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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HSC 3537Health and Medical Terminology4.
HSC 2000Introduction to Health Professions45551
HSC 6595HIV/AIDS Education25211
HSC 4913Supervised Resrch Exp00000
HSC 5536CMedical Terminology for the Health Professions00000
HSC 6318Planning Health Education Programs00000
HSC 6603Theories of Health Behavior and Practice in Health Education00000
HSC 6904Readings in Health Education: READINGS IN HEALTH ED00000
HSC 6971Research for Master's Thesis00000
HSC 4600Psychiatric Disorders00000
HSC 5138Human Sexuality00000
HSC 6037Philosophy and Principles of Health Education00000
HSC 6646Community Health Methods in Injury Prevention & Control00000
HSC 6850Internship in Health Education00000
HSC 6973Project in Lieu of Thesis00000
HSC 3032Foundations of Health Education00000
HSC 3301Health Education in Elementary Schools00000
HSC 4133Human Sexuality Education00000
HSC 4143Drug Education00000
HSC 4232CExercise Therapy, Adapted Physical Activity and Health00000
HSC 4302Methods and Materials in Health Education00000
HSC 4451Driver and Traffic Safety Education 200000
HSC 4564Health Promotion in Gerontology00000
HSC 4579Women's Health Issues00000
HSC 4623Minority Health Issues00000
HSC 4664Health Communication for Consumers00000
HSC 4713Planning and Evaluating Health Education Programs00000
HSC 4813Practicum in Health Education00000
HSC 4905Individual Study00000
HSC 4912Undergraduate Research00000
HSC 3502Survey of Diseases and Disability00000
HSC 3801Clinical Observation / Health Care Volunteer Work00000
HSC 4558Survey of Diseases and Disabilities 200000
HSC 4652LEthical and Legal Issues in the Health Professions00000
HSC 3102Personal and Family Health00000
HSC 4134Emotional Health and Counseling00000
HSC 4174Behavioral and Environmental Determinants of Obesity00000
HSC 4233Patient Health Education00000
HSC 4450Driver and Traffic Safety Education 100000
HSC 4574Nutrition Education for Special Populations00000
HSC 4593HIV/AIDS Education00000
HSC 4624Trends in International Health00000
HSC 4694Worksite Health Promotion00000
HSC 4800Health Education Professional Development00000
HSC 4876Internship in Health Education00000
HSC 4910Supervised Research Experience00000
HSC 4950Current Topics in Health Education00000
HSC 3057Research Methods and Issues in Health Science00000
HSC 3661Therapeutic Communication Skills with Patients, Families and the Health Care Team00000
HSC 4184Health Care Leadership: Skills and Styles00000
HSC 4608LCritical Thinking in Health Care00000
HSC 4930Special Topics00000
HSC 4507Environmental Toxicology Applications in Public Health00000
HSC 4969Honors Seminar in the Health Professions00000
HSC 5618Advanced Exercise Therapy, Adapted Physical Activity, & Heal...00000
HSC 6506Epidemiology00000
HSC 6637Social Marketing and Health00000
HSC 6735Research Methods in Health Education00000
HSC 6940Supervised Teaching00000
HSC 7937Advanced Seminar in Health Education: STRUCTURAL EQN MODEL00000
HSC 4008Professional Development for the Health Sciences00000
HSC 4970Public Health and Health Professions Senior Honors Thesis00000
HSC 5925Seminar in Health Education: Determinants of Obesity00000
HSC 6575Women's Health Issues00000
HSC 6695Worksite Health Promotion00000
HSC 6935Current Topics in Health Education: PHYS ACT & COMM HLTH00000
HSC 5135Emotional Health Education00000
HSC 5956Writing for Professional Publications00000
HSC 6665Health Communication00000
HSC 6910Supervised Research00000
HSC 7905Advanced Independent Study in Health Education: ADV INDEP ST...00000
HSC 4643Access and Rehabilitation in Serving Vulnerable Populations00000
HSC 5142Drug Education and Behavior00000
HSC 6235Patient Health Education00000
HSC 6629Health Promotion for Priority Populations00000
HSC 6712Evaluating Health Education Programs00000
HSC 6905Independent Study00000
HSC 7904Advanced Readings in Health Education: ADV READING HEALTH ED00000
HSC 3201Community and Environmental Health00000
HSC 4663Community Health Methods in Injury Prevention and Control00000