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UMKC Course Reviews

University of Missouri - Kansas City

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CIVENGR 335Soil Mechanics22451
CIVENGR 467Introduction to Construction Management53541
MEDICINE 9982C91Emergency Medicine-Emergency Medical Services12121
CJC 335Blackness as Threat55551
GECRTSC 101How Do I Live in A Changing World22111
BIOLOGY 5516Global Health: New and Emerging Infections Diseases54541
CIVENGR 111First Year Cornerstone42551
ART 5576Graduate Digital Video and Motion Design00000
ALI 152Advanced Writing Topics for Non-Native Speakers00000
ARTHIST 495Special Topics in Art History00000
AS 365PIntroduction To Substance Abuse Counseling: Theory And Pract...00000
ART 430Graphic Design III00000
ALI 132Academic Reading & Vocabulary for Non-Native Speakers III00000
ARTHIST 415WIRomanticism00000
ACCTNG 5570Fraud Examination00000
ARTHIST 5580Art Museums: History and Practice00000
ANCH 213Empire00000
ACCTNG 5503Financial Accounting for Decision Making00000
AS 5515The Aging Body: Causes and Consequences00000
ACCTNG 5576Tax Research, Procedure And Practice00000
ANCH 319Immersion in Urban Communities00000
ASTR 465Cosmology00000
BASSOON 5300Studio Class00000
ACCTNG 5580Financial Reporting Systems00000
ANESTH 5565Anesthesia Clinical Experience II00000
ANESTH 5577Methods of Anesthesia II00000
ART 3403D Modeling and Animation00000
ALI 123Academic Speaking & Listening for Non-Native Speakers II00000
ART 499WIProfessional Practices00000
ACCTNG 5565Advanced Accounting Systems00000
ARTHIST 253History Of The Designed Environment I, Ancient And Medieval00000
ALI 142Academic Reading & Vocabulary for Non-Native Speakers IV00000
ARTHIST 469Sensing, Feeling, Thinking: Contemporary Art and the Mind00000
ACCTNG 487Special Topics00000
ARTHIST 5564Modern Art and the Grotesque00000
ANCH 199Anchor I Special Topics00000
AS 115Career Possibilities00000
ACCTNG 5572Tax Theory And Business Applications00000
AS 490PBSpecial Topics00000
ANCH 305The Artist in Society00000
ASTR 150Astronomy: Motions of the Cosmos00000
ACCTNG 405Auditing00000
BASSOON 201Sophomore Bassoon I00000
ANESTH 5541Methods of Anesthesia I00000
BASSOON 5500CApplied Study of a Second Instrument00000
ACCTNG 5520Financial Accounting and Reporting: The Language of Business00000
ANESTH 5573Anesthesia Clinical Experience VI00000
ACCTNG 5587Special Topics00000
ACCTNG 418Data Analytics for Accounting00000
ANTHRO 103Introduction To Cultural Anthropology00000
ACCTNG 5550Accounting Information Systems00000
ACCTNG 5597Independent Study00000
ANTHRO 306Culture, Emotion, and Identity00000
ANTHRO 327US Government's Indian Policies: Practices Of A Colonizing N...00000
ALI 101Basic Grammar for Non-Native Speakers00000
ANTHRO 348Latinx Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees in the U.S.00000
ANTHRO 407Writing Culture: The Craft of Ethnography00000
ART 312Figure Drawing I00000
ALI 121Academic Writing & Grammar for Non-Native Speakers II00000
ART 406Advanced Problems In Photography00000
ACCTNG 5560Introduction To Auditing And Accounting Systems00000
ART 493Directed Projects in Studio Art00000
ALI 131Academic Writing & Grammar for Non-Native Speakers III00000
ART 5513Graduate Graphic Design00000
ACCTNG 464Principles of Internal Auditing00000
ART 5899Required Graduate Enrollment00000
ALI 134Academic Speaking and Listening for Non-Native Speakers III00000
ARTHIST 315Arts Of African and New World Cultures00000
ACCTNG 5568Data Analytics for Accounting00000
ARTHIST 463Primitivism and Its Aftermath00000
ALI 144Academic Speaking and Listening for Non-Native Speakers IV00000
ARTHIST 478Pompeii and Herculaneum: The Archaeology of the Roman World00000
ACCTNG 350Accounting Systems And Controls00000
ARTHIST 498QSpecial Problems in Art Internship00000
ANCH 109Education and Urban Society00000
ARTHIST 5568Participatory Forms of Spectatorship in Contemporary Art00000
ACCTNG 5571Individual Tax Problems00000
ARTHIST 5699Research And Dissertation00000
ANCH 204Women in the Ancient World00000
AS 280Special Topics00000
ACCTNG 497Special Topics In Accounting00000
AS 400Special Readings/Topics00000
ANCH 299Anchor II Special Topics00000
AS 492Field Practicum In Aging00000
ACCTNG 5575Managerial Accounting: Issues, Tools And Analysis00000
AS 5540Liberal Arts Thesis00000
ANCH 311Civil Engineering Capstone Design II00000
ASTR 353Practical Astronomy00000
ACCTNG 307Cost Management00000
BASSOON 100BApplied Study of a Second Instrument00000
ANCH 399Anchor III Special Topics00000
BASSOON 302Junior Bassoon II00000
ACCTNG 5577Advanced Auditing00000
ACCTNG 5556Cost Management00000
ALI 103Basic Reading and Vocabulary for Non-Native Speakers00000
ARABIC 211Second Year Arabic I00000
ART 114Foundation Digital Design00000
ALI 104Basic Speaking and Listening For Non-Native Speakers00000
ART 206Photography I00000
ART 212Intermediate Drawing00000