UIUC Course Reviews

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ECE 120Introduction to Computing4.32.5444
ECON 442Women in the Economy23.8214
CS 125Introduction to Computer Science3.33.32.343
TAM 210Introduction to Statics55551
MCB 170Society and the Brain55551
IB 329Animal Behavior55551
ARAB 201Elementary Standard Arabic I55551
MCB 465Human Metabolic Disease44441
STAT 385Statistics Programming Methods55551
MCB 480Eukaryotic Cell Signaling54531
IB 431Behavioral Ecology44441
ECE 333Green Electric Energy45221
ADV 478Psychology of Advertising00000
ACCY 594Doctoral Research Seminar00000
ADV 494Persuasion Consumer Response00000
ADV 581Quanti Research Methods in Adv00000
ACCY 551Corporate Income Taxation00000
ASRM 392Actuarial Problem Solving00000
ADV 599Thesis Research00000
AE 312Compressible Flow00000
ASRM 453Applied Bayesian Analysis00000
AE 398Special Topics00000
AE 420Finite Element Analysis00000
ACCY 501Accounting Analysis I00000
ACCY 555Income Tax Accounting00000
ASRM 533Risk Management Practices and Regulation00000
AE 451Aeroelasticity00000
ADV 460Innovation in Advertising00000
ACCY 585Constructs in Atg Research00000
ADV 484Quantitative Research Methods00000
ACCY 517Financial Statement Analysis00000
ADV 498The Sandage Project00000
ASRM 195Foundations of Data Management00000
ADV 590Special Topics in Advertising00000
ACCY 415Auditing Stds and Practice00000
AE 202Aerospace Flight Mechanics00000
ASRM 406Linear Algebra with Financial Applications00000
AE 353Aerospace Control Systems00000
ACCY 553Selected Topics in Fed Tax00000
AE 410Computational Aerodynamics00000
ASRM 472Life Contingencies II00000
AE 434Rocket Propulsion00000
ACCY 302Decision Making for Atg00000
AE 460Aerodynamics & Propulsion Lab00000
ASRM 561Loss Data Analytics & Credibility00000
AE 483Autonomous Systems Lab00000
AE 485Spacecraft Environment and Interactions00000
ACCY 503Managerial Accounting00000
ACCY 557Accounting Periods and Methods00000
ASRM 597Reading Course00000
ASRM 598Literature Seminar00000
ACCY 559Tax Policy00000
ADV 150Introduction to Advertising00000
ADV 281Advertising Research Methods00000
ACCY 304Accounting Control Systems00000
ACCY 505Federal Taxation00000
ACCY 561Taxes and Business Strategy00000
ADV 284Consumer Insight00000
ADV 452Creative Concepts I00000
ACCY 577Machine Learning for Accounting00000
ADV 475Multicultural Advertising00000
ACCY 515Auditing & Assurance Standards00000
ADV 482Qualitative Analysis in Advert00000
ACCY 592Introduction to Accounting Research00000
ADV 491Advertising Management Plan00000
ACCY 405Assurance and Attestation00000
ADV 496UG Research Project00000
ACCY 599Thesis Research00000
ADV 550Foundations of Advertising00000
ACCY 550Multistate Taxation00000
ADV 587Graduate Seminar I00000
ASRM 210Theory of Interest00000
ADV 597Proseminar in Advertising00000
ACCY 290Prof Internship in Accountancy00000
AE 140Aerospace Computer-Aided Design00000
ASRM 401Actuarial Statistics I00000
AE 302Aerospace Flight Mechanics II00000
ACCY 552Partnership Income Taxation00000
AE 323Applied Aerospace Structures00000
ASRM 410Investments and Financial Markets00000
AE 395Honors Project00000
ACCY 499Senior Research00000
AE 402Orbital Mechanics00000
ASRM 469Casualty Actuarial Mathematics00000
AE 416Applied Aerodynamics00000
ACCY 554International Taxation00000
AE 428Mechanics of Composites00000
ASRM 499Topics in Actuarial Science00000
AE 442Aerospace Systems Design I00000
ACCY 201Accounting and Accountancy I00000
AE 454Systems Dynamics & Control00000
ASRM 551Statistical Learning00000
AE 468Optical Remote Sensing00000
ACCY 556Tax Research00000
ADV 290Special Topics in Advertising00000
ACCY 563Consolidated Returns00000
ADV 310Intro to Public Relations00000
ADV 312Advertising History00000
ACCY 507Taxation of Business Entities00000
ACCY 569Data Driven Decisions in Accounting00000