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UMN Course Reviews

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 2374CSE Multivariable Calculus and Vector Analysis2.
CSCI 2021Machine Architecture and Organization2.722.32.73
PHYS 1301WIntroductory Physics for Science and Engineering I53.5452
BIOC 3022Biochemistry for Life Scientists423.542
AST 2001Fundamental Astrophysics4.
CHEM 2301Organic Chemistry I3.5243.52
PSY 1001Introduction to Psychology4.5354.52
CSCI 1933Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures3.53.5352
CSCI 2041Advanced Programming Principles54.553.52
PHYS 4002Electricity and Magnetism31431
CHEM 4411Introduction to Chemical Biology55551
PHYS 3041Mathematical Methods for Physicists21341
MATH 4567Applied Fourier Analysis52551
MGMT 1005Corporate Responsibility and Ethics45441
ME 5247Applied Stress Analysis32311
WRIT 1301University Writing35231
ESCI 1001Earth and Its Environments55331
HIST 1011WCivilization and the Environment: World History to 150054541
ENGL 1401WIntroduction to World Literatures in English11121
POL 3309U.S. Supreme Court Decision-Making, Process, and Politics44431
PHCL 4020Chemotherapy: from current anticancer drugs to future cancer...54551
POL 3225American Political Thought32311
MKTG 3001Principles of Marketing44551
MGMT 1001Contemporary Management44231
EE 1301Introduction to Computing Systems53551
CSCI 2011Discrete Structures of Computer Science44321
CHEM 1015Introductory Chemistry: Lecture11111
MATH 5535Dynamical Systems and Chaos53531
AST 8011High Energy Astrophysics52551
SOC 4162Criminal Procedure in American Society54531
BBE 4733Renewable Energy Technologies42551
SCO 3001Supply Chain and Operations55441
RELS 1002Contemporary Issues in Religion, Culture, and Society: An In...44531
HIST 1811The Sixties: History & Memory32521
CSCI 1933HHonors Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures43551
CSCI 1133Introduction to Computing and Programming Concepts54451
YOST 1001Seeing Youth, Thinking Youth: Media, Popular Media, and Scho...45341
MATH 2574HHonors Calculus IV32541
MGMT 3004Business Strategy43331
AST 4001Astrophysics I52551
AECM 3431Communicating Food, Agriculture & Environmental Science to t...53441
CHEM 1075HHonors Chemistry I Laboratory34321
FREN 1003Intermediate French I34231
ENGL 1921World Wars I, II, and III: A Cultural and Literary History24121
MATH 5248Cryptology and Number Theory55431
PLPA 2001Introductory Plant Pathology54551
CHIC 1102Latinos in the United States: Culture and Citizenship11111
AST 4002Astrophysics II42341
AGRO 1660WFirst-Year Colloquium/Experience in Agroecosystems Analysis34331
AECM 4451WAdvanced Persuasive Writing for Agricultural and Environment...00000
ACCT 6605Negotiations for Financial Executives00000
AECM 5114Agricultural Education Teaching Seminar00000
AECM 5135Instructional Methodology for Agricultural Education00000
ABUS 4218Real Estate Finance00000
ACCT 8812Information Economics II00000
AECM 5993Directed Study in Agricultural Education and Extension00000
AEM 2011Statics00000
AECM 4432Advanced Video Production for Agriculture, Food and the Envi...00000
ACCT 6602Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Standard Settin...00000
AECM 5110Foundations of Agricultural Education00000
ABUS 4213Facility Management Fundamentals00000
AECM 5116Coordination of SAE Programs: Work-based Learning00000
ACCT 8802Topics in Empirical Research II00000
AECM 5220Special Topics in Agriculture Education and Extension00000
AAS 4231Color of Public Policy: African Americans, American Indians,...00000
AEM 1301Ballooning: Design, Build, and Fly00000
ACCT 8822Capital Markets II00000
ABUS 4509New Product Development00000
AEM 2021Statics and Dynamics00000
ACCT 8832Analytical Research Topics II00000
AEM 3031Deformable Body Mechanics00000
AEM 3391Independent Design Project00000
ACL 8002Capstone: Applied Research Project00000
AEM 4202Aerodynamics00000
AEM 4247Hypersonic Aerodynamics00000
AAS 3341Asian American Images00000
AAS 5993Directed Readings00000
ABUS 4518Leadership and Innovative Decision Making in Applied Busines...00000
ACL 8201Creative Leadership in Practice00000
AEM 4290Special Topics in Fluid Mechanics00000
AEM 4295Problems in Fluid Mechanics00000
ADDS 5011Foundations in Addiction Studies00000
AEM 4303WFlight Dynamics and Control00000
AEM 4321Automatic Control Systems00000
ABUS 4701Introduction to Marketing00000
ADDS 5031Applied Psychopharmacology00000
AEM 4391Independent Design Project00000
AEM 4495Problems in Aerospace Systems00000
ADDS 5061Foundations of Group Work00000
AEM 4502Computational Structural Analysis00000
AEM 4590Special Topics in Solid Mechanics and Materials00000
ABUS 3051Career Search for the Professional Environment00000
ABUS 4705Leadership and Management for the Professional Practice00000
ADDS 5091Assessment and Treatment Planning I00000
AEM 4601Instrumentation Laboratory00000
AEM 4894HSenior Honors Thesis00000
ADDS 5996Internship in Behavioral Health00000
AEM 4896International Professional Experience00000
AEM 5321Modern Feedback Control00000
ACCT 1911The Language of Business00000