UNCC Course Reviews

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

ANTH 5050Topics in Archaeology: Ethnohistory of New World Peoples00000
ARCH 5205Architectural History: Topics: Architectural Hiistory and...00000
AFRS 3264Business Culture and Entrepreneurship in Africa00000
ANTH 3153Archaeological Analysis00000
AMST 3050Topics in AMST: Sports in America: Issues and Controversies00000
AFRS 2160The African American Experience through Civil War00000
ARCH 4103Architecture Design Studio IX: Intergrated Building Design00000
ADMN 8160Intro. to Ed. Administration00000
AFRS 4100African Diaspora Theory00000
ADMN 8489Practicum In Staff Development00000
ANTH 3116Cultures and Conflicts00000
ANTH 2122Beliefs, Symbols, and Rituals00000
AERO 3202LPersp On Ethics/Justice Lab00000
ANTH 4122Ethnographic Methods00000
ADMN 6410Internship & Seminar Part I00000
ARBC 3201Advanced Arabic I00000
AFRS 3150Afr-Amer Church & Civil Rights00000
ARCH 4305Building Systems Integration00000
ACCT 6130Tax of Pass-Through Entities00000
ARCH 5611Research Methods I: Computational00000
ADMN 8175Non-Traditional Approaches to Higher Education00000
AFRS 6610Diaspora and Transnational Theories00000
ACCT 6280International Financial Reptng00000
ANTH 2050Topics in Archaeology: Mediterranean Archaeology00000
ADMN 8699Dissertation Proposal Seminar00000
ANTH 3040Topics in Biological Anthropology: Primates Past & Present00000
ANTH 2141Our Place In Nature: Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
AERO 2102Evol of Aerospace Studies II00000
ANTH 3127Anthropology of Violence00000
ADMN 6171American College Student00000
ANTH 4020Topics in Cultural Anth: Dead Sea Scrolls00000
AFRS 2050Topics in Africana Studies: Lady Justice may be blind but sh...00000
ANTH 4601Seminar in General Anthropology00000
ACCT 4220Income Tax00000
ANTH 5641Bio Archaeology Methods00000
AFRS 2207Pan Africanism00000
ARCH 1102Comprehensive Studio00000
ADMN 8120Rethinking Education Reform: Law, Policy, and Public Schools00000
ARCH 4205Architectural History Elective: Architectural History and C...00000
AFRS 3200Folklore Afr & Afr Diaspora00000
ARCH 5201Architectural History I: Prehistory 175000000
ACCT 2121Principles of ACCT I00000
ARCH 5303Structural Principles00000
AFRS 3395African American Art00000
ARCH 6101Design Studio: Fundamentals00000
ACCT 6240Business Envrnmnt, Gov, & Acct00000
AFRS 4652Race Hlth & the Afri Diaspora00000
ADMN 8181Equity and Social Justice in Adult Education00000
AMST 2050Topics in AMST: US Women's History since 187700000
ACCT 2122Principles of ACCT II00000
ANTH 1101Anth 1101: Introduction to Anthropology00000
ADMN 8660Instructional Leadership Seminar00000
ANTH 2116Contemp Latin America00000
ADMN 6100Fund of Educ Leadership00000
ANTH 2126World Population Problems00000
ADMN 8999Dissertation Research00000
ANTH 2161Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology00000
ANTH 2143The Fossil Evidence for Hum Ev00000
AERO 1102Foundations of Air Force II00000
ANTH 3101Foundations Of Anth Theory00000
ADMN 6140Curriculum Leadership00000
ANTH 3124Food, Nutrition, And Culture00000
AERO 3102Leadership Studies II00000
ANTH 3144Evolutionary Anthropology00000
ACCT 3380Fraud Examination00000
ANTH 3222Culture, Health, and Disease00000
AFRS 1100Intro to Africana Studies00000
ANTH 4090Topics in Anthropology: Archaeology of Empires00000
ADMN 6174Higher Ed Finance & Budget00000
ANTH 4141Forensic Anthropology00000
AFRS 2112Yoruba Language and Culture II00000
ANTH 4701Honors Research in Anthropology00000
AAHP 3704Honors Seminar in Theatre00000
ANTH 5131Culture, Pregnancy And Birth00000
AFRS 2172Black Sexuality and Health00000
ANTH 6400Anthropology Practicum00000
ADMN 8000Topics in Educational Administration: Higher Education Acces...00000
ARBC 3225Short Term Abroad00000
AFRS 2301Intro To African-American Lit00000
ARCH 4050Architecture Topics: Urban Analytics00000
ACCT 5312Intrmdiate Financial Rprtng II00000
ARCH 4202Architectural History II: 1750-Present00000
AFRS 3179Afr Amer Poliical Philosophy00000
ARCH 4302Environmental Systems Principles00000
ADMN 8130Educ Govern & Policy Studies00000
ARCH 4890Directed Ind Study00000
AFRS 3240African Amer & Legal Process00000
ARCH 5203Architectural History III: Survey of Contemporary Theory (19...00000
AAHP 3004Honors Seminar in Theatre: Churches and Temples as Neuro-Per...00000
ARCH 5301Material & Assembly Principles00000
AFRS 3278Race in the History of Brazil00000
ARCH 5305Building Systems Integration00000
ADMN 8172Higher Ed in the United States00000
AFRS 4000Senior Sem in Africana Studies: Black Atlantic Cosmopolitani...00000
AAHP 3001Honors Seminar in Dance: Practice as Research in the Arts00000
AAHP 3701Honors Seminar in Dance00000
ACCT 3330Managerial Accounting and the Decision Process00000
ADMN 6110Sch Leadership & Management00000
AERO 1101Foundations of the Air Force I00000
ANTH 2152New World Archaeology00000