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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
THE 2000Theatre Appreciation44.23.82.25
THE 4110History of Theatre on Stage 100000
THE 4285History of Decor and Architecture for the Stage00000
THE 4905Individual Study00000
THE 4950Production and Performance00000
THE 4970Senior Project00000
THE 4244History of Musical Theatre 100000
THE 4916Theatre Research 3 (offered in Miami only)00000
THE 6265Costume History00000
THE 6526History, Literature, and Criticism II00000
THE 6905Individual Study00000
THE 6940Supervised Teaching00000
THE 6948Arts and Public Health Practicum00000
THE 6973CProject in Lieu of Thesis00000
THE 3231African American Theatre History and Practice00000
THE 4111History of Theatre on Stage 200000
THE 4481Production Dramaturgy00000
THE 4945Summer Repertory Theatre00000
THE 4959Senior Project00000
THE 3173Contemporary European Theatre00000
THE 3234Diversity and Multiculturalism in American Theatre00000
THE 4260Historic Costume for the Stage00000
THE 4930Special Topics in Theatre00000
THE 4245History of Musical Theatre 200000
THE 5287History of Decor and Architecture for the Stage00000
THE 6525History, Literature, and Criticism I00000
THE 6565Sem Creative Process00000
THE 6933Arts and Public Health Professional Seminar00000
THE 6941Internship00000
THE 6950Applied Theatre00000