UIUC Course Reviews

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ECE 120Introduction to Computing4.32.5444
ECE 333Green Electric Energy45221
ECE 110Introduction to Electronics00000
ECE 198Special Topics00000
ECE 200Seminar00000
ECE 206Electrical and Electronic Circuits Lab00000
ECE 210Analog Signal Processing00000
ECE 220Computer Systems & Programming00000
ECE 298Special Topics00000
ECE 307Techniques for Engrg Decisions00000
ECE 311Digital Signal Processing Lab00000
ECE 342Electronic Circuits00000
ECE 350Fields and Waves II00000
ECE 374Introduction to Algorithms & Models of Computation00000
ECE 385Digital Systems Laboratory00000
ECE 395Advanced Digital Projects Lab00000
ECE 397Individual Study in ECE00000
ECE 399Honors Seminar00000
ECE 402Electronic Music Synthesis00000
ECE 407Cryptography00000
ECE 411Computer Organization & Design00000
ECE 414Biomedical Instrumentation00000
ECE 416Biosensors00000
ECE 418Image & Video Processing00000
ECE 420Embedded DSP Laboratory00000
ECE 424Computer Security II00000
ECE 426Principles of Mobile Robotics00000
ECE 431Electric Machinery00000
ECE 434Mobile Computing & Application00000
ECE 437Sensors and Instrumentation00000
ECE 439Wireless Networks00000
ECE 442Silicon Photonics00000
ECE 444IC Device Theory & Fabrication00000
ECE 446Principles of Experimental Research in Electrical Engineering00000
ECE 448Artificial Intelligence00000
ECE 451Adv Microwave Measurements00000
ECE 453Wireless Communication Systems00000
ECE 455Optical Electronics00000
ECE 457Microwave Devices & Circuits00000
ECE 459Communications Systems00000
ECE 460Optical Imaging00000
ECE 462Logic Synthesis00000
ECE 464Power Electronics00000
ECE 466Optical Communications Lab00000
ECE 468Optical Remote Sensing00000
ECE 470Introduction to Robotics00000
ECE 472Biomedical Ultrasound Imaging00000
ECE 476Power System Analysis00000
ECE 480Magnetic Resonance Imaging00000
ECE 481Nanotechnology00000
ECE 483Analog IC Design00000
ECE 485MEMS Devices & Systems00000
ECE 487Intro Quantum Electr for EEs00000
ECE 489Robot Dynamics and Control00000
ECE 491Numerical Analysis00000
ECE 493Advanced Engineering Math00000
ECE 496Senior Research Project00000
ECE 499Senior Thesis00000
ECE 508Manycore Parallel Algorithms00000
ECE 512Computer Microarchitecture00000
ECE 515Control System Theory & Design00000
ECE 518Adv Semiconductor Nanotech00000
ECE 520EM Waves & Radiating Systems00000
ECE 524Advanced Computer Security00000
ECE 527System-On-Chip Design00000
ECE 530Large-Scale System Analysis00000
ECE 532Compnd Semicond & Diode Lasers00000
ECE 535Theory of Semicond & Devices00000
ECE 537Speech Processing Fundamentals00000
ECE 540Computational Electromagnetics00000
ECE 542Fault-Tolerant Dig Syst Design00000
ECE 544Topics in Signal Processing00000
ECE 546Advanced Signal Integrity00000
ECE 548Models of Cognitive Processes00000
ECE 550Advanced Robotic Planning00000
ECE 552Numerical Circuit Analysis00000
ECE 554Dynamic System Reliability00000
ECE 556Coding Theory00000
ECE 558Digital Imaging00000
ECE 560VLSI in DSP & Communication00000
ECE 562Advanced Digital Communication00000
ECE 564Modern Light Microscopy00000
ECE 567Communication Network Analysis00000
ECE 569Inverse Problems in Optics00000
ECE 571EM Waves in Inhomogen Media00000
ECE 573Power System Control00000
ECE 576Power System Dynm & Stability00000
ECE 579Computational Complexity00000
ECE 581Advanced Analog IC Design00000
ECE 584Embedded System Verification00000
ECE 586Topics in Decision and Control00000
ECE 590Graduate Seminar in Special Topics00000
ECE 596Master's Project00000
ECE 598Special Topics in ECE00000
ECE 101Exploring Digital Info Technol00000
ECE 199Undergraduate Open Seminar00000
ECE 205Electrical and Electronic Circuits00000
ECE 211Analog Circuits & Systems00000
ECE 297Individual Study00000
ECE 304Photonic Devices00000
ECE 310Digital Signal Processing00000
ECE 313Probability with Engrg Applic00000
ECE 314Probability in Engineering Lab00000
ECE 316Ethics and Engineering00000
ECE 317ECE Technology & Management00000
ECE 329Fields and Waves I00000
ECE 330Power Ckts & Electromechanics00000
ECE 340Semiconductor Electronics00000
ECE 343Electronic Circuits Laboratory00000
ECE 365Data Science and Engineering00000
ECE 380Biomedical Imaging00000
ECE 391Computer Systems Engineering00000
ECE 396Honors Project00000
ECE 398Special Topics in ECE00000
ECE 401Signal and Image Analysis00000
ECE 403Audio Engineering00000
ECE 408Applied Parallel Programming00000
ECE 412Microcomputer Laboratory00000
ECE 415Biomedical Instrumentation Lab00000
ECE 417Multimedia Signal Processing00000
ECE 419Security Laboratory00000
ECE 422Computer Security I00000
ECE 425Intro to VLSI System Design00000
ECE 428Distributed Systems00000
ECE 432Advanced Electric Machinery00000
ECE 435Computer Networking Laboratory00000
ECE 438Communication Networks00000
ECE 441Physcs & Modeling Semicond Dev00000
ECE 443LEDs and Solar Cells00000
ECE 445Senior Design Project Lab00000
ECE 447Active Microwave Ckt Design00000
ECE 449Machine Learning00000
ECE 452Electromagnetic Fields00000
ECE 454Antennas00000
ECE 456Global Nav Satellite Systems00000
ECE 458Applic of Radio Wave Propag00000
ECE 461Digital Communications00000
ECE 463Digital Communications Lab00000
ECE 465Optical Communications Systems00000
ECE 467Biophotonics00000
ECE 469Power Electronics Laboratory00000
ECE 473Fund of Engrg Acoustics00000
ECE 478Formal Software Development Methods00000
ECE 482Digital IC Design00000
ECE 484Principles of Safe Autonomy00000
ECE 486Control Systems00000
ECE 488Compound Semicond & Devices00000
ECE 490Introduction to Optimization00000
ECE 492Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg00000
ECE 495Photonic Device Laboratory00000
ECE 498Special Topics in ECE00000
ECE 500ECE Colloquium00000
ECE 511Computer Architecture00000
ECE 513Vector Space Signal Processing00000
ECE 517Nonlinear & Adaptive Control00000
ECE 519Hardware Verification00000
ECE 523Plasma Technology of Gaseous Electronics00000
ECE 526Distributed Algorithms00000
ECE 528Analysis of Nonlinear Systems00000
ECE 531Theory of Guided Waves00000
ECE 534Random Processes00000
ECE 536Integ Optics & Optoelectronics00000
ECE 539Adv Theory Semicond & Devices00000
ECE 541Computer Systems Analysis00000
ECE 543Statistical Learning Theory00000
ECE 545Advanced Physical Acoustics00000
ECE 547Topics in Image Processing00000
ECE 549Computer Vision00000
ECE 551Digital Signal Processing II00000
ECE 553Optimum Control Systems00000
ECE 555Control of Stochastic Systems00000
ECE 557Geometric Control Theory00000
ECE 559Topics in Communications00000
ECE 561Statistical Inference for Engineers and Data Scientists00000
ECE 563Information Theory00000
ECE 566Computational Inference and Learning00000
ECE 568Model & Cntrl Electromech Syst00000
ECE 570Nonlinear Optics00000
ECE 572Quantum Opto-Electronics00000
ECE 574Nanophotonics00000
ECE 577Advanced Antenna Theory00000
ECE 580Optimiz by Vector Space Methds00000
ECE 582Physical VLSI Design00000
ECE 585MOS Device Modeling & Design00000
ECE 588Electricity Resource Planning00000
ECE 594Math Models of Language00000
ECE 597Individual Study in ECE00000
ECE 599Thesis Research00000
ECE 361Digital Communications00000
ECE 479IoT and Cognitive Computing00000