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UAlabama Course Reviews

University of Alabama

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 201Data Structures and Algorithms2.
CS 470Computer Algorithms2.323.33.73
CS 100CS I for Majors42.5452
CS 300Operating Systems31.5432
ENGR 123Engineering Foundations Honors2.542.522
UH 100Honors Year One: Honors Connections43311
MATH 100Intermediate Algebra24211
TH 141Acting I35331
AEM 249Algorithm Devl Implementation32141
GEO 101The Dynamic Earth23111
MATH 125Calculus I43431
CS 301Database Management Systems44331
CS 403Programming Languages33221
SPE 300Survey Spe Accomd Stratg45551
TH 220Fundamentals of Stagecraft55451
ENGR 161Small-Scale Eng. Graphics55551
ME 450Dynamic Machine Components35431
TH 245Tch Theatre: Performance55551
EC 309Intermediate Macroeconomics54441
ECE 225Electric Circuits23221
EC 308Intermediate Microeconomics42441
TH 233Beginning Costume Design44551
COM 123Public Speaking44241
TH 114Intro To The Theatre44431
PY 101Intro To Psychology43341
CS 443Digital Forensics54541
CS 200Software Design and Engineering34341
CS 121The Discipline of Computing55321
CS 101CS II for Majors45351
AMS 300ST: Southern Places00000
AC 610Intro Accounting Res I00000
AMS 325America West And 19th Century00000
AMS 367The American Game00000
AC 444Financial Analysis Investing00000
AC 640Experimental Acctg Research00000
AMS 407Landscapes of the South00000
AMS 439Urban Spaces00000
AC 698Research Colloquim Series00000
AMS 507Landscapes of the South00000
AMS 531Studies In Pop Culture00000
AAST 502Campus Histories Race, Slavery00000
AC 492Accounting Internship00000
AEL 522Teaching and Learning00000
AMS 570Natives and Newcomers: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Early Am...00000
AMS 597Topics Amer Cult Analys00000
AEL 526Data Informed Decision Making00000
ANT 208Anthropology of Sex00000
ANT 311Pop., Health & Human Origins00000
AC 512Adv Financial Reporting/Analys00000
AEL 632Leading Learning Through the Curriculum00000
ANT 410Ethnography of Communication00000
ANT 426Archaeology East North America00000
AEL 636School Finance and Financial Management00000
ANT 445Historical Archaeology00000
ANT 468Ceramics For The Archaeologist00000
AAST 401Black Intellectual Thought00000
AC 189Honors LIFT Class Leader00000
AC 534Fraud & Ethics Risk Management00000
AEL 650Organizational Theory00000
ANT 480Advanced EvoS00000
AMS 222Modern Gay America:Introduction to LGBTQ Histories00000
AC 593Res & Communicatn Taxation00000
AMS 318Amusement and Tourism00000
AC 415Current Issues in the AC Pro00000
AMS 336Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop and Country00000
AC 630Archival Acctg Research00000
AMS 403Honors Research Ams00000
AAST 490AAST Independent Study00000
AMS 422Popular Culture in America00000
AC 691Research Practicum I00000
AMS 492Mapping Native Alabama00000
AC 471Taxation of Business Transactions & Organizations00000
AMS 522Popular Culture in America00000
AEL 520Leadership for Communities00000
AMS 538Black Freedom Struggle00000
AAST 352Social Inequality00000
AMS 592American Topic Seminar00000
AEL 524Ethics and Law00000
ANT 102Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
AC 501Basic Acctg Managrl Finan Cont00000
ANT 269Field Archaeology00000
AEL 619Politics Of Education00000
ANT 368Southeastern Archaeology00000
AC 184LIFT Student Worker00000
ANT 414Peoples Of Africa00000
AEL 634Development and Supervision of Human Resources00000
ANT 439Topics Anthropology Religion00000
AC 523Business Valuatn Perform Measm00000
ANT 460Anthropology and Museums00000
AEL 638Solving Problems of Practice00000
ANT 475The Plastic Human: Our Biology, Culture, & Evolution00000
AAST 303Education Of Southern Blacks00000
ANT 509Ancient Maya Civilizatns00000
AEL 667Multicult Soc Ed Leadshp00000
ANT 513Peoples Of Latin Amer00000
ANT 525Geographical Information Systems for Archaeologists00000
AC 547Data Analytics for Accounting00000
AHE 540Org and Governance00000
ANT 544Anthropology And Cemeteries00000
ANT 564Paleoethnobotany00000