UConn Waterbury Course Reviews

University of Connecticut - Waterbury

UNIV 1800FYE University Learning Skills22211
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I53451
ENGL 1010Seminar in Academic Writing33331
HIST 1400Modern Western Traditions13111
BIOL 1108Principles of Biology II42331
MATH 2410QElementary Differential Equations00000
ENGL 3422Young Adult Literature00000
MKTG 3757Strategic Brand Management00000
OPIM 4899Independent Study00000
CSE 2300WDigital Logic Design00000
GSCI 1000EThe Human Epoch: Living in the Anthropocene00000
POLS 2622State and Local Government00000
LLAS 3607Latin America in the Colonial Period00000
ENGL 2203American Literature Since 188000000
MGMT 5640International Business00000
BUSN 3005Career Development in Business00000
NURS 4304Health Assessment and Fundamentals of Nursing Praxis00000
EPSY 5396Directed Student Teaching for Students in the Teacher Certif...00000
PHIL 2215WEthics00000
ANTH 3401World Religions00000
PSYC 2300Abnormal Psychology00000
ECON 1202Principles of Macroeconomics00000
HDFS 3092Research Practicum in Human Development and Family Sciences00000
HDFS 3277Issues in Human Sexuality00000
BADM 3103Business Information Systems00000
EDCI 5092Practicum00000
HDFS 3343Family Life Education00000
HIST 4997WSenior Thesis in History00000
ENGL 1616Major Works of English and American Literature00000
MATH 1060QPrecalculus00000
BIOL 1110Introduction to Botany00000
MGMT 3225International Business00000
ENGL 2600Introduction to Literary Studies00000
MKTG 3208Consumer Behavior00000
ANSC 1111Principles of Animal Nutrition and Feeding00000
MSE 2101Materials Science and Engineering I00000
ENGL 3623Studies in Literature and Culture00000
NUSC 1165Fundamentals of Nutrition00000
CHEM 2443Organic Chemistry00000
PHIL 1101Problems of Philosophy00000
FNCE 5209Corporate Finance00000
PNB 2264Human Physiology and Anatomy00000
AH 3025Human Physiology in Health and Disease00000
POLS 3842Public Administration00000
HDFS 2004WResearch Methods in Human Development and Family Sciences00000
PSYC 2500Learning00000
ASLN 1104Intermediate American Sign Language II00000
HDFS 3249Gender And Aging00000
EDCI 5050TCPCG Seminar I: Student Teaching Seminar00000
HDFS 3311WParenthood and Parenting00000
AH 4239Research Methods in Allied Health00000
HDFS 3510Planning and Managing Human Service Programs00000
EDCI 5850Introduction to Curriculum00000
HDFS 3540Child Welfare, Law and Social Policy00000
HIST 1805East Asian History Through Hanzi Characters00000
BADM 3720The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business00000
EEB 2244EGeneral Ecology00000
HIST 2621Cuba in Local and Global Perspective00000
HIST 3822Modern China00000
ILCS 3260WItalian Cinema00000
BIOL 1103The Biology of Human Health and Disease00000
MATH 1020QProblem Solving00000
ENGL 2100British Literature I00000
MATH 1131QCalculus I00000
AMST 2274WDisability in American Literature and Culture00000
MCB 2610Fundamentals of Microbiology00000
ENGL 2407The Short Story00000
MGMT 4902Strategic Analysis00000
BLAW 5175Business, Law, and Ethics in Modern Society00000
MGMT 5800Strategy, Policy, and Planning00000
ENGL 3218Ethnic Literature of United States00000
MKTG 3370Global Marketing Strategy00000
AFRA 2621Cuba in Local and Global Perspective00000
MKTG 5115Marketing Management00000
ENGL 3505Shakespeare II00000
NRE 1000EEnvironmental Science00000
CHEG 2111Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I00000
NURS 4544Theory and Nursing Practice for Community Health00000
ENGL 4302WAdvanced Study:Literature of Australia,Canada,Ireland and Ne...00000
OPIM 3510Business Data Analytics I00000
ANTH 2000Social Anthropology00000
OPIM 5110Operations Management00000
FNCE 3303Principles of Investments and Derivatives00000
PHIL 1104Philosophy and Social Ethics00000
COMM 1100Principles of Public Speaking00000
PHYS 1202QGeneral Physics II00000
GEOG 2000Globalization00000
POLS 1402Introduction to International Relations00000
AASI 3201Introduction to Asian American Studies00000
POLS 3632WUrban Politics00000
HDFS 1060Close Relationships Across the Lifespan00000
PSYC 2100WQPrinciples of Research in Psychology00000
ECE 2000Electrical and Computer Engineering Principles00000
HIST 3105History through Film00000
EEB 3201Animal Behavior00000
HIST 3504The American Revolution00000
HIST 3554Immigrants and the Shaping of American History00000
HDFS 2300Family Interaction Processes00000
AAAS 3531Japanese Americans and World War II00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Managerial Accounting00000