UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

FIST 100Introduction to Film Studies43451
FIST 534ASeminar in Film Studies - SEM FILM STUDIES00000
FIST 549AThesis - MASTER'S THESIS00000
FIST 210Early Cinema00000
FIST 230Introduction to Asian Cinema00000
FIST 300Cult Cinema00000
FIST 332Studies in Genre or Period00000
FIST 336Seminar in European Cinema00000
FIST 340Media Audiences00000
FIST 432Seminar in Motion Picture Forms00000
FIST 445Majors and Honours Seminar00000
FIST 500Research Methods00000
FIST 547BDirected Studies in Film - DIRECTED ST FILM00000
FIST 649Doctoral Dissertation00000
FIST 200Introduction to Canadian Cinema00000
FIST 220Hollywood Cinema 1930-196000000
FIST 240Media Industries00000
FIST 331Studies in Film Theory00000
FIST 334Seminar in Documentary00000
FIST 338AAsian and Australasian Cinema - ASIAN & AUST CIN00000
FIST 430Studies in Auteurism00000
FIST 436Seminar in American Cinema Since 196000000
FIST 449Honours Essay00000
FIST 547ADirected Studies in Film - DIRECTED ST FILM00000
FIST 549BThesis - MASTER'S THESIS00000
FIST 332AStudies in Genre or Period - STDY GENRE/PERIO00000
FIST 430AStudies in Auteurism - STDY AUTEURISM00000
FIST 436ASeminar in American Cinema Since 1960 - AMER CIN 1960 –00000
FIST 520Advanced Film and Media Criticism00000
FIST 532Seminar: Study of Major Film Artists00000
FIST 336ASeminar in European Cinema - EUROPEAN CINEMA00000
FIST 434GStudies in Film - STUDIES IN FILM00000
FIST 510Advanced Theory, Film and Media00000
FIST 531Seminar: Styles in Film00000
FIST 432ASeminar in Motion Picture Forms - SEM MTN PIC FORM00000