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UNCC Course Reviews

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
INTL 3117Narratives and Conflicts53551
ARCH 4102Arch Design Studio VIII: Topic00000
ARTR 4961Print Media Projects 100000
CJUS 3351Community Corrections00000
ARTH 3350Northern Renaissance Art00000
ANTH 5020Topics in Cultural Anth: Dead Sea Scrolls00000
BIOL 3273LAnimal Physiology Lab00000
AFRS 3265African Economic Development00000
AMST 3000Seminar in AMST: Animation in America00000
ARCH 5205Architectural History: Topics: Architectural Hiistory and...00000
ARCH 6306Technology Topic: Urban Analytics00000
ARTF 3353Fibers: Constructed Textiles00000
ANTH 3127Anthropology of Violence00000
ARTM 3005Topics in Digital Media: Legacy Animation00000
AFRS 2107Global Hip Hop00000
ARTZ 3344Mixed Media00000
ARBC 1201Elementary Arabic I00000
CJUS 3112Famous Criminal Trials Of The 20Th Century00000
ADMN 8125Doctoral Seminar in Instr00000
CJUS 3800Directed Individual Study00000
AFRS 4050Topics in Africana Studies: Revolutionary Haiti and the Mode...00000
ARCH 5605Computational Practice00000
ADMN 8181Equity and Social Justice in Adult Education00000
ANTH 2112North Amer Indians00000
ARCH 7210Idea Seminar00000
ARTA 3201B.F.A. Portfolio Review00000
ARTE 4125Creativity and Social and Emotional Learning in Art Educatio...00000
ANTH 3090Topics in Anthropology: Anthropology of Health and Human Rig...00000
ARTH 3114Art History Methods00000
AERO 3201LNat Sec Iss-Amer Society Lab00000
ARTH 4609Problems in Modern and Contemporary Art History00000
ANTH 4050Topics in Archaeology: Ethnohistory of New World Peoples00000
ARTP 3132Figurative Painting00000
ADMN 6175Non-Trad Approaches to High Ed00000
ARTT 4291Introduction to Creative Research in Photography00000
ANTH 6050Advanced Topics in Archaeology: Power and Archaeology00000
BINF 8101Energy and Interaction in Biological Modeling00000
AFRS 2301Intro To African-American Lit00000
CJUS 3060CJUS Learning Community I00000
ARCH 1101Architectural Design Studio I00000
CJUS 3151Institutional Corrections00000
ACCT 5312Intrmdiate Financial Rprtng II00000
CJUS 3363Mediation & Conflict Resltn00000
ARCH 4304Structural Systems00000
CJUS 4075Community Oriented Policing, Problem Solving, and Crime Anal...00000
ADMN 8170Intro to Community College00000
ARCH 5303Structural Principles00000
AFRS 4640Environment, State, and Society in the Caribbean and Latin A...00000
ARCH 5612Research Methods II00000
ACCT 6240Business Envrnmnt, Gov, & Acct00000
ARCH 6890Directed Independent Study00000
AMST 4050Topics in AMST: Religion in the Contemporary United States00000
ARSC 3000Topics in Arts and Sciences00000
ADMN 8660Instructional Leadership Seminar00000
ANTH 2123Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives00000
ARTA 4601BFA Senior Exhibit00000
ARTB 1203Drawing 100000
ARTE 3121Elementary Art Methods00000
ANTH 2153Historic Archaeology00000
ARTE 5122Teaching Art to Secondary Students00000
AERO 2101Evol of Aerospace Studies I00000
ARTH 2110Contemporary Art History00000
ANTH 3117Narratives and Conflicts00000
ARTH 3322Ancient Greek Art00000
ADMN 6130Supervision of Instruction00000
ARTH 3810Ind Study in Art History00000
ANTH 3145Anthropological Genetics00000
ARTL 3188The Figure in Illustration00000
AFRS 2011Topics in Africana Studies:Yoruba Language & Culture I00000
ARTM 3205Interactive Art and Design00000
ANTH 4480Internship in Anthropology.00000
ARTP 4933Painting Projects 300000
ACCT 3311Intermediate Financial ACCT I00000
ARTT 3190Digital Photography00000
ANTH 5131Culture, Pregnancy And Birth00000
ARTZ 2141Sculpture Methods and Materials in Sculpture00000
AFRS 2161The African American Experience: Civil War to Civil Rights00000
BINF 6211LDsign Implmtation Bio Data Lab00000
ANTH 6611Sem in Applied Anthropology00000
BIOL 3235The Biology of Insects00000
ADMN 8101Perspectives on Adult Learning Theory00000
CJUS 2380Intro to Law Enforcement00000
ARBC 2202Intermediate Arabic II00000
CJUS 3101Rsch Methods In Cjus00000
AFRS 3200Folklore Afr & Afr Diaspora00000
CJUS 3132Interviewing In Cjus00000
ARCH 2102Comprehensive Studio00000
CJUS 3320Criminal Justice and the Law00000
AAHP 3701Honors Seminar in Dance00000
CJUS 3354Punishment and Freedom00000
ARCH 4204History/Theory Topics: Architecture and Production00000
CJUS 3367Problems & Decisions in CJUS00000
AFRS 3328West African Art and Display00000
ARTC 2172Ceramics Wheel 100000
ARCH 4890Directed Ind Study00000
AAHP 3001Honors Seminar in Dance: Practice as Research in the Arts00000
AAHP 3704Honors Seminar in Theatre00000
ADMN 6100Fund of Educ Leadership00000
AERO 1101Foundations of the Air Force I00000
ANTH 2141Our Place In Nature: Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000