UA Course Reviews

University of Arizona

AME 564AMechanics of Deformable Solids42441
ATMO 170A1Introduction to Weather and Climate44321
ACBS 160D1Human and Animal Interrelationships from Domestication to th...43421
PCOL 310Drug Approval: The 3 Billion Dollar Bet45441
AME 500AAdvanced Engineering Analysis42441
PCOL 406Comprehensive Human Pharmacology43451
PCOL 305Scientific Writing for Health Science Students41451
PHIL 160D2Mind, Matter and God43531
MCB 424RPlant Biotechnology00000
GEOG 498Senior Capstone00000
MUS 597AAudition Training for Instrumentalists: Study of Excerpts an...00000
LAW 664Sports Lawyering00000
FITS 425Apparel Production00000
MGMT 663Judgement and Decision Making I00000
CMM 909Master's Report00000
GLO 430Social Movement Media in a Global Context00000
NURS 545Healthcare Environments and Care Coordination00000
PA 513Government, Business, and the Non-Profit Sector00000
PHIL 569Freedom of Expression in Philosophy and Law00000
CHEM 130LLaboratory in General Chemistry00000
ENGL 383Literature and Medicine00000
HIST 376AContemporary China in Historical Perspective00000
POL 451Russian Foreign Policy00000
PPEL 530Data Science for PPE00000
ENVS 577LEcotoxicology Laboratory00000
HRTS 555Media and Human Rights00000
LAW 611AEmployment Discrimination00000
FITS 296Introduction to Special Topics in the Fashion Industry's Sci...00000
LIS 535Business Information00000
CMM 436Cell Biology Basics00000
MENA 365Muslim Views of the West00000
GAME 452Advanced Game Development00000
MSE 513Planetary Materials00000
BIOS 670Chronic Disease Epidemiology00000
NSC 370Emerging Topics in Precision Nutrition and Wellness00000
GER 516Advanced Research Methods in Transcultural German Studies00000
OPHP 850DOphthalmology Private practice II00000
CTS 500Fundamentals of Clinical Translational Science00000
PFFP 498HHonors Thesis00000
HED 623Reframing Disability in Higher Education00000
PHYS 579CAdvanced Relativistic Quantum Mechanics00000
ANTH 323Ancient Empires00000
PPEL 413BLaw Economics & Civil Society00000
HPS 488Adolescent Health00000
PR 204Strategic Public Relations00000
CHEM 505ABasic Laboratory Safety00000
EPID 673Mixed Research Methods - Design, Conduct and Application in...00000
HRTS 598BHuman Rights and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Certificate Pro...00000
HSD 410Device Design in the Health Sciences:Developing Tools for He...00000
HUMS 498Capstone in World Literature: Comparing World Cultures throu...00000
ANTH 595FSpecial Topics in Applied Anthropology00000
CHN 376AContemporary China in Historical Perspective00000
EVS 499Independent Study00000
IA 621Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum00000
IMB 502Medical Microbiology Basics00000
FCM 424BArts and Community Health: Intercultural Perspectives and Ap...00000
INFO 526Data Analysis and Visualization00000
LAW 547Case Studies in State Health Policy00000
FITS 200Design Warrior00000
LAW 645GAdvanced Negotiation00000
CLAS 304A Personal Odyssey:Travel Writing and Study Abroad00000
LIS 435Business Information00000
FITS 330Fashion Trend in Time00000
MATH 581BMethods of Applied Mathematics II00000
BAT 596BGraduate Seminar II-Non Presenting00000
MED 820BScholarly Project00000
GAME 308Diversity and Bias in Games00000
MENA 585MMedicine & Power in the Middle East00000
CMM 500Fundamentals of Clinical Translational Science00000
MNE 428Geotechnical Radar Monitoring00000
GEOG 461Environmental and Resource Geography00000
MUS 497Special Topic Workshop in Music00000
AIAR 699Independent Study00000
NAFS 102Introduction to Food Systems00000
GEOS 285Introduction to Python in Geosciences00000
NSC 503Statistics for Applied Nutritional Sciences III00000
COMM 551Communication and Emotion00000
NURS 658Evaluation Strategies in Nursing Education00000
GIST 470Geo-Databases00000
PA 433Nonprofit Management00000
BNAD 503Customer Value Proposition00000
PCOL 395BThe History of Pharmacy00000
GLO 599GLO Independent Study00000
PHIL 310Philosophical Paradoxes00000
EAS 390Asian and Pacific Religions in American Spirituality00000
PHP 597CBorder Health Service Learning Institute00000
HIST 299Independent Study00000
POL 297BThe Origins of Data in Politics and Policy00000
AED 396HHonors Proseminar00000
POL 589AArming the State: The Global Arms Trade00000
HIST 574History of Human Rights, Citizenship, and Refugee Law00000
PPEL 480The Law and Economics of Charter Cities00000
ENVS 424RPlant Biotechnology00000
INTV 401Introduction to Law Enforcement Intelligence00000
CHS 215Sociology of Aging and Health00000
FCM 524AArts and Community Health: Intercultural Perspectives and Ap...00000
JOUR 586Health Journalism00000
LAS 206Introduction to Central American Studies: History, Culture,...00000
FCM 524CArts and Community Health: Intercultural Perspectives and Ap...00000
LAS 489Central American Migration: Root Causes and Lived Experience...00000