UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

EEX 2000Impact of Disabilities: Home, Community and Workplace55552
EEX 3093Exceptional People in School and Society44441
EEX 3012Introduction to Special Education00000
EEX 3070Teachers and Learners in the Inclusive School00000
EEX 3097Social Perspectives on Disability00000
EEX 4064Educational Programming for Infants and Toddlers with Disabi...00000
EEX 4520Disabilities: Legal Aspects and Policies00000
EEX 4810Seminar on Disability00000
EEX 6053Foundations of Special Education00000
EEX 6099Social Perspectives on Disability00000
EEX 6138Dyslexia: Methods for Intervention00000
EEX 6219Reading Assessment and Intervention for Students with Disabi...00000
EEX 6661Teaching and Managing Behavior for Student Learning00000
EEX 6750Families and Transition for Students with Disabilities00000
EEX 6841Practicum in Special Education: Mild Disabilities00000
EEX 6863Supervised Practice in Special Education00000
EEX 6910Supervised Research00000
EEX 6936Special Topics: INTR INQ SPEC EDUCA00000
EEX 6971Research for Master's Thesis00000
EEX 6973Project in Lieu of Thesis00000
EEX 7787School Improvement for All Students00000
EEX 7979Advanced Research00000
EEX 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
EEX 3062Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum00000
EEX 3257Core Teaching Strategies00000
EEX 4280Disabilities in Community and Employment00000
EEX 4790Multicultural Issues in Early Childhood Special Education00000
EEX 4905Individual Study: LDRSP SKILLS: SPED 200000
EEX 6135Foundations of Literacy Development and Dyslexia00000
EEX 6137Dyslexia: Assessment for Intervention00000
EEX 6233Designing Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms00000
EEX 6745Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Disability in Educ...00000
EEX 6786Collaborative Practice in Inclusive Schools00000
EEX 6855Dyslexia: Practicum in Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention00000
EEX 3226Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education00000
EEX 3616Core Classroom Management Strategies00000
EEX 4294Differentiated Instruction00000
EEX 4754Family Focused Involvement in Early Childhood Special Educat...00000
EEX 4837Practicum Early Child00000
EEX 6072Accessing Academic and Social Communities for Students with...00000
EEX 6125Interventions for Language and Learning Disabilities00000
EEX 6136Dyslexia: Language and the Brain00000
EEX 6222Evaluation in Special Education00000
EEX 6525Disability Related Policy and Legislation00000
EEX 6778Community and Work Access for Individuals with Disabilities00000
EEX 6905Individual Work00000
EEX 6930Seminar in Disabilities00000
EEX 6940Supervised Teaching00000
EEX 7303Inquiry in Special Education: Analysis of the Literature00000
EEX 7304Introduction to Field of Inquiry in Special Education00000
EEX 7934Seminar: Trends in Special Education00000