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TXST Course Reviews

Texas State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 1315Coll Algebra44341
POSI 2320Funct Amer Govt33131
ID 1320Design Graphics I11241
CS 3358Data Strcts & Algm33441
HIST 5382China&Modern World00000
ACC 5315Topics In Fin Acc00000
ADED 5337Adult Literacy00000
AG 2390Comp App In Agri00000
COMM 5329LCommunicating Diversity00000
MGT 4382Leadership Development: Bau00000
AG 3375Mgmt Ag Mach Equip00000
ACC 2301Acc In Org & Socty00000
HDFS 5355Advanced Independent Study00000
ACC 5375Bus Info Consult00000
CI 5372Phil Fdn Ed00000
ADED 7343Org Learning & Dev00000
IE 4335Lean Six Sigma Methodologies00000
AG 3319Interntl Food00000
AT 5192Capstone II00000
ECO 4381GEmpirical Data Analysis00000
AG 4305Landscape Design00000
NURS 5184Focused Specialty Practicum00000
NURS 5340Pmhnp Adult Geriat Management00000
AT 5344Adv Clinical Decision Making00000
EE 4332Intro to Cae Simulation00000
PH 4335Public Health Leadership00000
TH 4396Mt Showcase/Business00000
GEO 7334Geo Aspects Water00000
ACC 3314Intermed Acct II00000
CE 3310App Smart Infrastructure00000
ACC 5361Analysis For Dm00000
HIST 3371CHistory Behind the Headlines00000
ACC 5680Internship00000
ARTC 5360XGenerative Design00000
ADED 5378Problems In Ad Ed00000
HON 3380FDesign X Cultures00000
AG 2310Applied Leadr Prin00000
COMM 3316FRace & Memory00000
AG 3308Organic Gardening00000
MATH 7366GRume II00000
AG 3341Leadership Dev In Ag Sciences00000
ANTH 7300ECuration Arch Materials00000
AG 4212Program Building00000
MU 4343Jazz Pedagogy00000
AG 4310Ag Internship00000
AT 5335Clinical Exp V00000
NURS 5243Pmh Adult Geri Management Prac00000
EDST 4390Teaching Internship I00000
NURS 5393Integrative Fam Prim Care Prac00000
ANTH 7352Advanced Qualitative Methods00000
EE 4357Intro to Power Systems00000
PH 5348Disease Prev Health Promo00000
PHIL 5334Philosophy of Economics00000
QFE 5390BRes Spots Eco00000
BIO 4307Ecology of Rarity00000
ENG 7383Studies In Rhet00000
QFE 5399AThesis00000
TH 3396Mt Audition Tech00000
GEO 4420Geoprogramming00000
TH 5387Mfa Directing Studio II00000
CDIS 5350Multicul Iss Cdis00000
ACC 3305Financial Acct And Reporting00000
GEO 7419Adv Techniques in Giscience00000
ACC 3385Accounting Stms00000
ARTC 5360VRes Thru Making00000
ACC 5350Prof Acct Research00000
HIM 5353Risk Analysis Healthcare Systm00000
ACC 5370Internship Acct00000
CE 3360Trans Planning and Infra00000
ACC 5390KOil And Gas Tax00000
HIST 4367Antebellum Us, 1812-186100000
ADED 5322Hr & Professional Development00000
ANTH 5373MDesign Anthropology00000
ADED 5344Mlticltrl Perspctv00000
HON 2308AEconomic Anth00000
ADED 5384Internship Aded00000
CJ 5324Investigations00000
ADED 7345Issues In Adult Ed00000
HON 3399NArt Media Envrmntl Justice00000
AG 2374Mtl Fab Weld Tech00000
ARTT 5372Res Learning & Digital Media00000
AG 3304Prop Hort Plants00000
LS 5388Dir Reading & Res00000
AG 3317Farm Mgt00000
COMM 3350Public Advocacy00000
AG 3329Economic Entomology00000
MC 4342Strategic Professionalism00000
AG 3351Agr Mkt & Sales00000
AG 3355International Agri Trade00000
AG 3427Soil Science II00000
MKT 5397HIntro to Python for Marketing00000
AG 4302Fruit Veg Crop Pro00000
CS 5369ZDistrib Ledger Sys & Blockchns00000
SOCI 5316Sem Dev & Soc Prb00000
FIN 4380JFinanalytics00000
SPSY 5178Ind Study00000
TH 3252Mt Tap II00000
MUSP 5340Applied Woodwind00000
ACC 5369Studies in Acctg00000
ANTH 3361Arch Field Methods00000