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UConn Course Reviews

University of Connecticut

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARE 1150Principles of Applied and Resource Economics32231
CSE 1010Introduction to Computing for Engineers33441
PHAR 1001EToxic Chemicals and Health55321
SOCI 1251Social Problems45341
ENGL 2635ELiterature and the Environment53441
AH 4242Counseling and Teaching for the Health Professional55551
PNB 2264Human Physiology and Anatomy31441
MATH 1020QProblem Solving44431
ANSC 1001Introduction to Animal Science55441
POLS 3600Making the Modern American Presidency22221
MCB 3844WMicrobiology and the Media43341
ANSC 3317WScientific Writing in Endocrinology of Farm Animals43441
NRE 2215EIntroduction to Water Resources53551
CHEM 1127QGeneral Chemistry I32241
MATH 1131QCalculus I33321
PVS 1000Biomedical Issues in Pathobiology44431
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I33341
AH 3571Health Hazards in the Workplace33331
ALDS 5324Teaching for Intercultural Citizenship and Human Rights I00000
AFRA 3642African American Politics00000
AMST 2207Empire and U.S. Culture00000
AMST 3699Independent Study00000
ACCT 5327Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation00000
AGNR 3350Hispanic Culture and Communication in Agriculture00000
ANSC 2251Horse Science00000
ANSC 3314WScientific Writing in Growth Biology and Metabolism of Domes...00000
AIRF 3500Aviation Ground School00000
AFRA 3568Hip Hop,Politics and Youth Culture in America00000
AMST 1002Sing and Shout! The History of America in Song00000
ACCT 4895Special Topics00000
AMST 3201Introduction to Asian American Studies00000
AFRA 3825African Americans and Social Protest00000
AMST 6850American Studies: Keywords00000
AASI 3201Introduction to Asian American Studies00000
ANSC 3261Dairy Cattle Management00000
AGNR 5099Independent Study in Extension00000
ACCT 6200Investigation of Special Topics00000
ANSC 3344WScientific Writing in Animal Food Products00000
AH 3005Biostatistics for Health Professions00000
ANSC 3456Light Horse Training and Management00000
ANSC 3642WScientific Writing in Animal Food Products: Dairy Technology00000
AH 3101Health and Wellness for Life00000
ANSC 3675Advanced Animal and Product Evaluation00000
ANSC 5619Signaling Pathways00000
AAAS 3531Japanese Americans and World War II00000
AASI 3808East Asia to the Mid Nineteenth Century00000
ACCT 6211Seminar in Special Research Topics00000
AH 3203Aging: Implications for Health Professionals00000
ANSC 5693Graduate Presentation Skills00000
ANTH 1010EGlobal Climate Change and Human Societies00000
AH 3320Introduction to Infectious Diseases00000
ANTH 2200Race and Human Biological Diversity00000
ANTH 2502Human Evolution00000
AASI 3998Variable Topics00000
AFRA 2222Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Power of Looking00000
AH 4092EMT Training00000
AH 4240WWriting for Allied Health Research00000
AIRF 2200Team and Leadership Fundamentals00000
AFRA 3512African Archaeology00000
ALDS 5000Foundations of Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies00000
ACCT 4243Assurance Services00000
AMES 5111Computer Aided Engineering00000
AFRA 3618Comparative Slavery in the Americas00000
AMST 2201Introduction to Asian American Studies00000
AAAS 4100Experiential/Service Learning Seminar00000
AMST 2276American Utopias and Dystopias00000
AFRA 3752History of Pre-Colonial Africa00000
AMST 3531Japanese Americans and World War II00000
ACCT 4997WSenior Thesis in Accounting00000
AMST 4897Honors Thesis00000
AGNR 3095Special Topics00000
ANSC 1602Behavior and Training of Domestic Animals00000
AAAS 3221Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women00000
ANSC 2695Special Topics00000
AGNR 4500Leadership Development in Extension Education00000
ANSC 3311Comparative Exercise Physiology00000
ACCT 5603Advanced Accounting00000
ANSC 3323Animal Embryology and Biotechnology00000
AH 1200Introduction to the Martial Arts00000
ANSC 3453Pleasure Horse Appreciation and Use00000
AASI 3375Indian Art And Popular Culture: Independence To The Present00000
ANSC 3553Equine Training III - Advanced00000
AH 3025Human Physiology in Health and Disease00000
ANSC 3664Dairy Cattle Evaluation00000
ACCT 6204Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting00000
ANSC 3695Special Topics00000
AH 3173Psychology of Workplace Safety00000
ANSC 5640Animal Food Products: Dairy Technology00000
AAAS 2101The Pacific in World History00000
ANTH 1000Peoples and Cultures of the World00000
AH 3275Hazwoper00000
ANTH 2000WSocial Anthropology00000
AFRA 2214African American Literature00000
AFRA 3042Baseball and Society: Politics, Economics, Race and Gender00000
AH 4243Current Issues in Health00000
AH 4288Instructional Assistant in Allied Health Sciences00000
AAAS 3809East Asia Since the Mid-Nineteenth Century00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
AFRA 3155Anthropology of the African Diaspora00000
AH 4297WHonors Thesis in Allied Health Sciences00000