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UCSB Course Reviews

University of California, Santa Barbara

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 1AGeneral Chemistry3.72.733.73
PSTAT 120AProbability and Statistics23132
ECON 10AIntermediate Microeconomic Theory42.54.532
EARTH 114Geomaterials52.53.54.52
PHYS 21General Physics312.54.52
MCDB 108ABiochemistry - Structure and Function of Macromolecules4244.52
MATH 122AIntroduction to Theory of Complex Variables53551
SOC 142Socialization, Self-Actualization, and Creativity54551
EARTH 134Introduction to Geological and Geophysical Data Analysis32151
THTR 195Principles of Stage Management45441
POLS 170Public Policy Analysis52451
PHYS 240Statistics, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning for Physicis...51451
ANTH 5Introductory Biological Anthropology22421
ASAM 2American Migration Since 1965: Asians and others in the Unit...53531
EARTH 104AField Studies in Geological Methods43551
ECON 171Introduction to Game Theory53541
MCDB 153Neurobiology III: Developmental Neurobiology54531
ITAL 1Elementary Italian43431
ART 7AThe Intersections of Art and Life34321
COMM 88Communication Research Methods42451
BLST 7Introduction to Caribbean Studies53541
RGST 4Introduction to Buddhism55541
PSTAT 10Principles of Data Science with R43441
MATH 8Transition to Higher Mathematics43341
PHIL 1Short Introduction to Philosophy44331
HIST 46BThe Middle East: From the Nineteenth Century to the Present43321
EEMB 146Biometry53441
ASAM 5Introduction to Asian American Literature54541
GEOG 12Maps and Spatial Reasoning35321
POLS 162Urban Government and Politics51551
FAMST 188ABasic Screenwriting55551
CMPSC 138Automata and Formal Languages32321
CMPSC 148Computer Science Project44451
ASAM 1Introduction to Asian American History, 1850-Present44341
RGST 10AElementary Arabic I53541
WRIT 2Academic Writing32131
EARTH 194MLIntro to Matlab for Earth Scientists52451
ENVS 193TFTransforming Food Systems54551
COMM 116The Internet, Communication, and Contemporary Society12441
COMM 124Family Communication43551
ANTH 2Introductory Cultural Anthropology44441
ARTHI 100Methods for the History of Art and Architecture00000
ANTH 245AQuantitative Data Analysis Archaeology00000
ARTHI 107APainting in the 15th-Century Netherlands00000
ARTHI 113BSeventeenth Century Art in Italy I00000
ANTH 190Cultural Anthropology Internship00000
ANTH 250DJMethod and Theory in Anthropology00000
ARTHI 121CTwentieth-Century American Art: Modernism and Pluralism, 190...00000
ARTHI 131MMMexican Manuscripts00000
ANTH 596Directed Reading and Research00000
ARTHI 134DArt and Modern China00000
ARTHI 136ANineteenth-Century Architecture00000
ANTH 131CACalifornia Indigenous Peoples00000
ANTH 195AAnthropology Honors Program: Research Design00000
ART 7DIntroduction to Contemporary Practice III: Art, Science and...00000
ARTHI 138BContemporary Photography00000
ARTHI 6HSurvey: Arts of the Ancient Americas00000
ANTH 241ACurrent Findings in Biological Anthropology00000
ARTHI 105OThe Global Middle Ages: Visual and Cultural Encounters in th...00000
ANTH 183Internship in Archaeological Resource Management00000
ARTHI 111BDutch Art in the Age of Rembrandt00000
ANTH 250MHMethod and Theory in Anthropology00000
ARTHI 117BNineteenth-Century Art: 1848-190000000
ANTH 128The Archaeology of Gender00000
ARTHI 130DArt and Archaeology of the Ancient Andes00000
ANTH 277Faculty Graduate Proseminar00000
ARTHI 134EThe Art of the Chinese Landscape00000
ANTH 194PPracticum in Field and Laboratory Analysis00000
ARTHI 136OSustainable Architecture: History and Aesthetics00000
ANTH 598Master's Thesis and Pre-Candidacy Preparation00000
ARTHI 136KModern Architecture in Early Twentieth-Century Europe00000
ANTH 111The Anthropology of Food00000
ART 12Beginning Spatial Practices00000
ARTHI 141FArchitecture and Design Collection Internship00000
ARTHI 141MHMuseums and History00000
ARTHI 141EUniversity Art Museum Internship00000
ANTH 197MSSpecial Courses00000
ART 100Intermediate Contemporary Painting Issues00000
ARTHI 142AArchitecture and Planning in Seventeenth-Century Europe00000
ARTHI 143EAdaptive Reuse and Art00000
ART 105TDIntermediate Spatial Practices: Physical & Virtual00000
ARTHI 186GSeminar in Seventeenth Century Northern European Art00000
ARTHI 186HSeminar in Seventeenth Century Southern European Art00000
ANTH 138Anthropology of Environmental Health00000
ANTH 197TPSpecial Courses00000
ART 106WIntroduction to 2D/3D Visualizations in Architecture00000
ARTHI 186TSeminar in Photographic History00000
ARTHI 186SVSeminar in Modern Architecture00000
ART 107History, Theory, and Criticism00000
ARTHI 187WComing Home: The House Museum as Cultural Encounter00000
ARTHI 192BArchitecture and Design Collective Internship00000
ANTH 197GIIntroduction to Geographic Information Systems and Spatial A...00000
ART 113Experimental Video & Animation00000
ARTHI 192AUniversity Art Museum Internship00000
ARTHI 199Independent Studies00000
ART 120EFIntermediate Photography00000
ARTHI 251ASeminar: Topics in African & African-American Art00000
ARTHI 253DSeminar: Topics in Medieval Architecture & Sculpture00000
ANTH 113Indigenous People and the Nation State in the Americas00000