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UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
APBI 200Introduction to Soil Science4.23.5542
APBI 244Atmospheric Environments3.9443.52
APBI 327Introduction to Entomology2.75212
APBI 314Animals and Society4.75541
APBI 428Integrated Pest Management3.75331
APBI 444Agroforestry3.75331
APBI 351Plant Physiology3.72541
APBI 361Key Indicators of Agroecosystem Sustainability3.34331
APBI 260Agroecology I: Introduction to principles and techniques34231
APBI 210Vascular Plants22221
APBI 398Research Methods in Applied Biology54551
APBI 265Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems00000
APBI 311Comparative Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Osmoregulatory Physiology00000
APBI 316Equine Biology, Health and Welfare00000
APBI 319Aquaculture and the Environment00000
APBI 328Weed Science00000
APBI 360Agroecology II: Application and analysis00000
APBI 401Soil Processes00000
APBI 413Stress and Coping in Animals00000
APBI 416Compassionate Conservation00000
APBI 423Ecological Restoration00000
APBI 490Advanced Topics in Applied Biology00000
APBI 496BApplied Animal Biology Practicum - APBI PRACTICUM00000
APBI 497BDirected Studies - DIR STUDIES00000
APBI 497EDirected Studies - DIR STUDIES00000
APBI 499Undergraduate Thesis00000
APBI 290Introductory Topics in Applied Biology00000
APBI 317Welfare and Ethics of using Animals in Science00000
APBI 322Horticultural Techniques00000
APBI 410Applied Animal Health and Physiology00000
APBI 415Applied Animal Behaviour00000
APBI 419Fish Health00000
APBI 427Insect Ecology00000
APBI 442Wine Grape and Berry Biology00000
APBI 465Capstone in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems00000
APBI 495Human Wildlife Conflict00000
APBI 497DDirected Studies - DIR STUDIES00000
APBI 498Undergraduate Essay00000
APBI 312Reproductive and Digestive Physiology00000
APBI 315Animal Welfare and the Ethics of Animal Use00000
APBI 318Applied Plant Breeding00000
APBI 324Introduction to Seed Plant Taxonomy00000
APBI 342Soil Biology00000
APBI 402Sustainable Soil Management00000
APBI 414Animals and Global Issues00000
APBI 418Intensive Fish Production00000
APBI 426Plant-Microbe Interactions00000
APBI 440Plant Genomics00000
APBI 460Agroecology III: Synthesis and evaluation00000
APBI 496AApplied Animal Biology Practicum - APBI PRACTICUM00000
APBI 497ADirected Studies - DIR STUDIES00000
APBI 497CDirected Studies - DIR STUDIES00000
APBI 326Introductory Plant Pathology00000
APBI 412Belowground Ecosystems00000
APBI 100Soil and the Global Environment00000
APBI 403Soil Sampling, Analyses and Data Interpretation00000