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UIUC Course Reviews

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECE 120Introduction to Computing4.32.5444
ECON 442Women in the Economy23.8214
CS 125Introduction to Computer Science3.33.32.343
CS 423Operating Systems Design43331
ECE 333Green Electric Energy45221
STAT 107Data Science Discovery55551
FR 102Elementary French II43431
FR 156Exploring Paris44431
IB 431Behavioral Ecology44441
MCB 480Eukaryotic Cell Signaling54531
STAT 385Statistics Programming Methods55551
DANC 340Dancing Black Popular Culture11311
MCB 465Human Metabolic Disease44441
ARAB 201Elementary Standard Arabic I55551
ARTE 101Art, Design, and Society45441
FR 207Writing and Grammar Workshop53551
ACCY 201Accounting and Accountancy I42441
TAM 210Introduction to Statics55551
HDFS 105Intro to Human Development44451
ACE 240Personal Financial Planning34441
CMN 250Social Movement Communication45451
EPOL 563The College Student42531
IB 329Animal Behavior55551
ARTE 202Facilitating the Art Experience55551
FR 205Oral French55551
MCB 170Society and the Brain55551
ANTH 246Forensic Science43331
ACE 199Undergraduate Open Seminar00000
AE 483Autonomous Systems Lab00000
ACE 264Applied Statistical Methods & Data Analytics 200000
ACE 396Honors Research or Thesis00000
ASRM 598Literature Seminar00000
AE 515Wing Theory00000
ACE 440Finan Plan for Professionals00000
ACE 474Economics of Consumption00000
AE 542Aerospace Syst Engineering I00000
ACE 528Research in Futures Markets00000
ACE 564Applied Regression Models II00000
ACCY 560Information in Value Creation00000
ADV 310Intro to Public Relations00000
AE 597Independent Study00000
ACES 200ACES Transfer Orientation00000
ABE 224ABE Principles: Soil & Water00000
AFRO 211Intro to African-American Film00000
ABE 446Biological Nanoengineering00000
ABE 463Electrohydraulic Systems00000
ADV 400Special Problems00000
AFRO 281Constructing Race in America00000
ABE 502Graduate Research II00000
AGCM 250Visual Principles for Ag Comm00000
AFRO 343Criminalization and Punishment00000
AGED 220Prog Del in Ag & Leadership Ed00000
AGED 450Program Delivery and Eval00000
ACCY 510Financial Reporting Standards00000
ACCY 592Introduction to Accounting Research00000
ADV 483Audience Analysis00000
AFRO 407Slavery & Race in Latin Am00000
AGED 551Advanced Program Evaluation00000
AFST 550Special Topics00000
AE 452Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibrations00000
ASRM 552Predictive Analytics00000
ACE 300Intermediate Applied Microeconomics00000
AE 504Optimal Aerospace Systems00000
ACE 428Commodity Futures and Options00000
ACCY 557Accounting Periods and Methods00000
ACE 451Agriculture in Intl Dev00000
AE 524Nonlinear Solid Mech Design00000
ACE 502Demand/Supply/Firms/Households00000
ADV 199Undergraduate Seminar00000
ACE 555Economic Impact Analysis00000
AE 554Dynamical Systems Theory00000
ACE 592Special Topics00000
ACCY 503Managerial Accounting00000
ACES 499Interdisciplinary ACES Seminar00000
AFRO 105Black Literature in America00000
ABE 425Engrg Measurement Systems00000
ADV 370Sales and the Consumer00000
ABE 454Environmental Soil Physics00000
AFRO 226Black Women Contemp US Society00000
ABE 483Engineering Properties of Food Materials00000
ACCY 571Statistical Analyses for Accountancy00000
ABE 598Special Topics00000
AFRO 298Spec Topics African-Am Studies00000
AGCM 398Undergraduate Seminar00000
ADV 461Computational Advertising00000
AGED 360Advanced Leadership Studies00000
AFRO 381Black Women and Film00000
AGED 500Special Topics in Ag Education00000
ACCY 312Principles of Taxation00000
AFRO 460Slavery in the United States00000
ALEC 393Internship in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications00000
ALEC 505Science and Art of Teaching and Learning00000
ALEC 599Thesis Research00000
ADV 495Internship Seminar00000
AFRO 466Race, Science, and Medicine00000
AFAS 222Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
AIS 101Intro to Amer Indian Studies00000
ASRM 195Foundations of Data Management00000
ADV 580Advertising Theory00000
AFRO 502Researching Black Families, Communities, and Neighborhoods00000