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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SPN 1130Beginning Spanish
SPN 1131Beginning Spanish
SPN 3350Spanish Grammar and Composition for Heritage Learners45541
SPN 2200Intermediate Spanish 100000
SPN 2442Intensive Intermediate Spanish for Business00000
SPN 3392Spanish Conversation, Film and Culture00000
SPN 3533Spanish for Educators00000
SPN 4314Advanced Spanish Composition and Structure for Heritage Learners00000
SPN 4905Individual Work00000
SPN 6060Spanish for Reading00000
SPN 6845History of the Spanish Language00000
SPN 1601Accelerated Spanish Review for Heritage Speakers of Spanish00000
SPN 6785Adv Spanish Phonetics00000
SPN 6900Directed Readings in Spanish00000
SPN 1134Accelerated Spanish Review00000
SPN 2271Accelerated Intermediate Spanish Abroad00000
SPN 3036Spanish for Health Professions00000
SPN 3414Advanced Spanish Conversation 200000
SPN 3472Advanced Communicative Spanish Abroad00000
SPN 3831Spanish for the Legal Professions00000
SPN 4713Spanish Second Language Acquisition00000
SPN 4851Spanish Bilingualism00000
SPN 2240Intensive Communication Skills00000
SPN 3224Applied Spanish00000
SPN 3440Commercial Spanish00000
SPN 3451Spanish Translation and Interpretation: Theory and Practice00000
SPN 3700Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics00000
SPN 4420Advanced Composition and Syntax00000
SPN 4840Introduction to the History of the Spanish Language00000
SPN 4930Revolving Topics in Linguistics and Culture00000
SPN 2270Intermediate Spanish Abroad00000
SPN 2471Accelerated Spanish Abroad00000
SPN 3520Culture and Civilization of Spanish America00000
SPN 3948Spanish in the Community00000
SPN 4830Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Dialectology00000
SPN 4911Undergraduate Research in Spanish00000
SPN 2201Intermediate Spanish 200000
SPN 3300Spanish Grammar and Composition 100000
SPN 3443Marketing and Advertising in the Spanish-Speaking World00000
SPN 3572Revolving Topics Abroad00000
SPN 3930Topics in Spanish and Spanish American Culture and Civilization00000
SPN 4822Sociolinguistics of the Spanish-Speaking World00000
SPN 4906Honors Thesis00000
SPN 6735Special Study in Spanish Linguistics: Language and Thought00000
SPN 6855Spanish Syntax00000
SPN 6945Practicum Adv Col Tch00000
SPN 6705Foundations of Hispanic Linguistics00000
SPN 6827Sociolinguistics of the Spanish-Speaking World00000
SPN 3530Theater for Social Justice00000
SPN 6806Psycholinguistics of Spanish Bilingualism00000
SPN 6940Supervised Teaching00000
SPN 6480Spanish Phonetics and Phonology00000
SPN 6856Span Contact Biling00000
SPN 1180Elementary Spanish: Review and Progress00000
SPN 2340Introduction to Reading and Writing Spanish for Heritage Learners00000
SPN 3301Spanish Grammar and Composition 200000
SPN 3510Culture and Civilization of Spain00000
SPN 3943Internship in Spanish00000
SPN 4780Spanish Phonetics00000
SPN 4850Introduction to the Structure of Spanish00000
SPN 4956Overseas Studies00000
SPN 3435Creative Writing in Spanish00000