UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CHI 1130Beginning Chinese 1434.542
CHI 1131Beginning Chinese 253441
CHI 2231Intermediate Chinese 200000
CHI 3403Chinese Calligraphy00000
CHI 3440Business Chinese00000
CHI 4051Fourth Year Chinese 200000
CHI 4911Undergraduate Research in Language or Linguistics00000
CHI 4940Internship00000
CHI 2230Intermediate Chinese 100000
CHI 2341Chinese for Heritage Learners 200000
CHI 3410Advanced Chinese 100000
CHI 4050Fourth Year Chinese 100000
CHI 4905Individual Study00000
CHI 4935Senior Thesis00000
CHI 2340Chinese for Heritage Learners 100000
CHI 3411Advanced Chinese 200000
CHI 4850Structure of Chinese00000
CHI 4930Special Topics in Chinese Studies00000
CHI 4956Overseas Studies00000