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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GMS 6351Trauma Analysis11222
GMS 6121Infectious Diseases41431
GMS 5057Medical Cell Biology00000
GMS 5605Medical Anatomy00000
GMS 5606LMedical Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
GMS 5613Medical Human Anatomy by Diagnostic Imaging00000
GMS 5630Medical Histology00000
GMS 5905Special Topics in Biomedical Sciences: Seminar in Medical Ph...00000
GMS 5909Finding Biomedical Research Information and Communicating Sc...00000
GMS 6001Fundamentals of Biomedical Sciences I00000
GMS 6003Fundamentals of Graduate Research and Professional Developme...00000
GMS 6009Principles of Drug Action and Therapeutics00000
GMS 6012Human Genetics00000
GMS 6014Applications of Bioinformatics to Genetics00000
GMS 6022Principles of Neuroscience II: Cellular and Molecular Neuros...00000
GMS 6029Brain Journal Club00000
GMS 6035Advanced Virology II: RNA Viruses00000
GMS 6040Host-Pathogen Interactions00000
GMS 6052Ion Channels of Excitable Membranes00000
GMS 6061Nuclear Structure and Dynamics00000
GMS 6064Tumor Biology00000
GMS 6070Sensory and Motor Systems00000
GMS 6082Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging00000
GMS 6096Introduction to NIH Grant Writing for Biomedical Sciences00000
GMS 6108Bacterial Physiology, Antibiotics, and Genetics00000
GMS 6132Introductory Gene and Immunotherapy00000
GMS 6143Cells of the Innate Immune System00000
GMS 6162Oral Microbiology and Immunology00000
GMS 6195Epigenetics Jrnl Club00000
GMS 6198Bact Path Journl Club00000
GMS 6224Foundations in Precision Medicine: Medical Molecular Genetic...00000
GMS 6232Advanced Applications of Bioinformatics in Genetics00000
GMS 6252Molecular Therapy II – Disease Targets and Applications00000
GMS 6290Genetics/Genomics Program Graduate Seminar00000
GMS 6336Advanced Stem Cell Biology: Regenerative Medicine00000
GMS 6338Recent Advances in Cancer Metastasis00000
GMS 6353Anat Exam Forens Path00000
GMS 6355Traffic Homicide Investigation and Reconstruction00000
GMS 6357Forensic Photography00000
GMS 6361Principles of Forensic Medicine II00000
GMS 6382Special Topics in Immunology: T cells in cancer00000
GMS 6400CPrinciples of Physiology00000
GMS 6402Medical Respiration Physiology00000
GMS 6406Fundamentals of Pulmonary/Respiratory Physiology00000
GMS 6410Physiology of the Circulation of Blood00000
GMS 6414Advanced Renal Physiology00000
GMS 6415Fundamentals of Gastrointestinal Physiology00000
GMS 6421Cell Biology00000
GMS 6470Adv. Respiration Physiology 100000
GMS 6472Fundamentals of Physiology and Functional Genomics II00000
GMS 6474Medical Cardiovascular and Muscle Physiology00000
GMS 6476Fundamentals of Skeletal Muscle00000
GMS 6483Theories of Aging00000
GMS 6485Population Based Research on Aging00000
GMS 6487Anti-aging Interventions00000
GMS 6495Seminar in Physiology00000
GMS 6506Biological Drug Dvlp00000
GMS 6520Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics I: The Nervous System00000
GMS 6531Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics III: Endocrine, Muscul...00000
GMS 6551Fundamentals of Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics00000
GMS 6560Molecules to Man: Past, Present and Future Therapeutic Strat...00000
GMS 6592Ion Channels Journal00000
GMS 6609Advanced Gross Anatomy00000
GMS 6635Organization of Cells and Tissues00000
GMS 6683Fundamentals of Vascular Physiology and Pathology00000
GMS 6691Special Topics in Cell Biology and Anatomy: CANCER BIO JOURN...00000
GMS 6705Functional Human Neuroanatomy00000
GMS 6712Biological Clocks in Neural Health and Disease00000
GMS 6717Healthy Aging: Biological Outcomes00000
GMS 6757Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: C...00000
GMS 6775Treatment and Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder00000
GMS 6777Autism Spectrum Disorder Supports and Services Across the Li...00000
GMS 6780Addiction: Neuroscience and Trends00000
GMS 6782Addiction: Clin Eval00000
GMS 6784Addiction: Referral00000
GMS 6791Visual Neuroscience Journal Club: VIS NEUROSC JRNL CLUB00000
GMS 6803Data Science for Clinical Research00000
GMS 6805Introduction to Applied Ontology00000
GMS 6812Health Outcomes Research in Cancer00000
GMS 6822Measuring and Analyzing Health Outcomes II00000
GMS 6829Longitudinal Rsch Des00000
GMS 6836Foundations of Learning Health Systems Research00000
GMS 6850Foundations of Biomedical Informatics00000
GMS 6852Community Engaged Research for Clinical Effectiveness and Im...00000
GMS 6856Introduction to Biomedical Natural Language Processing00000
GMS 6867Big Data for the Biologist00000
GMS 6875Ethical and Policy Issues in Clinical Research00000
GMS 6885Translational Health Research Design00000
GMS 6895CTS Journal Club: BMS First Year Journal Club00000
GMS 6910Supervised Research00000
GMS 6921Immunology/Microbiology Journal Colloquy00000
GMS 6940Supervised Teaching00000
GMS 6971Research for Master's Thesis00000
GMS 7191Research Conference00000
GMS 7194Biotechnology Seminar00000
GMS 7794Neuroscience Seminar00000
GMS 7866Principles of Referent Tracking in Biomedical Informatics00000
GMS 7886Hop Phd Applied Rsrch00000
GMS 7950Fundamentals of Biomedical Science Education00000
GMS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
GMS 5604Medical Human Embryology00000
GMS 6007Fundamentals of Neuroscience00000
GMS 6013Developmental Genetics00000
GMS 6021Principles of Neuroscience I: Organization and Development o...00000
GMS 6023Principles of Neuroscience III: Molecular Neuropharmacology...00000
GMS 6034Advanced Virology I: Genetics and RNA00000
GMS 6036Molecular Virology III: DNA Viruses00000
GMS 6038Bacterial Genetics and Physiology00000
GMS 6053Cancer Biology and Therapeutics00000
GMS 6063Cell Biology of Aging00000
GMS 6065Funda Cancer Biology00000
GMS 6073Disorders of the Developing Nervous System00000
GMS 6090Research in Medical Sciences: Research in Med Sci00000
GMS 6099Research Methods in Gerontology00000
GMS 6140Principles of Immunology00000
GMS 6153Adv Bacterial Genetic00000
GMS 6193Research Conference in Oral Biology00000
GMS 6196Virology Journal Club00000
GMS 6221Ethics in Genetics00000
GMS 6231Genomics and Bioinformatics00000
GMS 6251Molecular Therapy I – Vectors and Molecular Mechanisms00000
GMS 6253Molecular Therapy III – Immunology of Gene Transfer00000
GMS 6331Stem Cell Biology00000
GMS 6337B Cell Development in Health and Disease00000
GMS 6350Forensic Investigation00000
GMS 6352Artifacts of Decomposition00000
GMS 6354Comm Skills for Sci00000
GMS 6356Applied Osteology00000
GMS 6359Principles of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis00000
GMS 6362Principles of Crime Scene Investigation00000
GMS 6383Immunotherapy00000
GMS 6401Medical Renal Physiology00000
GMS 6405Fund Endocrine Physio00000
GMS 6408Fundamentals of Renal Physiology00000
GMS 6411Fundamentals of Cardiovascular Physiology00000
GMS 6413Advances in Hypertension Research00000
GMS 6419Medical Endocrinology and Reproduction00000
GMS 6440Fundamentals of Medical Physiology00000
GMS 6471Fundamentals of Physiology and Functional Genomics I00000
GMS 6473Fundamentals of Physiology and Functional Genomics III00000
GMS 6475Adv. Respiration Physiology 200000
GMS 6479Medical Gastrointestinal Physiology00000
GMS 6484Geriatric and Age Related Diseases00000
GMS 6486Biology of Aging00000
GMS 6491Journal Club in Physiology: JOURNAL CLUB PHYSIOL00000
GMS 6504Advanced Medical Pharmacology00000
GMS 6510Pharmacology of Cannabis, Tobacco, and Vaping00000
GMS 6530Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics II: Cardiovascular, Re...00000
GMS 6540GMS 6840 Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics IV: Cancer, A...00000
GMS 6552Cell Signaling & Therapeutics00000
GMS 6590Seminar in Pharmacology00000
GMS 6607CEssential Human Anatomy00000
GMS 6622Mitochondrial Biology in Aging and Disease00000
GMS 6647Transcriptional and Translational Control of Cell Growth and...00000
GMS 6690Molecular Cell Biology Journal Club00000
GMS 6692Research Conference in Anatomy and Cell Biology: RSEARCH ANA...00000
GMS 6711Neurobiology of Pain00000
GMS 6715Healthy Aging: Behavioral and Clinical Outcomes00000
GMS 6750Molecular Pathobiology of Neural Disease00000
GMS 6771Clinical Neuroscience of Aging00000
GMS 6776Neurobiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder00000
GMS 6778Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder00000
GMS 6781Foundations in Addiction and Substance Use Disorders00000
GMS 6783Addiction: Counseling and Treatment Methods00000
GMS 6785Addiction:Pro Ethical00000
GMS 6792Neuroscience Graduate Research Seminar00000
GMS 6804Translational Bioinformatics00000
GMS 6806Security and Privacy for Clinical Research00000
GMS 6813Applied Topics in Pragmatic Trials and Implementation Scienc...00000
GMS 6827Advanced Clinical Trial Methods00000
GMS 6833Hop for Vulnerb Pop00000
GMS 6847Translational Research and Therapeutics: Bench, Bedside, Com...00000
GMS 6851Fundamentals of Dissemination and Implementation Research00000
GMS 6853Improvement and Implementation Science in the Learning Healt...00000
GMS 6865Quant Ltrcy Trans Res00000
GMS 6873Medical Bioethics00000
GMS 6876Aging: Law and Ethics00000
GMS 6893Clinical and Translational Science Seminar Series: CLN/TRANS...00000
GMS 6905Independent Studies in Medical Sciences: Clinical Skills and...00000
GMS 6920Genetics Journal Colloquy00000
GMS 6934Cancer Biology Data Discussion00000
GMS 6945Team Science00000
GMS 7133Advanced Molecular Virology00000
GMS 7192Journal Colloquy00000
GMS 7593Topics in Pharmacology and Toxicology00000
GMS 7795Special Topics in Neuroscience: TOP CHEMOSENSATION00000
GMS 7877Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research00000
GMS 7887Hop Phd Rsrch Seminar00000
GMS 7979Advanced Research00000
GMS 6362LPrinciples of Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory00000
GMS 6790New Developments in Neuroscience00000
GMS 6359LPrinciples of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Laboratory00000
GMS 6365Principles of Forensic Psychology00000
GMS 6352LArtifacts of Decomposition Laboratory00000
GMS 6363Principles of Osteology00000