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UCSC Course Reviews

University of California, Santa Cruz

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSE 13SComp Sys and C Prog3.
CSE 101Data Structs & Algs4.33.744.73
MATH 19ACalc:Sci,Engin,Math5444.52
ENVS 100Ecology and Society53451
PSYC 144Latinx Psychology53551
ECE 118Intro Mechatronics21531
FILM 172NarrativeVideoWksp42351
FILM 132BInternatnl Cinema23321
APLX 135Second Lang Teach43341
ANTH 100History Biol Anthro42441
HISC 80TWhat is the Witch?54531
FILM 165DAsian Americans52551
PSYC 121Perception53551
MATH 100Intr Proof/Prb Solv22231
ECE 13Computer Systems & C52451
HISC 12Historical Intro Phil54551
HIS 10BUS Hist 1877-197745341
CSE 20Beginning Python43451
CSE 12Com Sys/Assmbly Lan13111
EDUC 60Schooling, Dem. & Jus.55431
BIOL 20LExperimental Lab33451
ANTH 194JHist Forests,Wild00000
ANTH 104Human Var and Adapt00000
ANTH 195ASenior Thesis Seminar00000
ANTH 196NBody&Creative Practice00000
AMS 5Statistics00000
ANTH 110FEvolution Human Diet00000
ANTH 200ACultural Grad Core00000
ANTH 189Arch Field Methods00000
ANTH 194SAnthroplgy of Sound00000
ANTH 194MMedical Anthro00000
AM 275Magnetohydrodynamic00000
ANTH 196DFood and Medicine00000
ANTH 107BStable Isotope Lab00000
ANTH 196KSettler Colonialism00000
AM 211Foundatn App Math00000
ANTH 220Cartography Culture00000
ANTH 110QBlack Queer Culture00000
ANTH 238Cultural Anthropol00000
ANTH 267AScience and Justice00000
AMS 11AMath Methd for Econ00000
ANTH 110AContemporary Issues00000
ANTH 270BCurrent Arch Theory00000
ANTH 276ANo American Archeol00000
ANTH 110LDecolonizing Method00000
ANTH 280LCeramicAnalysisLab00000
ANTH 292Graduate Colloquim00000
AM 114Intro Dynam Systems00000
AM 213ANumerical Linear Alg00000
AMS 114Intro Dynam Systems00000
ANTH 130ICultures of India00000
APLX 80Intro Applied Ling00000
APLX 112Language and Gender00000
ANTH 130ECulture/Polit/SE Asia00000
APLX 115Language and Power00000
APLX 138English Grammar TESOL00000
AM 215Stochastic Model Biol00000
AMS 203Intro Prob Theory00000
ANTH 139Language & Culture00000
ANTH 188AArch Practicum A00000
ANTH 89Fdns4Global&CommHealth00000
AM 250Intro High Perf Comp00000
ANTH 194YArch Space/Landscape00000
ANTH 102AHuman Skeletal Biol00000
ANTH 194HPaleoanthropology00000
AM 209Foundtns Sci Comput00000
ANTH 196PDisability00000
ANTH 106Primate Behavior00000
ANTH 196RDesign Anthropology00000
AM 280CSeminar in GAFD00000
ANTH 196JImagining America00000
ANTH 110WLand & Waterscapes00000
ANTH 196WWeather & Exposure00000
AM 107IntroFluidDynamics00000
ANTH 208CDesign Anthropology00000
ANTH 110YFeeding California00000
ANTH 229Constructng Regions00000
AMS 7LStatMthdsBioEnvHlthLab00000
ANTH 248Finance/Money/Law00000
ANTH 110PIndia Diaspora Film00000
ANTH 268ARethink Capitalism00000
AM 212BApp Math Methods II00000
ANTH 272Adv Archeol Research00000
ANTH 110VVirtual Values00000
ANTH 278HistArchaeolTutorial00000
AMS 80AGambling and Gaming00000
ANTH 287Adv Topic Archaeology00000
ANTH 125Magic,Sci,Religion00000
ANTH 295AScientific Method00000
AM 11AMath Methd for Econ00000
APLX 102Bilingualism00000
ANTH 130AAnth of Africa00000
AMS 131Intro Prob Theory00000
ANTH 145XSocio-Cultural Anth00000
AMS 211Foundatn App Math00000
ANTH 147Anthropocene00000
ANTH 151Ethnography Wrkshop00000
AM 129Foundtns Sci Comput00000
AM 217Intro Fluid Dynamics00000
AMS 217Intro Fluid Dynamics00000