UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CCJ 3024Advanced Principles of Criminal Justice3.33.743.73
CCJ 3701Research Methods in Criminology00000
CCJ 4644White-Collar Crime00000
CCJ 4905Individual Work00000
CCJ 4934Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice00000
CCJ 4970Senior Thesis00000
CCJ 5934Contemporary Issues in Criminology and Law: INTRO TO QUANT M...00000
CCJ 6705Research Methods in Crime, Law, and Justice00000
CCJ 6910Supervised Research00000
CCJ 6920Seminar in Criminological Theory00000
CCJ 6971Research for Master's Thesis00000
CCJ 7921Professional Development in Criminology, Law, and Society00000
CCJ 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
CCJ 4014Criminological Theory00000
CCJ 4681Intimate Violence00000
CCJ 4911Undergraduate Research in Criminology00000
CCJ 4940Practicum00000
CCJ 4661Terrorism00000
CCJ 6285Criminal Justice Process00000
CCJ 6905Independent Study00000
CCJ 6916Applied CJ Research Project00000
CCJ 6936Proseminar in Crime, Law, and Justice00000
CCJ 7742Research Methods in Crime, Law, and Justice II00000
CCJ 7979Advanced Research00000