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UAlabama Course Reviews

University of Alabama

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 201Data Structures and Algorithms2.
CS 470Computer Algorithms2.323.33.73
ENGR 123Engineering Foundations Honors2.542.522
CS 100CS I for Majors42.5452
CS 300Operating Systems31.5432
COM 123Public Speaking44241
EC 309Intermediate Macroeconomics54441
GEO 101The Dynamic Earth23111
TH 141Acting I35331
CS 301Database Management Systems44331
EC 308Intermediate Microeconomics42441
MATH 125Calculus I43431
CS 101CS II for Majors45351
TH 114Intro To The Theatre44431
AEM 249Algorithm Devl Implementation32141
ENGR 161Small-Scale Eng. Graphics55551
TH 220Fundamentals of Stagecraft55451
ECE 225Electric Circuits23221
CS 403Programming Languages33221
TH 245Tch Theatre: Performance55551
TH 233Beginning Costume Design44551
CS 200Software Design and Engineering34341
MATH 100Intermediate Algebra24211
SPE 300Survey Spe Accomd Stratg45551
CS 443Digital Forensics54541
CS 121The Discipline of Computing55321
AEL 635Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues in Schools00000
AEM 588Advanced Space Propulsion and Power00000
AEM 599Thesis Research00000
AEM 624Hypersonic Flow00000
AC 515Current Issues in the AC Pro00000
AEL 664Educational Policy and the Dynamics of Change00000
AEM 649Fatigue Analysis00000
AEM 691SP: Advance FEA00000
AEL 675Leadership for Organization Improvement: Theory into Practic...00000
AFS 110Heritage and Values00000
AFS 301Leadership Laboratory00000
AC 188LIFT Class Leader00000
AC 547Data Analytics for Accounting00000
AEL 697Seminar in Educational Leadership00000
AFS 401Leadership Laboratory00000
AHE 505Grant, Project and Research Work in Higher Education00000
AEM 201Statics00000
AHE 530Law & Higher Education00000
AHE 592Internship in Higher Education00000
AC 578Partnership Taxation00000
AEM 311Fluid Mechanics00000
AHE 625Community College Leadership00000
AHE 685Implementing Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives in High...00000
AEM 368Flight Mechanics00000
AIL 602Electrnc Instruct Design00000
AIL 606Software Technology00000
AAST 401Black Intellectual Thought00000
AC 351Managerial Accounting Decisions00000
AC 597Special Topics In Accounting00000
AEM 416Helicopter Theory00000
AIL 691Doctoral Seminar: Instructional Technology00000
AEM 575Fundamentals of Aeroelasticity00000
AEL 632Leading Learning Through the Curriculum00000
AEM 594SP: Anisotropy Imaging00000
AC 506Concepts Financial Managrl Acc00000
AEM 617Aircraft Systems00000
AEL 638Solving Problems of Practice00000
AEM 638Intro Experimental Mechanics00000
AAST 502Campus Histories Race, Slavery00000
AEM 668Advanced Dynamics Of Flight00000
AEL 669Curriculum Study Schoolg00000
AEM 699Dissertation Research00000
AC 534Fraud & Ethics Risk Management00000
AFS 202Leadership Laboratory00000
AEL 682Lead & Org/Theory & Appl00000
AFS 302Leadership Laboratory00000
AAST 352Social Inequality00000
AFS 480Natl Security & Ldrship00000
AEM 120Aerospace Sci For Educators00000
AHE 510The Community College00000
AC 561Accounting Business Management00000
AHE 550Financing Higher Eductn00000
AEM 250Mechanics Of Materials I00000
AHE 601Professional Sem High Ed00000
AC 211Honors Intro To Accounting00000
AHE 645Higher Education and Student Affairs Assessment00000
AEM 349Applied Numerical Methods00000
AHE 699Dissertation Research00000
AC 592Accounting Internship00000
AIL 604Distance Technologies00000
AEM 408Propulsion Systems00000
AIL 608Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Accessibility in Instruct....00000
AAST 303Education Of Southern Blacks00000
AEM 420Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
AMS 101Special Topics00000
AMS 103ST Athletes Activism Politics00000
AMS 106St South Park & White Trash00000
AC 630Archival Acctg Research00000
AEM 446Intermediate Solid Mechanics00000
AMS 200Basketball In American Culture00000
AMS 203Southern Studies00000
AC 361Cost Analysis for Planning & Control00000
AC 650Directed Research00000
AEM 455Nondestructive Evaluation00000