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UGA Course Reviews

University of Georgia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHIL 2500Symbolic Logic322.522
PSYC 3260Human Sexuality21341
LING 2100Study of Language44551
CMLT 3020The Swahili and the World II44431
RELI 1002India/China/Japan45451
AFAM 2020African Am Society00000
ADSC 3180LMeats Jud I Lab00000
AFST 3150Intro to Modern African Lit00000
AFST 6710International Ag Development00000
ACCT 7620Audit II00000
ADSC 3920ADS Internship II00000
AGED 4361Methods of Elementary Agriscie00000
AESC 4530Aes Study Tour00000
ADPR 7741Integrated ADPR Campaigns00000
AFAM 6250African American Seminar00000
ACCT 5720Professional Accounting II00000
AFST 4550Christia/col in Afr00000
ADSC 3600LBeef Cattle Production Mgmt L00000
AGCM 4300SCulture-Centered Communication00000
AAEC 6730Agribusiness Accounting00000
AIRS 1002LLeader Lab II GMC00000
ACCT 7700Accounting Policy and Research00000
ADSC 4500Op Cond Train Horse00000
ADSC 4980RUndergraduate Research III00000
AAEC 8010Seminar Ag App Econ00000
ADPR 3110Brand Storytelling00000
ADSC 6360Ruminant Nutr00000
AENG 6140Systems Modeling00000
ADPR 5790Advertising Portfolio Seminar00000
AESC 6100Applied Agricultural Data Sci00000
ACCT 5001Financial Report and Analysis00000
AFAM 4260The Black and Green Atlantic00000
ADSC 2400Intro Regenerative Bioscience00000
AFST 1200Intro to Study of African Reli00000
AAEC 6580Micro/app I00000
AFST 4200Critical Issues Contemp Africa00000
ADSC 3250Adv Horse Eval/sel00000
AFST 6291African Music00000
ACCT 7400Taxation I00000
AGCM 2200Comm Agric and Environ Science00000
ADSC 3660LAquaculture Lab00000
AGED 3030Floral Design And Mgt00000
AAEC 4610Applied Econometrics00000
AGED 6360Inst Strat in Ag Ed00000
ADSC 4360Ruminant Nutr00000
AIRS 3001Af Ldrshp Studies I00000
AAEC 6980Adv Agribusiness Management00000
ADSC 4960Undergrad Research in ADSC I00000
ACCT 9100Beh Acc Res00000
ADSC 6170LExp Meat Sci Lab00000
AAEC 4610LApplied Econometrics Lab00000
ADSC 6410Appl Anim Reprod00000
ADPR 3400EInsights and Analytics00000
ADSC 6520Animal Cognition and Behavior00000
ADSC 7990Teach Practicum00000
AAEC 8210Macro Issues Ag/res00000
ADPR 3520EGraphic Communications00000
ADSC 8120LExp Method Animal Biotech Lab00000
AENG 2920Engineering Design Methodology00000
ADPR 5710Advertising Communication Mgmt00000
AESC 3910Intl Agr Intern00000
ACCT 2101HPrinciples of Accounting I Hon00000
AESC 4970RUndergraduate Research II00000
ADPR 5950Public Relations Campaigns00000
AESC 8220Adv Topics in Aesc00000
AAEC 4990ESpecial Topics in AAEC00000
AFAM 3005Race Technology and the Body00000
ADSC 2000Animal Practicum00000
AFAM 4850Dir Maj Proj Aam00000
ACCT 5200Audit Risk and Cntrl00000
AFAM 7500Grad Intro Afam00000
ADSC 2520Animal Welfare00000
AFST 2860Afr Mus Ensemble00000
AAEC 4040Stat for Agribusiness Mgmt00000
AFST 3820Reflections on Fighting Hunger00000
ADSC 3220Adv Lvstk Eval Sel00000
AFST 4461African Ethnography00000
ACCT 7020Intermediate Accounting III00000
AFST 4710International Ag Development00000
ADSC 3400Phys Reprod00000
AFST 6545Comp Postcolonial Studies00000
AAEC 6620Applied Econometrics00000
AFST 7950Directed Rsch African Studies00000
ADSC 3630LHorse Production and Mgmt Lab00000
AGCM 3810Photo Video in Ag and Env Sci00000
ACCT 7420Partnership Tax00000
AGCM 8100Culture-Centered Communication00000
ADSC 3810Ads Orientation00000
AGED 4000Direct Proj Educ00000
AAEC 3200Selling in Agribus00000
AGED 5460Student Teaching in Ag Ed00000
ADSC 4230Anatandbiomech Horse00000
AGED 7460Student Teaching in Ag Ed00000
ACCT 7655Accounting Analytics00000
ADSC 8150Gastro Microbial Ecol of Rumin00000
ADPR 3960Adv Public Affairs Comm00000
ADSC 8230Food Chemoreception00000
ADSC 8800Graduate Seminar00000
ADSC 4410Appl Anim Reprod00000
AAEC 3010Farm Organization Management00000