UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

PSYC 102Introduction to Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology3.42.54.542
PSYC 101Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology3.934.542
PSYC 217Research Methods3.74342
PSYC 308ASocial Psychology - SOCIAL PSYC4.75541
PSYC 207Contemporary Topics in Biological and Cognitive Psychology44531
PSYC 335Gambling and Decision Making3.33431
PSYC 208Contemporary Topics in Social, Developmental, Personality, and Clinical Psychology2.32231
PSYC 325Socialization: Media Content and Effects00000
PSYC 333Memory: Historical, Clinical and Cognitive Perspectives00000
PSYC 336The Psychology of Language I00000
PSYC 340EDirected Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
PSYC 350APsychological Aspects of Human Sexuality - PSYC ASP HM SEXL00000
PSYC 361Neuroscience of Motivation00000
PSYC 371Behavioural Neuroscience II00000
PSYC 388BDirected Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BEHV NS00000
PSYC 388EDirected Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BEHV NS00000
PSYC 399Cooperative Work Placement II00000
PSYC 409Cognitive Neuropsychology00000
PSYC 413Social and Personality Development00000
PSYC 421Environmental Psychology00000
PSYC 427Advanced Seminar in Psychology00000
PSYC 440EDirected Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
PSYC 449Honours Seminar and Essay00000
PSYC 462Drugs and Behavioural Neuroscience00000
PSYC 472Advanced Neuroscience of Motivation00000
PSYC 488CDirected Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BHV NEU00000
PSYC 499Cooperative Work Placement IV00000
PSYC 502Research Methods in Health Psychology00000
PSYC 517Biopsychology of Motivation00000
PSYC 528Advanced Methods in Social Psychology and Personality00000
PSYC 531Assessment: Clinical Applications00000
PSYC 532Child Assessment00000
PSYC 537Ethical and Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology00000
PSYC 542Cognitive/Behavioural Interventions00000
PSYC 546ESeminar in Psychological Problems - MULT REGRESS00000
PSYC 546HSeminar in Psychological Problems - MEASRMNT IN PSYC00000
PSYC 546YSeminar in Psychological Problems - STRUCT EQ MODEL00000
PSYC 547DReading and Conference - READG & CONFRNCE00000
PSYC 559Clinical Psychological Internship00000
PSYC 560Clinical Research Design00000
PSYC 583Special Topics in Cognition00000
PSYC 585ASpecial Topics in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience - DEV COG NEUROSCI00000
PSYC 649Doctoral Dissertation00000
PSYC 363Neuroscience of Simple Learning00000
PSYC 365Cognitive Neuroscience00000
PSYC 359Advanced Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences00000
PSYC 218Analysis of Behavioural Data00000
PSYC 270Introduction to Behavioural Neuroscience00000
PSYC 301Brain Dysfunction and Recovery00000
PSYC 303Tests and Measurements00000
PSYC 305APersonality Psychology - PERSONALITY PSYC00000
PSYC 307Cultural Psychology00000
PSYC 312AHistory of Psychology - PSYCHOLOGY HIST00000
PSYC 315Childhood and Adolescence00000
PSYC 320APsychology of Sex Differences - PSYC OF SEX DIFF00000
PSYC 340CDirected Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
PSYC 216Questioning Psychological Science in the Media00000
PSYC 277Behavioural and Neuroscientific Research Methods00000
PSYC 278Analysis of Behavioural and Neuroscientific Data00000
PSYC 300AAbnormal Psychology - ABNORMAL PSYC00000
PSYC 302Infancy00000
PSYC 304Brain and Behaviour00000
PSYC 306APrinciples of Animal Behaviour - PRIN ANIML BEHAV00000
PSYC 309ACognitive Processes - COGNTV PROCESSES00000
PSYC 314Health Psychology00000
PSYC 319Applied Developmental Psychology00000
PSYC 322Adulthood and Aging00000
PSYC 331Forensic Psychology00000
PSYC 340BDirected Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
PSYC 349Honours Seminar00000
PSYC 358Evolutionary Psychology00000
PSYC 370Behavioural Neuroscience I00000
PSYC 368Perceptual Processing00000
PSYC 388CDirected Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BEHV NS00000
PSYC 398Cooperative Work Placement I00000
PSYC 401Clinical Psychology00000
PSYC 404Psychology of Religion00000
PSYC 417ASpecial Topics in Psychology - SP TPCS IN PSYC00000
PSYC 440BDirected Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
PSYC 440CDirected Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
PSYC 460Behavioural Neuroendocrinology00000
PSYC 461Neuroplasticity and Behaviour00000
PSYC 488BDirected Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BHV NEU00000
PSYC 488EDirected Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BHV NEU00000
PSYC 498Cooperative Work Placement III00000
PSYC 503Biological Basis of Health Psychology00000
PSYC 530Assessment: A Critical Survey00000
PSYC 534BClinical Psychology Practicum - CLIN PSYC PRACTM00000
PSYC 536Psychopathology of the Child00000
PSYC 541Introduction to Psychotherapy00000
PSYC 545AAdvanced Statistics I - ADV STATS 100000
PSYC 546JSeminar in Psychological Problems - MLTILVL MODL00000
PSYC 547EReading and Conference - READG & CONFRNCE00000
PSYC 549Master's Thesis00000
PSYC 571BSpecial Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience - TOP COG NEUROSCI00000
PSYC 582ACognition - COGNITION00000
PSYC 594Psychoneuroendocrinology00000
PSYC 367Sensory Systems00000
PSYC 340FN/A00000
PSYC 512Psychology of Emotion00000
PSYC 538Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment00000
PSYC 546BSeminar in Psychological Problems - ANOVA & GLM00000
PSYC 587ACognitive Development - COGNTV DEVLPMNT00000
PSYC 311Psychology of Sport00000
PSYC 501Health Psychology00000
PSYC 567Personality Dimensions and Structure00000
PSYC 590Survey of Social Psychology I00000
PSYC 504CSpecial Topics in Health Psychology - SPC TC HLTH PSYC00000
PSYC 524ANeural Models of Learning and Memory - NRL MOD OF L&MEN00000
PSYC 556Psychological Treatment of Childhood Disorders00000
PSYC 569Contemporary Conceptual Issues in Personality00000
PSYC 388FN/A00000
PSYC 508ATeaching of Psychology - TEACHING OF PSYC00000
PSYC 535Psychopathology of the Adult00000
PSYC 540AStrategies of Psychological Intervention - PSYCLCL INTERVEN00000