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UNF Course Reviews

University of North Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AMH 4906Directed Individual Study43331
ASH 3440(CD)(FC) Japanese Civilization11111
GRA 2160CGraphic Design: Process and Methods53551
CCJ 4905DIS:Experiential Lrng Analysis00000
BSC 5905Directed Independent Study: Biology00000
ART 4444CIntaglio Printmaking II00000
ANT 4970Honors Thesis in Anthropology00000
CEG 6515Slope Stability00000
ATR 2000CIntroduction to Sports Medicine00000
CHI 2201Intermediate Chinese II00000
ATR 5119CEmergency Management of Athletic Trauma00000
BSC 3052Conservation Biology00000
ART 2605CBasic Computer Images00000
CAP 4630Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
ANT 3243(FC) Comparative Muslim Cultures00000
CCJ 6706Quantitative Research Methods00000
ASH 5935Women and Gender in China00000
CGN 4931ST: Principles of Land Develop00000
AMH 3202The United States Since World War I00000
CHM 3610Inorganic Chemistry00000
APK 4971(H) Directed Independent Study Honors in Exercise Science Th...00000
AMH 39321960s and 1970s Through Music00000
ATR 6505CSeminar in Athletic Training00000
APK 6900Independent Study in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease00000
BCH 4024Molecular Biology and Biochemistry00000
BCN 1210CConstruction Materials00000
BSC 1005LPrinciples of Biology Lab00000
ART 1201CTwo-Dimensional Design00000
BSC 4921Biology Lecture Series00000
AML 3102American Fiction00000
BSC 6971Graduate Thesis Defense00000
ART 3568CPlein Air Painting00000
CAP 6768Data Analytics00000
AFH 3990Exp: (FC) Pre-Colonial Africa00000
CCJ 5743Graduate Supervised Research Experience in Criminal Justice00000
ART 4965CFine Arts Portfolio00000
CCJ 6992Exp: Police Administration00000
ANT 4083Quantitative Methods in Anthropology00000
CES 4702CDesign of Reinforced Concrete00000
ASL 4603First and Second Language Acquisition00000
CGN 6990Exp: Experience Lrng Struc Eng00000
ACG 6805Advanced Accounting Theory00000
CHM 2046General Chemistry II00000
ATR 4213COrthopedic and Injury Assessment II00000
CHM 4410Physical Chemistry I00000
AMH 3460American Cities and Suburbs00000
ATR 5307CTherapeutic Interventions II00000
APK 6116CExercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques00000
ATR 6945LClinical-Decision Making I00000
ACG 6905Advanced Studies In Accounting00000
BCH 4034Biochemistry II00000
ARH 2000Art Appreciation00000
AMH 4491Sem: Public Arch of FL Indians00000
BCN 3012History and Introduction to Construction00000
ARH 3150The Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome00000
BCN 3762Building Construction Design and Codes00000
BCN 4431Structural Systems00000
BOT 4404CMarine Botany00000
ARH 4710History of Photography00000
BSC 1930Superpowers in Animal Kingdom00000
AMH 6936Sem: Native Southerners00000
BSC 4022Biology of Aging00000
ART 2301CDrawing II00000
BSC 4992Mayo Clinic Research II00000
ADV 3812Integrated Marketing Communication00000
BSC 5995Exp DIS- Evol Bacterial Resist00000
ART 3442CIntaglio Printmaking I00000
BUL 4905Directed Individual Studies in Business Law00000
ANT 2000(CD) Introduction to Anthropology00000
CAP 5605Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
ART 3765CIntermediate Ceramics00000
CCJ 3700Research Methods in Criminology & Criminal Justice00000
ACG 6005Fundamentals of Financial Accounting00000
CCJ 4939Pre-Internship in Criminal Justice00000
ART 4805CPainting/Drawing Research00000
CCJ 6457Administration of Justice00000
ANT 3514Principles of Physical Anthropology00000
CCJ 6946Graduate Practicum in Criminal Justice00000
ASH 3402Traditional China00000
CDA 3101Introduction to Computer Hardware Organization00000
AMH 3111Early America00000
CEN 4535CDevelopment of Gaming and Mobile Applications00000
ASL 3301ASL Structure00000
CGN 4151Engineering Management00000
ANT 4444Cities and Globalization00000
CGN 6335Advanced Oceanography & Meteorology00000
AST 2002LDiscovering Astronomy Lab00000
CGS 3001Current Trends in Computing Technology00000
ACG 3501Fund Accounting00000
CHM 1024Chemistry Study Skills00000
ATR 3512Athletic Training Administration00000
CHM 2211LOrganic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
APK 4125Exercise Prescription00000
ARH 3404British Art: Hogarth to Hirst00000
BCN 4709Construction Project Management Capstone00000
BCN 4758Advanced Residential Construction00000
ATR 4610Research in Sports Medicine00000
ACG 2021Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACG 4401Accounting Information Systems00000
ADV 3101Advertising Creative Strategy00000