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UA Course Reviews

University of Arizona

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AME 500AAdvanced Engineering Analysis42441
MAS 150B2Social Justice54551
PCOL 305Scientific Writing for Health Science Students41451
HUMS 150B1Mind-Altering Substances in the Ancient World55541
AME 564AMechanics of Deformable Solids42441
SBS 200Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences44341
PHIL 160D2Mind, Matter and God43531
PCOL 406Comprehensive Human Pharmacology43451
GER 101Beginning German I45441
ACBS 160D1Human and Animal Interrelationships from Domestication to th...43421
PCOL 530Introduction to Molecular Therapeutics and Drug Discovery54451
ATMO 170A1Introduction to Weather and Climate44321
PCOL 310Drug Approval: The 3 Billion Dollar Bet45441
AED 599Independent Study00000
ACBS 500BAnimal Anatomy and Physiology00000
AFAS 220Introduction to African American Studies00000
AFAS 335Rap, Culture and God00000
ACBS 312Animal and Plant Genetics00000
ACBS 567Computation in Biomedicine00000
AFAS 436Civil War and Reconstruction, U.S. 1861-187800000
AIAR 694Practicum00000
ACBS 910Thesis00000
AIS 347Native Peoples of the Southwest00000
AIS 467Race and Ethnic Relations00000
ABE 581BCell and Tissue Engineering00000
ACBS 391Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences Preceptorship00000
ACCT 499HHonors Independent Study00000
AIS 545AStructures of Non-Western Languages00000
AED 538The Teaching of Secondary School Agricultural Science00000
ACBS 496BSenior Livestock Judging Team00000
AED 920Dissertation00000
ACBS 272Introduction to Horsemanship Programs00000
AFAS 300Historical Overview of African and African Diaspora Cinema00000
ACBS 532Comparative Immunology00000
AFAS 374The Politics of Protest in Africa and the Diaspora00000
ABE 506Modeling of Mass and Energy Flow in Soils00000
AGTM 498HHonors Thesis00000
ACBS 583Principles of Applied Primate Behavior and Captive Managemen...00000
AIS 204BIntermediate Navajo00000
ACBS 340Race Track Marketing and Media Relations00000
AIS 435Mexican Traditional Medicine: An Overview of Indigenous Curi...00000
ACCT 400CIntermediate Financial Accounting00000
AIS 524Studies In Southwest Literature00000
ABE 459Design of Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Dispersal Systems00000
AIS 646Ancient and Contemporary Voices00000
ACCT 525Accounting Theory and Institutions00000
AIS 910Thesis00000
ALC 391Preceptorship00000
ABE 587Metagenomics: From Genes to Ecosystems00000
ACBS 400AAnimal Anatomy and Physiology00000
ACCT 554Accounting Analysis of Financial Statements00000
ACCT 562CInternational Financial Reporting Standards00000
ACBS 409Environmental Physiology of Domestic Animals00000
ACCT 569Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 599Independent Study00000
ABE 483Controlled Environment Systems00000
ABE 699Independent Study00000
ACBS 427RGeneral Mycology00000
ACCT 657LLC, LLP & Partnership Taxation00000
AED 505APrinciples of Career and Technical Education00000
ACBS 482Applied Companion Animal Behavior in Practice00000
AED 593AInternship - Pre-Student Teaching00000
ACBS 210Introduction to Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation00000
AED 693AInternship in Extension Education00000
ACBS 498BSenior Capstone: Current Issues in the Animal Racing Industr...00000
AFAS 200Introduction to Africana Studies00000
ABE 499Independent Study00000
AFAS 249Images of Africa00000
ACBS 520Meat Animal Composition00000
AFAS 308The African Slave Trades00000
ACBS 299HHonors Independent Study00000
AFAS 348The South Since the Civil War00000
ACBS 549Diseases of Wildlife00000
AFAS 399HHonors Independent Study00000
ABE 427Computer Applications in Hydraulics00000
AGTM 422Communicating Knowledge in Agriculture and the Life Sciences00000
ACBS 570Interactions of Animals, Humans, and Ecosystems00000
AGTM 596Special Topics in Agricultural Technology Management00000
ACBS 317One Health: A Microbial Perspective00000
AIS 197BFirst Year Scholars Success Course00000
ACBS 660Infectious Disease Epidemiology00000
AIS 307AElementary O'Odham Language00000
ABE 552Globalization, Sustainability and Innovation00000
AIS 405Traditional Indian Medicine: Health, Healing and Well Being00000
ACCT 299HHonors Independent Study00000
AIS 445AStructure of Non-Western Language00000
ACBS 371Sales and Marketing Strategies for Performance and Race Hors...00000
AIS 503Globalization and Indigenous People00000
ACCT 472AAccounting for Not-For-Profit Entities00000
AIS 537ANation Building I00000
ABE 293Internship00000
AIS 565Tribal Colleges00000
ACCT 520Principles of Federal Taxation00000
AIS 694Practicum00000
ACBS 397ACalving Management00000
ACCT 696DFinancial Accounting Seminar00000
ACBS 437Food Safety Laws and Legal Policies00000
ACCT 920Dissertation00000
AED 210Resiliency and Human Potential00000
ABE 920Dissertation00000