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UNL Course Reviews

University of Nebraska Lincoln

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCE 310Data Structures And Algorithms3.52.533.52
MATH 106Calculus I43441
AHIS 102Renaissance To Modern Art12331
ENGL 317Literature And The Environment45431
ADPR 858Interactive Media Design00000
AGEN 395Internship In Agricultural And Biological Systems Engineerin...00000
AGRO 215Genetics00000
AGRO 427Turfgrass Systems Management00000
ACTS 899Masters Thesis00000
AECN 376Rural Community Economics00000
AGRO 803Scientific Writing And Communication00000
AGEN 100Introduction To Biological Engineering And Agricultural Engi...00000
ADPR 491Special Topics In Advertising00000
AGEN 898Internship00000
ACTS 830Actuarial Applications Of Applied Statistics00000
AGRO 366Soil Nutrient Relationships00000
AECN 201Farm And Ranch Management00000
AGRO 470Critical Thinking In Landscape Management00000
ACCT 916Seminar In Contemporary Accounting Theory: Empirical Tests A...00000
ADPR 221Strategic Writing For Advertising And Public Relations00000
AGRO 816BHaploids And Doubled Haploids In Plant Breeding00000
AECN 453Agricultural And Rural Property Appraisal00000
AECN 482Beef Industry Scholars - National Beef Industry Policy00000
ACTS 399Independent Study00000
ADPR 357Account Planning00000
AECN 814Agricultural Price Analysis00000
AERO 332LLeadership Laboratory00000
ADPR 464Sports Media Relations & Promotions00000
AGEN 303Principles Of Process Engineering00000
ACTS 474Introduction To Property/Casualty Actuarial Science00000
AGEN 492Special Topics In Agricultural Engineering00000
ADPR 833Art Direction00000
AGRI 311Study Tours In Us Agriculture00000
ACCT 818Taxation-Farm And Ranch00000
AGRO 275Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance00000
ADPR 891Special Topics In Advertising00000
AGRO 409BCase Studies In Plant Breeding: Transgenic Strategies For Di...00000
ACTS 871Life Contingencies II00000
AGRO 440Great Plains Ecosystem00000
AECN 316Agribusiness Management00000
AGRO 488Business Management For Agricultural Enterprises00000
ACCT 409Accounting Information Systems (Ais)00000
AGRO 811Crop Genetic Engineering00000
AECN 420International Food And Agricultural Trade00000
AGRO 819Applications Of Remote Sensing In Agriculture And Natural Re...00000
ACCT 996Directed Reading Or Research00000
AECN 471Agricultural Marketing And Product Development I00000
ADPR 333Design And Layout00000
AECN 499HHonors Thesis00000
ACCT 499HHonors Thesis00000
ADPR 361Connecting Through Owned, Earned, And Paid Media00000
AECN 821Orientation To Research00000
AECN 840Applied Welfare Economics And Public Policy00000
AECN 865Resource And Environmental Economics II00000
ACTS 410Introduction To Credibility, Smoothing Of Data, And Simulati...00000
ADPR 391Special Topics00000
AECN 899Masters Thesis00000
AERO 331Air Force Leadership Studies I00000
ADPR 451Public Relations Techniques00000
AERO 441LLeadership Laboratory00000
ACTS 471Life Contingencies II00000
AGEN 212EComputational Tools & Modeling For Agricultural & Biological...00000
ADPR 483Portfolio Development00000
AGEN 344Biological And Environmental Transport Processes00000
ACCT 810Auditing00000
AGEN 460Instrumentation And Controls00000
ADPR 499HHonors Course00000
AGEN 860Instrumentation And Controls00000
ACTS 810Introduction To Credibility, Smoothing Of Data, And Simulati...00000
AGRI 192Justin Smith Morrill Scholars Seminar00000
ADPR 850Public Relations Theory And Strategy00000
AGRI 485Investigations In Applied Science00000
ACCT 399Independent Study00000
AGRO 242North American Wildland Plants00000
ADPR 881Advertising And Public Relations Research00000
AGRO 330Pruning Ornamentals00000
ACTS 841Introduction To Financial Economics00000
AGRO 405Crop Management Strategies00000
AECN 109Water In Society00000
AGRO 414Turfgrass Disease Management00000
ACCT 837Taxation-Individual Income Tax00000
AGRO 435Agroecology00000
AECN 256Legal Aspects In Agriculture00000
AGRO 445Livestock Management On Range And Pasture00000
ACTS 874Introduction To Property/Casualty Actuarial Science00000
AGRO 477Great Plains Field Pedology00000
AECN 345Policy Issues In Agriculture And Natural Resources00000
AGRO 498Senior Project00000
ACCT 301Using Accounting Information00000
AGRO 809BCase Studies In Plant Breeding: Transgenic Strategies For Di...00000
AECN 399Independent Study In Agricultural Economics00000
AGRO 815ASelf-Pollinated Crop Breeding00000
ACTS 950Seminar In Actuarial Science00000
AECN 901JNatural Resource Economics00000
ADPR 433Art Direction00000
AECN 999Doctoral Dissertation00000
AERO 185LLeadership Laboratory00000
AECN 436Commodity Price Forecasting00000
ACCT 200Accounting For Business Decisions00000
ACCT 312Federal Tax Accounting00000