UManitoba Course Reviews

University of Manitoba

MATH 1500Introduction to Calculus3.52.532.52
ENG 1430Design in Engineering35241
RLGN 1420Ethics in World Religions53441
GEOG 1290Introduction to Physical Geography43541
BGEN 3024Introduction to Human Genetics B54541
POLS 2504Introduction to International Relations54551
MATH 2130Engineering Mathematical Analysis55551
ASTR 3230The Phenomenology of Galaxies43541
BIOL 1412Physiology of the Human Body52551
BGEN 3022Introduction to Human Genetics A54541
GEOG 1280Introduction to Human Geography35541
ANSC 7510Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism00000
BGEN 7270Introduction to Genetic Counselling Clinic Rotation00000
BIOE 3320Engineering Properties of Biological Materials00000
BIOE 4560Structural Design in Wood00000
AGEC 3510Agroecology00000
ANTH 2101Introduction à l'archéologie00000
BIOE 7230Advanced Topics on Light-Frame Buildings00000
BIOL 1001Biologie : Les fondements de la vie00000
ANTH 2820Human Osteology00000
BIOL 2200The Invertebrates00000
BIOL 2411Physiologie du corps humain 100000
ACC 2010Intermediate Accounting Assets00000
AHS 7004Seminar II Applied Health Sciences (Part B)00000
ANTH 3960Cultural Resource Management00000
BIOL 3291Plantes médicinales et hallucinogènes00000
BGEN 7160Theories & Practice of Genetic Counselling00000
ANSC 7390Ph.D. Advanced Animal Science Seminar (Part B)00000
BIOE 2590Biology for Engineers00000
ACT 4020Short Term Actuarial Mathematics I00000
BIOE 4414Imaging and Spectroscopy for Biosystems00000
ANTH 1221Anthropologie culturelle00000
BIOE 4650Textiles in Healthcare and Medical Applications00000
ABIZ 7430Advanced Theory of Resource Economics00000
BIOE 7290Biosystems Engineering Seminar 100000
ANTH 2530Anthropology of Political Systems00000
BIOL 1300Economic Plants00000
AGRI 2300Indigenous Issues in Food Systems00000
BIOL 2261Les champignons et les lichens00000
ANTH 3470History of Anthropology00000
BIOL 2521Biologie cellulaire00000
ABIZ 3510Economics of Food Policy00000
ANTH 4860Special Problems in Human Biology00000
BIOL 3350Data Analysis in Ecology00000
BIOL 3501Génétique 200000
BIOL 3561Histologie animale comparée00000
ACC 3030Advanced Accounting00000
ANAT 7392Human Neuroanatomy00000
ANTH 7940Archaeology, material culture, and the future of excavation00000
ARCG 7080GIS for Planners00000
ANAT 7470Graduate Gross Anatomy00000
ARCH 7000Architectural Lighting and Shadows00000
ARCH 7040Professional Practice00000
ABIZ 3550Environmental Policy00000
ACC 3080Canadian Income Taxation00000
ANSC 0680Dairy Cattle Production and Management00000
ARCH 7080Technology Thesis Report00000
BGEN 7090Principles & Practice of Human Genetics00000
ANSC 4530Ruminant Production Systems-Milk00000
BGEN 7250Gene Expression & Epigenetics00000
ACT 3230Actuarial Models 200000
BIOE 0600Farm Machinery00000
ANSC 7470Vitamin Nutrition and Metabolism00000
BIOE 2800Solid Mechanics00000
ABIZ 7380Agricultural Policy00000
BIOE 3900Biosystems Engineering Design 200000
ANSC 7560Mathematical Modeling of Agricultural Systems00000
BIOE 4420Crop Preservation00000
ACT 4160Introduction to Property and Casualty Insurance Industry00000
BIOE 4610Design of Assistive Technology Devices00000
ANTH 2040Native North America: A Sociocultural Survey00000
BIOE 7110Grain Storage00000
ABIZ 2610Agricultural Law00000
BIOE 7260Research Methods in Biosystems Engineering00000
ANTH 2430Ecology, Technology and Society00000
BIOE 7360Biological Systems: Behaviour, Modelling and Simulation00000
AGRI 1600Introduction to Agrifood Systems00000
BIOL 1020Biology 1: Principles and Themes00000
ANTH 2600Old World Prehistory00000
BIOL 1411Anatomie du corps humain00000
ACC 1100Introductory Financial Accounting00000
BIOL 2240The Non-Flowering Plants00000
ANTH 3200Anthropology of Food00000
BIOL 2380Introductory Toxicology00000
AGRI 4002Agricultural and Food Sciences Co-operative Education Work T...00000
BIOL 2501Génétique I00000
ANTH 3600Archaeological Method and Theory00000
BIOL 3242Vascular Flora of Manitoba00000
ABIZ 0730Financial Risk Management00000
BIOL 3310Foundations of Population Ecology00000
ANTH 4780Problems in Canadian Racialized communities: Racism, colonia...00000
BIOL 3452Environmental Plant Physiology00000
ANAT 7014Functional Human Anatomy00000
ASIA 2760Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin) (Part B)00000
ANSC 0700Poultry Production and Management00000
ASLL 1000American Sign Language 100000
ASTR 1830Life in the Universe00000
ACC 4030Accounting Theory00000
ANSC 2520Anatomy and Physiology 2: Nutrient Utilization00000
ASTR 3180Stars00000