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UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EOSC 114The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters3.
EOSC 112The Fluid Earth: Atmosphere and Ocean2.72.32.733
EOSC 110The Solid Earth: A Dynamic Planet4.75541
EOSC 116Mesozoic Earth: Time of the Dinosaurs.4.35531
EOSC 220Introductory Mineralogy43451
EOSC 426Fundamentals of Geomicrobiology23211
EOSC 210Earth Science for Engineers00000
EOSC 211Computer Methods in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences00000
EOSC 212Topics in the Earth and Planetary Sciences.00000
EOSC 213Computational Methods in Geological Engineering00000
EOSC 221Introductory Petrology00000
EOSC 222Geological Time and Stratigraphy00000
EOSC 223Field Techniques00000
EOSC 250Fields and Fluxes00000
EOSC 310The Earth and the Solar System00000
EOSC 315The Ocean Ecosystem00000
EOSC 321Igneous Petrology00000
EOSC 323Structural Geology I00000
EOSC 328Field Geology00000
EOSC 330Principles of Geomorphology00000
EOSC 332Tectonic Evolution of North America00000
EOSC 340Global Climate Change00000
EOSC 352Geophysical Continuum Dynamics00000
EOSC 354Analysis of Time Series and Inverse Theory for Earth Scientists00000
EOSC 373Introductory Oceanography: Climate and Ecosystems00000
EOSC 399Co-operative Work Placement II00000
EOSC 425Paleontology00000
EOSC 428Field Techniques in Groundwater Hydrology00000
EOSC 432Fossil Fuels00000
EOSC 434Geological Engineering Practice II - Soil Engineering00000
EOSC 445Engineering Design Project00000
EOSC 448ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 448CDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 449Thesis00000
EOSC 453Physics of the Earth and Other Planets00000
EOSC 471Waves, Currents and Ocean Mixing00000
EOSC 473Methods in Oceanography00000
EOSC 475Marine Microbiology00000
EOSC 498Co-operative Work Placement III00000
EOSC 510Data Analysis in Atmospheric, Earth and Ocean Sciences00000
EOSC 515Graduate Seminar Course00000
EOSC 520Advanced Mineralogy00000
EOSC 529Topics in Geohazard Risk Management00000
EOSC 533Advanced Groundwater Hydrology00000
EOSC 536Advanced Rock Engineering00000
EOSC 545Advanced Models in Mineral Deposits00000
EOSC 548AGraduating Paper for Masters Candidates without Thesis - MSC MAJOR ESSAY00000
EOSC 549Master's Thesis00000
EOSC 573Methods in Oceanography00000
EOSC 579Dynamic Oceanography00000
EOSC 584BTopics in Biological Oceanography - BIOL OCEANOGRPHY00000
EOSC 595BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 595DDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 595FDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 595SDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 599Thesis00000
EOSC 699Doctoral Dissertation00000
EOSC 111Laboratory Exploration of Planet Earth00000
EOSC 118Earth's Treasures: Gold and Gems00000
EOSC 240Site Investigation00000
EOSC 270Marine Ecosystems00000
EOSC 314The Ocean Environment00000
EOSC 320Sedimentology00000
EOSC 322Metamorphic Petrology00000
EOSC 326Earth and Life Through Time00000
EOSC 329Groundwater Hydrology00000
EOSC 331Introduction to Mineral Deposits00000
EOSC 333Elemental and Isotopic Geochemistry00000
EOSC 350Environmental, Geotechnical, and Exploration Geophysics I00000
EOSC 353Seismology00000
EOSC 372Introductory Oceanography: Circulation and Plankton00000
EOSC 398Co-operative Work Placement I00000
EOSC 410Geoscientific Data Analysis and Empirical Modelling00000
EOSC 429Groundwater Contamination00000
EOSC 433Geological Engineering Practice I - Rock Engineering00000
EOSC 442Climate Measurement and Analysis00000
EOSC 447Thesis00000
EOSC 448BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 448EDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 450Potential Fields in Earth and Planetary Sciences00000
EOSC 470Biological Oceanography00000
EOSC 472Chemical Oceanography and Marine Geochemistry00000
EOSC 474Marine Pollution00000
EOSC 478Introduction to Fisheries Science00000
EOSC 499Co-operative Work Placement IV00000
EOSC 512Advanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics00000
EOSC 516Teaching and Learning in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences00000
EOSC 523Isotope Geology00000
EOSC 532Field Laboratory in Groundwater Hydrology00000
EOSC 534Geological Engineering: Soils and Weak Rocks00000
EOSC 541Multi-component Reactive Transport Modelling in Groundwater00000
EOSC 547Tunneling and Underground Engineering00000
EOSC 548BGraduating Paper for Masters Candidates without Thesis - MSC GRAD PAPER00000
EOSC 555BNonlinear Inverse Theory - NON-LINR INV THR00000
EOSC 575The Biology and Ecology of Marine Zooplanktonic Organisms00000
EOSC 595ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 595CDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 595EDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 595GDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 598M.Eng. Graduating Paper00000
EOSC 649Doctoral Dissertation00000
EOSC 420Volcanology00000
EOSC 422Structural Geology II00000
EOSC 448DDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
EOSC 514Introduction to Geological Fluid Mechanics00000
EOSC 421Advanced Sedimentology00000
EOSC 430Aqueous Geochemistry00000
EOSC 511Numerical Techniques for Ocean, Atmosphere and Earth Scienti...00000
EOSC 528Advanced Coal Geology00000
EOSC 540Advanced Groundwater Geochemistry00000
EOSC 543Topics in Solid Earth Sciences00000
EOSC 546Advanced Field Methods in Earth Science00000
EOSC 554BTheoretical Glaciology - THRTCL GLACIOCLG00000
EOSC 562Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting00000
EOSC 576Inorganic Chemical Tracers in the Study of Marine Systems00000
EOSC 325Principles of Physical Hydrogeology00000
EOSC 424Advanced Mineral Deposits00000
EOSC 522Methods and Modelling in Petrology and Geochemistry00000
EOSC 531Exploration Methodology00000
EOSC 542Advanced Volcanology00000
EOSC 544Geodynamics00000
EOSC 550Linear Inverse Theory00000
EOSC 561N/A00000
EOSC 571CSeminar in Physical Oceanography and Atmospheric Science - S...00000
EOSC 595HDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES00000