UGA Course Reviews

University of Georgia

LING 2100Study of Language44551
PHIL 2500Symbolic Logic11211
CMLT 3020The Swahili and the World II44431
RELI 1002India/China/Japan45451
EMST 7111Writing for the Screen IV00000
KINS 4850ESport Sales, Fundraising, and Revenue Generation00000
MIBO 8120Foundations of Microbiology00000
PHRM 5610Interprofessional Approach to Simulated Patient Care00000
ECHD 9690SCounseling Psychology Supervision Practicum00000
ESOC 7420Social Studies for the Young Child00000
SUST 6200Interdisciplinary Sustainability Seminar00000
JURI 3120Covering the Courts00000
EDSE 7050EPositive Behavior Supports00000
LLED 7400ECurrent Issues in Secondary English Education00000
CSCI 8245Secure Programming00000
PADP 7230Funding Nonprofit Organizations00000
ENGR 6161Environmental Microclimatology00000
SOCI 4600Health Among Black Americans00000
ATSC 4100Programming for Atmospheric Scientists00000
ECOL 8410Plant Population and Community Ecology00000
WILD 8321Wildlife Habitat and Movement Modelling00000
FDNS 8240Nutrition and Neuroscience00000
FILM 8200Seminar in Film History00000
ATTR 6210Clinical Medicine II00000
ECSE 4420Deep Learning00000
GEOG 4385LCommunity GIS (Service Learning)00000
JRMC 8080EResearch Practice in Media Industries00000
EDSE 5160ECommunication and Language Development in Young Children00000
JURI 4851EDocument Drafting: Survey00000
CMLT 4640War in East Asian Film and Literature00000
LAND 6120Designing Healthy Places00000
EDSE 8370Single-Subject Research Methodology in Special Education00000
MARK 4780Consumer Marketing and Brand Management00000
ARHI 4990RUndergraduate Research Thesis (or Final Project)00000
MUSI 4290Seminar in Musicology-Ethnomusicology00000
ENGL 6900WAcademic Writing00000
PHIL 4340Ethics and Artificial Intelligence00000
DANC 2640Hip-Hop Dance and Culture00000
SEMI 4005Written Languages of Early Empires00000
EPSY 6020Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Classroom and Beyond00000
SPAN 4004Introduction to Medical Interpreting, Ethics, and Intercultu...00000
AMSL 3000Deaf Studies00000
VPHY 3107DIntegrative Concepts in Physiology I00000
FANR 4820Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and Wildlife Conservat...00000
AAEC 4050EAgribusiness Law00000
ATSC 6100LProgramming for Atmospheric Scientists00000
FILM 4100Latinx Film and Visual Culture00000
ECON 4700Economic History of the United States00000
FINA 6205EMergers and Acquisitions00000
ANTH 3250Old World Archaeology00000
EDEL 7170Evaluation of the Elementary School00000
GEOG 6635The City and Film00000
HIPR 2200Sports Heritage00000
HIST 3364Life in a Dictatorship: Lessons from Twentieth-Century Europ...00000
ATTR 7020Evidence-Based Practice II00000
EDES 4540Ideas of Community and Place00000
HIST 4211HCuba in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Honors)00000
INTL 8340Seminar in Developing Political Systems00000
EDSE 3040EContemporary Issues in Special Education00000
JURI 2990Law, Justice, and the State00000
BUSN 7100Applied Business Statistics00000
JURI 3505Information Literacy and the Law00000
EDSE 5250EAssessment and Intervention for Struggling Writers00000
JURI 5955Wage and Hour Law and Litigation00000
ARED 6060Art Education Practicum in School, Museum, and Community00000
LAND 2510EHistory of the Built Environment I: Landscape00000
EDSE 7200Methods and Curriculum in Early Childhood Special Education00000
LING 6211Introduction to Indo-European Studies00000
COMM 7910Graduate Internship in Communication00000
LLED 8710EAn Advanced Poetry Workshop for Interdisciplinary Understand...00000
EMAT 6720National Trends in STEM Education00000
MATH 4740Optimization and Data Analysis00000
AFAM 3650Colorism and Hairism in Communities of Color00000
MIST 7635Machine Learning and Business Analytics00000
ENGL 4745CircumCaribbean Literature00000
NMIX 4490ENew Media Directed Study00000
CSCI 8470Advanced Algorithms00000
PHAR 6160EChemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls00000
ENGR 4161Environmental Microclimatology00000
PHIL 8012Seminar in Continental Philosophy00000
ARST 3660Material Topics: Hand and the Machine00000
RELI 3150Religion in the United States00000
EPID 2100Health Data Literacy for Public Health Research and Practice00000
SOCI 4000Society, Bodies, and Health00000
ECHD 8030EPsychodiagnosis00000
SOWK 5370Global Social Work: Issues and Practice00000
ERSH 8321EAdvanced Foundational Quantitative Analysis in R00000
STAT 6530Statistical Inference for Data Scientists00000
ADSC 3190LMeats Judging II00000
TXMI 6320Professional Practices in Residential Design00000
ESOC 8045Special Topics in Social Studies Education00000
WFED 6990ETopics in Workforce Education00000
ECOL 6450Spatial Ecology00000
HIST 6225Medicine, Healing, and the Body in Ancient Greece and Rome00000
EDHI 8940Qualitative Research in Higher Education II00000
HORT 4210Postharvest Biology and Technology of Horticulture Crops00000
HORT 8390Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources00000
FANR 6820Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and Wildlife Conservat...00000
ADPR 5742Health and Risk Communication Campaigns00000
AESC 1500Better Living Through Biology: The Role Biological Science P...00000