UMKC Course Reviews

University of Missouri - Kansas City

BIOLOGY 5516Global Health: New and Emerging Infections Diseases54541
CIVENGR 467Introduction to Construction Management53541
CIVENGR 111First Year Cornerstone42551
MEDICINE 9982C91Emergency Medicine-Emergency Medical Services12121
CIVENGR 335Soil Mechanics22451
ARTHIST 110Introduction to the History of Art: Pyramids to Picasso00000
ANESTH 5505Anatomy for Anesthesiologist Assistants I00000
ARTHIST 497QSpecial Studies in Art History: Internship00000
AS 400SASpecial Readings/Topics00000
ALI 142Academic Reading & Vocabulary for Non-Native Speakers IV00000
ANESTH 5601Principles in Pediatric & Congenital Cardiovascular Perfusio...00000
BASSOON 100CApplied Study for the Non-Music Major00000
ART 499WIProfessional Practices00000
ANCH 308Ethical Issues in Computing & Engineering00000
ARTHIST 464Modern Art & the Grotesque00000
ALI 112Academic Reading & Vocabulary for Non-Native Speakers I00000
ARTHIST 5590Directed Studies In Art History00000
ANESTH 5565Anesthesia Clinical Experience II00000
AS 5535Directed Studies In Liberal Arts00000
ACCTNG 5556Cost Management00000
BASSOON 5500AGraduate Bassoon-Secondary00000
ALI 154Advanced Speaking and Listening Topics for Non-Native Speake...00000
ANTHRO 331Urban Anthropology00000
ANTHRO 373Anthropology of Religion00000
ACCTNG 5567Information Systems Control And Audit00000
ANCH 109Education and Urban Society00000
ARABIC 211Second Year Arabic I00000
ART 488Creative Project Development00000
ANCH 302Archaeology of Ancient Disasters00000
ART 5520Graduate Print Media00000
ALI 100Special Topics in English as a Second Language00000
ARTHIST 303World Currents of Contemporary Art00000
ANCH 317Science, Technology, and Society00000
ARTHIST 476Site-Specific Art: Within and Beyond the Museum Walls00000
ACCTNG 5503Financial Accounting for Decision Making00000
ARTHIST 5564Modern Art and the Grotesque00000
ANESTH 5556Physiology for Anesthesiologist Assistants I00000
AS 210Cross-Cultural Interaction: Experience and Understanding00000
ALI 124Academic Speaking and Listening for Non-Native Speakers II00000
AS 491International Internship00000
ANESTH 5574Anesthesia Clinical Experience QS00000
ASTR 155Astronomy: Starlight and Star Stuff00000
ACCTNG 418Data Analytics for Accounting00000
BASSOON 300Studio Class00000
ANTHRO 308The Social Life of Things00000
BASSOON 5501Graduate Bassoon - Masters Performance00000
ACCTNG 5560Introduction To Auditing And Accounting Systems00000
ANTHRO 348Latinx Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees in the U.S.00000
ANCH 103Muse00000
ANTHRO 441Globalization and Development00000
ACCTNG 421Governmental/Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
ART 114Foundation Digital Design00000
ANCH 201Race in American Film00000
ART 204Digital Video and Motion Design I00000
ART 218Graphic Design I00000
ACCTNG 5571Individual Tax Problems00000
ANCH 205Self in a Multicultural Society00000
ART 305Photography II00000
ART 421Painting IV00000
ANCH 220We Shall (All) Overcome: Civil Rights Movements in Contempor...00000
ART 495Special Topics in Studio Art00000
ACCTNG 5587Special Topics00000
ART 5513Graduate Graphic Design00000
ANCH 306From Bench to Bedside: Translational Research00000
ART 5591Directed Technical Studies00000
ACCTNG 496Internship: Accounting00000
ARTHIST 253History Of The Designed Environment I, Ancient And Medieval00000
ANCH 311Civil Engineering Capstone Design II00000
ARTHIST 415WIRomanticism00000
ALI 103Basic Reading and Vocabulary for Non-Native Speakers00000
ARTHIST 469Sensing, Feeling, Thinking: Contemporary Art and the Mind00000
ANCH 320Visual Culture and Civic Engagement00000
ARTHIST 493Directed Studies in Art History00000
ACCTNG 405Auditing00000
ARTHIST 5501Scope and Methods of Art History00000
ANESTH 5538Professionalism for the Anesthesiologist Asst III00000
ARTHIST 5569Sensing, Feeling, Thinking: Contemporary Art and the Mind00000
ALI 121Academic Writing & Grammar for Non-Native Speakers II00000
AS 100Methodologies In Liberal Arts & Sciences: Theories & Applica...00000
ANESTH 5561Orientation to Simulation and Clinical Application00000
AS 350HSpecial Topics00000
ACCTNG 5521Managerial Accounting: Critical Data for Important Decisions00000
AS 415The Aging Body: Causes and Consequences00000
ANESTH 5571Anesthesia Clinical Experience V00000
AS 5509Methods Of Inq: Research Issues And Methods In The Liberal A...00000
ALI 133Academic Speaking & Listening for Non-Native Speakers III00000
AS 5899Required Graduate Enrollment00000
ANESTH 5577Methods of Anesthesia II00000
ASTR 356Galaxies00000
ACCTNG 311Intermediate Accounting II00000
BASSOON 102Freshman Bassoon II00000
ANTHRO 302Social Stratification00000
BASSOON 401Senior Bassoon I00000
ALI 151English Writing for Graduate Level Study00000
ART 310Digital Video and Motion Design00000
ANCH 211Cities of the World00000
ART 337Graphic Design and Typography I00000
ART 348Introduction To Typography00000
ANTHRO 327US Government's Indian Policies: Practices Of A Colonizing N...00000
ACCTNG 306Introduction to the Accounting Profession and Procedures00000