158English Composition45431
CHEM 3027Advanced Synthesis Laboratory00000
BIOS 6023Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology00000
ANTH 5075Life History, Identity & Autonomy00000
ACCT 6192Special Topics in Accounting00000
CHEM 5511Biochemistry II00000
ASABROAD 9999ASAGAcademic Semester Abroad (Consortium Agreement)00000
CSCI 3090Undergraduate Seminar00000
BIOS 1073Biology II00000
BIOS 5413Developmental Biology00000
ANTH 4721Cultural Resource Mngmt, Archaeology, & Historic Preservatio...00000
CHEM 1002Life, The Universe and Everything: Chemistry of our Daily Li...00000
ACCT 6131Accounting in Health Care Settings00000
CHEM 3610Materials Chemistry00000
ANTH 5780Film And Anthropology00000
CHEM 7000Thesis Research00000
ACCT 3141Accounting Information Systems00000
CSCI 4460Network Operation and Defense00000
AERO 1041The Foundations of the United States Air Force I Leadership...00000
ACCT 4142IT Auditing & Advanced Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOS 2002Internship in Biology00000
AERO 3001Air Force Leadership Studies I00000
BIOS 2741Micro & Human Disease Laboratory00000
BIOS 3284Histology and Cytology00000
BIOS 4974Entomology00000
ANTH 3330Latin America: Conquest, Colonization, Empire00000
BIOS 5713Advanced Microbiology00000
ACCT 5162Advanced Auditing00000
BIOS 6713Medical Microbiology00000
ANTH 4780Film And Anthropology00000
CHEM 2025Quantitative Analysis Laboratory00000
ACCT 3091Internship in Accounting00000
CHEM 3096Directed Study in Advanced Chemical Topics00000
ANTH 5765Ethnicity in Contemporary Society00000
CHEM 4511Biochemistry II00000
ACCT 6153Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders00000
CHEM 6214Advances In Organic Chemistry00000
ANTH 6801Advanced Seminar in Cultural & Social Theory00000
CSCI 2120Software Design and Development II00000
AADM 6605Seminar in Arts Administration00000
CSCI 4125Data Models and Database Systems00000
BA 2780Application Software for Business00000
CSCI 4621Intro to Cyber Security00000
ACCT 3191Independent Study00000
BIOS 1303Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
AERO 1202The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power II00000
BIOS 2090Sophomore Special Topics in Biology00000
AADM 6610Public Relations in the Arts00000
BIOS 3092Independent Research00000
AERO 3042Air Force Leadership Studies II Leadership Laboratory00000
ACCT 4162Advanced Auditing00000
BIOS 3653General Ecology00000
AERO 3441National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty I Lead...00000
BIOS 4010Senior Comprehensive Examination00000
BIOS 4103Biochemistry I00000
BIOS 4713Advanced Microbiology00000
ANTH 3095New Orleans Public Culture00000
BIOS 5113Biochemistry II00000
ACCT 5152Tax Accounting II00000
BIOS 5534Conservation Biology00000
ANTH 3750Food and Culture00000
BIOS 6002Internship in the Health Professions or Research00000
ACCT 2100Principles of Accounting00000
BIOS 6091Graduate Seminar00000
ANTH 4766The Anthropology of Sex and Gender00000
BIOS 7050Dissertation Research00000
ACCT 6125Studies in Accounting Theory00000
CHEM 1017General Chemistry I00000
ANTH 4990Independent Study00000
ANTH 1020Fads, Fallacies, and Human Origins00000
BIOS 4153Molecular Biology00000
AADM 6505Visual Arts For Art Administrators00000
CHEM 3092Undergraduate Teaching Apprenticeship00000
ANTH 5440Religion Magic and Witchcraft00000
CHEM 3218Organic Chemistry II00000
ACCT 6143Seminar in Accounting Information Systems00000
CHEM 4000Senior Comprehensive Examination00000
ANTH 5768Anthropology And Policy00000
CHEM 5311Physical Chemistry00000
ACCT 3122Intermediate Accounting II00000
CHEM 6093Specialized Readings in Advanced Chemistry00000
ANTH 5990Independent Study00000
CHEM 6620Introduction to Electron Microscopy for Materials Characteri...00000
ACCT 6190Contemporary Tax Accounting Topics00000
CSCI 1205Introduction to Programming in C++00000
AS 2999Forms of Inquiry00000
CSCI 2450Machine Structure and Assembly Language Programming00000
AADM 6246Arts Technology Overview00000
CSCI 3102Introduction to the Theory of Computation00000
AYABROAD 9999AYAAcademic Year Abroad00000
CSCI 4311Computer Networks and Telecommunications00000
ACCT 6195Directed Study00000
BIOS 4413Developmental Biology00000
BA 3080Corporate Social Responsibility00000
AADM 6090Arts Administration Independent Study00000
AADM 6502Arts Administration: Legal and Business Applications00000
AADM 6900Practicum in Arts Administration00000
ACCT 5110CPA Review00000