UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

FOS 2001Man's Food4.
FOS 3042Introductory Food Science554.532
FOS 4722CQuality Control in Food Systems55551
FOS 4311LFood Chemistry Laboratory00000
FOS 4318Flavor Chemistry00000
FOS 4731Government Regulations and the Food Industry00000
FOS 4202Food Safety and Sanitation00000
FOS 4223Food and Environmental Virology00000
FOS 4427CPrinciples of Food Processing00000
FOS 4905Special Problems in Food Science00000
FOS 4915Honors Thesis Research in Food Science00000
FOS 3060Life After Graduation00000
FOS 4222LFood Microbiology Laboratory00000
FOS 4310LExperimental Foods Laboratory00000
FOS 4410CIntroduction to Unit Operations in Food Processing00000
FOS 4435CFood Product Development00000
FOS 4906Supervised Extension Experience in Food Science00000
FOS 4941Full-Time Practical Work Experience in Food Science00000
FOS 5437CFood Product Development00000
FOS 5732Current Issues in Food Regulations00000
FOS 6315CAdvanced Food Chemistry00000
FOS 6455CIndustrial Food Fermentations00000
FOS 6915Research Planning00000
FOS 6936Topics in Food Science: FATS AND OILS00000
FOS 6971Research for Master's Thesis00000
FOS 5126CPsychophysical Aspects of Foods00000
FOS 5225CPrinciples in Food Microbiology00000
FOS 5645Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals00000
FOS 6224Food and Environmental Virology00000
FOS 6428CAdvanced Food Processing00000
FOS 6905Problems in Food Science: PROB IN FOOD SCIENCE00000
FOS 6938Food Science Seminar00000
FOS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
FOS 5205Current Issues in Food Safety and Sanitation00000
FOS 6125CSensory Evaluation of Food00000
FOS 6317CFlavor Chemistry and Technology00000
FOS 6910Supervised Research00000
FOS 6940Supervised Teaching00000
FOS 7979Advanced Research00000
FOS 4222Food Microbiology00000
FOS 4311Food Chemistry00000
FOS 4321CFood Analysis00000
FOS 4522CSeafood Technology00000
FOS 4911Supervised Research in Food Science00000
FOS 4936Topics in Food Science00000
FOS 6226CAdvanced Food Microbiology00000