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REL 3022

Myth and Ritual

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Prof: Erin Prophet / Spring 2021

Dec 17, 2021

Comments on the course

The class was a good experience, you write several shorter and two longer essays which are a bit of a pain but not all that bad since Dr. Prophet gives you feedback and help if you ask her for it. Paying attention in class is pretty key, doing the readings would probably be very helpful (I did not and did okay) since a large portion of the essays and class material is based on them.

Course Content

The course is not exactly what I thought but still interesting. The first half of the semester is spent exploring myth and why humans turn to myth, why they may have invented it, and what it means. This is explored through a series of traditional methods. The second part is spent on ritual and what it means to us, what effects it may have or what its usefulness may be. Allows you a more thorough understanding of Religious practice.

Comments on the professor

Dr. Prophet may have been one of my favorite professors thus far. It's obvious she's passionate about the subject and is very knowledgeable as well. She's very clear with her expectations. Overall, a good experience


Ask for help if needed, she's more than happy to help and very caring towards all her students. Do your readings if possible, it would be massively helpful to your work and understanding of the course.

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