UNF Course Reviews

University of North Florida

BSC 1005Principles of Biology00000
CCJ 4938Criminal Justice Case Studies00000
ART 4905DIS: Portfolio in Photography00000
BCN 3224Construction Techniques00000
ASL 6215Advanced American Sign Language Conversational Skills00000
ARH 3883The Apocalypse in Medieval and Early Modern Art00000
BSC 5992Adv. Biol. Of Marine Mammals00000
ANT 3243(FC) Comparative Muslim Cultures00000
ASH 4934Sem: Women and Gender in China00000
ANT 4497Ethnographic Methods00000
BCH 4024LMolecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratory00000
ATR 4302CTherapeutic Modalities00000
ARH 3150The Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome00000
BCN 4753Construction Finance and Cost Controls00000
AMH 6429Early Florida00000
BSC 4022Biology of Aging00000
ART 2203CThree-Dimensional Design00000
CAP 5605Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
AMH 2010United States History to 187700000
CCJ 6706Quantitative Research Methods00000
ANT 4025The Anthropology of Death00000
ASL 3435Fingerspelling and Numbering Systems in ASL00000
AMH 3402History of the Old South00000
ATR 3102Introduction to Athletic Injuries00000
APK 4120CClinical Exercise Physiology00000
ATR 6845CClinical Integration IV00000
ATR 5119CEmergency Management of Athletic Trauma00000
APK 6972Thesis in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease00000
BCN 1210CConstruction Materials00000
AMH 4491Sem: Public Arch of FL Indians00000
BCN 4587CGreen Construction and Sustainability00000
ARH 3404British Art: Hogarth to Hirst00000
BCN 6595Environmental Issues in Land Development and Construction00000
ADV 4930ST: Strategic Branding00000
BSC 2932Pre-Medical Preparation Seminar00000
ARH 4941Internship In Art History00000
BSC 4992Mayo Clinic Research II00000
AML 3154American Poetry00000
BUL 4350Business Law II00000
ART 2501CPainting II00000
CCJ 3023Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ACG 6645Auditing Theory00000
CCJ 5743Graduate Supervised Research Experience in Criminal Justice00000
ASH 3337(FC) Gandhi and Modern India00000
CCJ 6944Graduate Supervised Teaching Experience in Criminal Justice00000
AMH 3150Age of Jefferson and Jackson00000
ASL 2140American Sign Language I00000
ANT 4180Archaeological Lab Methods00000
ASL 4205Methods of Teaching ASL-English Bilingual Deaf and Hard of H...00000
ACG 6905Advanced Studies In Accounting00000
AST 2002Discovering Astronomy00000
ANT 4970Honors Thesis in Anthropology00000
ATR 3812Athletic Training Clinical Instruction I00000
AMH 3460American Cities and Suburbs00000
ATR 4832Clinical Practice in Athletic Training III00000
APK 4941Exercise Physiology Practice00000
ATR 6617Research Methods00000
ATR 5307CTherapeutic Interventions II00000
APK 6135Periodization00000
BCH 3023CBioorganic Chemistry00000
AMH 3990US in World Hist- 20th Cent00000
BCH 4034LBiochemistry II Laboratory00000
ARH 2000Art Appreciation00000
BCN 2405Introduction to Structures00000
ADV 3300Media Planning00000
BCN 3782Introduction to Construction Computing00000
ARH 3319The Art and Architecture of Michelangelo00000
BCN 4709Construction Project Management Capstone00000
AMH 5934Indigenous NE Florida00000
BCN 4931Seminars: Construction Management00000
ARH 3621American Art I: 1492 to 187600000
BOT 4503CPlant Anatomy and Physiology00000
ACG 6005Fundamentals of Financial Accounting00000
BSC 2012CGeneral Biology III00000
ARH 4724Graphic Design History00000
BSC 3057Introduction to Environmental Studies00000
AML 3031Periods Of Early American Literature00000
BSC 4930Functional Morphology00000
ART 1205CColor Theory00000
BSC 5075CAdvanced Physiology00000
AFH 3990Exp: (FC) Pre-Colonial Africa00000
BSC 6948Graduate Internship in Biomedical Science00000
ART 2400CIntroduction to Printmaking00000
BUL 6991Management In The Legal Enviro00000
AML 6507Studies in Later American Literature00000
CBH 3004Comparative Psychology00000
ART 4736CSculpture: Enlivened Spaces00000
CCJ 4664White Collar Crime00000
ACG 4361Cost Accounting00000
CCJ 5475Criminal Justice Planning and Evaluation00000
ASH 3200(FC) Ancient Near East00000
CCJ 6457Administration of Justice00000
ANT 3462Health, Illness and Culture00000
ASH 3404Modern China00000
ACG 3113Intermediate Accounting Problems and Concepts II00000
ACG 4863Accounting and Management Control in the Film Industry00000
ADV 3008Principles of Advertising00000
AMH 3571(CD) Introduction to African-American History00000
APK 6107CCardiovascular Exercise Physiology and ECG00000
ATR 5825CClinical Integration II00000