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UCalgary Course Reviews

University of Calgary

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGG 201Behaviour of Liquids, Gases and Solids3.933.53.52
ENGG 349Dynamics2.
ENGG 687Ethics, Law, and the Engineering Profession15111
ENGG 202Engineering Statics00000
ENGG 503Entrepreneurial Capstone Design Project I00000
ENGG 519Special Topics in Engineering00000
ENGG 680Introduction to Digital Engineering00000
ENGG 391Advanced Topics I00000
ENGG 517Engineering Safety00000
ENGG 601Professional Development I00000
ENGG 684Introduction to Project Management00000
ENGG 200Engineering Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship00000
ENGG 225Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits and Machines00000
ENGG 481Technology and Society00000
ENGG 523Bio-inspired Design00000
ENGG 681Engineering Tools00000
ENGG 686Engineering Climate Change Adaptation for Engineers00000
ENGG 213Engineering Communication00000
ENGG 393Advanced Topics II00000
ENGG 513The Role and Responsibilities of the Professional Engineer in Society00000
ENGG 603Professional Development II00000
ENGG 685Energy Policy for Engineers00000
ENGG 311Engineering Thermodynamics00000
ENGG 501Senior Capstone Design Project I00000
ENGG 515Project Management for Engineers00000
ENGG 599Individual Engineering Project00000
ENGG 209Engineering Economics00000
ENGG 504Entrepreneurial Capstone Design Project II00000
ENGG 521Art and Engineering00000
ENGG 682Sustainability00000
ENGG 317Mechanics of Solids00000
ENGG 502Senior Capstone Design Project II00000
ENGG 525Engineering Entrepreneurship00000
ENGG 683Innovation and Entrepreneurship00000