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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 2046Chemistry Fundamentals II
CHM 2045CChemistry Fundamentals I
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry I
CHM 2041Chemistry Fundamentals IB 3.23.7333
CHM 3120Analytical Chemistry 4.54.5552
CHM 3120LAnalytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 2040Chemistry Fundamentals IA 22222
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry II 33331
CHM 1032General Chemistry 33331
CHM 3410Physical Chemistry I 11111
CHM 1020Concepts in Chemistry 00000
CHM 2205Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry 00000
CHM 3422Applied Physical Chemistry 00000
CHM 4220Organic Chemistry III 00000
CHM 4427Electrochemistry 00000
CHM 4930Chemistry Seminar I 00000
CHM 2046CHonors Chemistry Fundamentals II 00000
CHM 2211HHonors Organic Chemistry II 00000
CHM 3411Physical Chemistry II 00000
CHM 4130Advanced Analytical Laboratory Technique 00000
CHM 4223Advanced Organic Chemistry 00000
CHM 4610LInorganic Chemistry Laboratory 00000
CHM 1032LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory 00000
CHM 2046LChemistry Fundamentals Laboratory 00000
CHM 2210HHonors Organic Chemistry I 00000
CHM 2211LOrganic Laboratory Techniques I 00000
CHM 3215LOrganic Laboratory Techniques II 00000
CHM 3411LPhysical Chemistry Laboratory 00000
CHM 4130LAdvanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 00000
CHM 4230Applied Molecular Spectroscopy 00000
CHM 4610Inorganic Chemistry 00000
CHM 4931Chemistry Seminar II 00000