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UIUC Course Reviews

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 442Women in the Economy23.8214
ECE 120Introduction to Computing4.32.5444
CS 125Introduction to Computer Science3.33.32.343
ARTE 202Facilitating the Art Experience55551
HDFS 105Intro to Human Development44451
ANTH 246Forensic Science43331
STAT 385Statistics Programming Methods55551
TAM 210Introduction to Statics55551
CMN 250Social Movement Communication45451
ARAB 201Elementary Standard Arabic I55551
MCB 465Human Metabolic Disease44441
FR 156Exploring Paris44431
ACCY 201Accounting and Accountancy I42441
FR 102Elementary French II43431
MCB 480Eukaryotic Cell Signaling54531
MCB 170Society and the Brain55551
IB 431Behavioral Ecology44441
ECE 333Green Electric Energy45221
IB 329Animal Behavior55551
ARTE 101Art, Design, and Society45441
ACE 240Personal Financial Planning34441
ACCY 515Auditing & Assurance Standards00000
DTX 495DT for AI in Chemistry00000
ACCY 554International Taxation00000
ACCY 562Tax Procedures00000
MUSC 417Advanced Electric Viola00000
ERAM 557Meaning Patterns00000
ACCY 575Data Analytics Applications in Accountancy00000
ACCY 507Taxation of Business Entities00000
CS 402Accel Fund of Computing II00000
ACCY 550Multistate Taxation00000
LA 539Design Workshop G-II00000
ACCY 557Accounting Periods and Methods00000
ENG 411Technical Communication00000
ACCY 569Data Driven Decisions in Accounting00000
ENG 377ELA Global Leadership Training00000
ACCY 585Constructs in Atg Research00000
FIN 554Alg Trading Sys Design & Test00000
ACCY 594Doctoral Research Seminar00000
ASRM 101Introduction to Actuarial Science00000
PSYC 225Language, Mind, and Brain00000
GSD 399Advanced Individual Study00000
ASRM 390Introduction to Actuarial Research00000
ASRM 402Actuarial Statistics II00000
IS 340Project Management00000
ASRM 450Methods of Applied Statistics00000
ASRM 469Casualty Actuarial Mathematics00000
CHLH 553Health Finance00000
ERAM 574Education Law00000
ANTH 350Cultures of Law00000
MACS 301Cinema Decades: The 80's00000
ASRM 499Topics in Actuarial Science00000
ASRM 551Statistical Learning00000
MUSC 458Electric Strings Ensemble00000
ASRM 575Life Insurance and Pension Mathematics00000
ASRM 597Reading Course00000
FIN 394Women in Finance Academy00000
ARTJ 398Designing Life in Modern Japan00000
UP 230Intro to Transport Planning00000
ACCY 505Federal Taxation00000
CLE 736Urogynecology00000
ACCY 511External Risk Measurement and Reporting00000
LA 387Designing with Climate00000
ACCY 517Financial Statement Analysis00000
CS 442Trustworthy Machine Learning00000
ACCY 552Partnership Income Taxation00000
CLE 730Clinical Genetics00000
ACCY 555Income Tax Accounting00000
ECON 436Economics of Coordination00000
ACCY 560Information in Value Creation00000
MUSC 116Electric Violin00000
ACCY 564Reorganizations00000
ERAM 554Postcolonial Theory & Methods00000
ACCY 571Statistical Analyses for Accountancy00000
CEE 490Computer Methods00000
ACCY 577Machine Learning for Accounting00000
ERAM 575Action Research00000
ACCY 592Introduction to Accounting Research00000
MUSC 517Graduate Electric Viola00000
ACCY 599Thesis Research00000
GSD 101Intro to Game Studies & Design00000
ASRM 199Undergraduate Open Seminar00000
ERAM 556Program Evaluation00000
ASRM 398Actuarial Internship00000
INFO 416Makerspace: Game Studies00000
ASRM 409Stochastic Processes for Finance and Insurance00000
VM 656LA Medicine and Surgery III00000
ASRM 453Applied Bayesian Analysis00000
LA 434Graduate Site Design Studio00000
ASRM 472Life Contingencies II00000
BDI 367Data Viz Comm00000
ASRM 533Risk Management Practices and Regulation00000
MUSC 117Electric Viola00000
ASRM 561Loss Data Analytics & Credibility00000
ARTJ 302Intro to Anime00000
BDI 477Technology and Disruption00000
ACCY 199Undergraduate Open Seminar00000
ACCY 211Understanding Financial Statements00000
CLE 610Faith, Medicine, & End-of-Life00000
GLBL 130Resistance Movements00000